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KOing at high percents / Arrow practice tips?


Smash Journeyman
Nov 29, 2011
Ayy Zeee
I just started playing PM seriously after playing the game semi casually for a year or two. Now that I've decided on pit as my main I need some advice that I'm not finding though footage.

I've had no problem starting combos and racking up damage as pit (usually 40-85% give or take off a dthrow) but both my edge guarding and finishers could use some work. Usually if I can't edge guard them they end up living to 160% or more.

  1. Are there any ways that you all have found to practice arrow edge guards? I'd like to expand my game past arrow fair / fair arrow fair.

  2. What are pits sweetspots for kill percents where I can get an up B to connect off the top off dthrow/dair/uair or whatever?

  3. I'm pretty new to this character so feel free to post anything you think might be helpful!


Smash Rookie
Jul 6, 2014
Kind of new to smash boards so forgive if this wrong, but what I've seen from pit edge guarding and what I've done is

a.gimp their recovery with arrows

b. while trying to do point (a) it sets you up to pop them up and get another arrow, fair, bair, dair, down tilt or even a smash attack on them

c. just get one of your aerial's on them usually bair or fair (or a well timed spike on the dair) [these usually come from combos and grabs that send them offstage]

In terms of practicing arrows: what I did was practice with cpu's or in training mode and send them off stage with throws or just have them move around and nail them with arrows

Hope this helps!


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Generally past about 120% you can get kills off of usmash if you can read a roll or something.

Once they're high enough to jump out of dthrow combos start using fthrow/bthrow to get people offstage and capitalize that way.
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