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Joining the Battle: A Henry Stickmin Support Thread


Smash Lord
Jun 21, 2013
New Jersey
Surprised this never existed before. FAIL: Well if you were so surprised, why didn't you make it yourself?

Henry Stickmin Completes the Mission!

The protagonist of his self titled series of games, Henry Stickmin has something of an unusual legacy for something that started as humbly as interactive flash games. (And yes, flash games.) Created by Marcus Bromander, who you may know better as the one and only PuffballsUnited due to this role, the series follows the misadventures of our stick figure anti-hero/villain/redeemed hero.

He comes from an interesting genre, the point-and-click choose-your-own-adventure kind of game. In them, you're given a set of options on how you want to progress. The catch is, only one of them is the right option; the rest of them lead to a fail. The games have multiple endings where the routes and choices you make can determine where Henry ends up. Along the way, you'll likely encounter several references to other media (mostly games) and miscellaneous jokes that really land well. Five of them exist, plus a spiritual prequel known as Crossing the Pit (2007), which is incredibly barebones and not part of the Henry Stickmin series. Breaking the Bank ('08), Escaping the Prison ('10), Stealing the Diamond ('11), Infiltrating the Airship ('13), and Fleeing the Complex ('15) were all notable, major releases every time the series got a new entry on Newgrounds and Stickpage. Routinely performing well both there and on YouTube with several content creators wanting a piece of the 2D pie.

On August 7th, 2020, the series got both a new beginning and the true conclusion in the form of the Henry Stickmin Collection for Steam. All 5 canon entries were remastered, with Breaking the Bank being given a flat out remake. And to top it all off came the biggest entry of them all; Completing the Mission. Stated to be the finale, this entry was bigger than the rest of them put together. Taking most pairings of endings between Airship and Complex, Henry set out to achieve his final goal once and for all. Previous entries capped out at 5 endings; this game has more than triple that!


All in all, the stick figure himself has got it pretty good for both relevance and popularity.

Could he enter the world of Super Smash Brothers!?... probably not. He has never had a game release in Japan. Or as far as I'm aware, any release outside of the United States, although the Internet is connected and thus it shouldn't be too hard to play them even if you don't live in the states (as long as Flash is up). But he is massively popular here, and recently has become a surprisingly popular Smash request in recent times. In the future? I don't know if he can compete with Among Us getting in first, unless he stands the test of time and they don't. It doesn't help that the series is not on Nintendo consoles, although this may change in the future and even if it doesn't, I don't think Joker was chosen due to a Nintendo presence.

But what could he bring? Well, I imagine he'd be relatively straightforward. The guy uses lots, and I mean lots of gadgets to pull off his incredible stunts and plans, and several more that botch the mission entirely. He'd probably involve them in his moveset, for example his iconic Teleporter would make for a great Up Special where he most likely teleports to an area of your choice... or possibly an area away from it... or somewhere else entirely. As a series that pays homage to many others, having him borrow a few move from his fellow Smashers works as well. Perhaps Mr. Falcon won't mind somebody else using his techniques? Poorly? And of course, his iconic Distraction Dance is bound to be either a taunt or a victory animation.

While a solo agent in his first three games, and possibly one in the back half, later on Henry has a catalogue of allies and enemies to work with. Instead of traditional alts, perhaps he could go the way of Hero and incorporate Charles, Ellie and even the Right Hand Man as alternate characters, with each of them getting an alt.


A stage and Spirits are easy, although the stage is only easy in that there are lots of candidates. The original bank, the West Mesa Pentintuary, the museum, the Toppat Airship, the Wall, Dogobogo Jungle/Toppat Launch Site AND the Toppat Orbital Station ALL work as good, distinctive Henry Stickmin stages. Spirits can be notable/recurring characters from the games, or even some of the tools/options Henry takes, such as Captain Galeforce, Reginald Copperbottom, Dmitri Johannes Petrov, Dave Panpa, the Tunisian Diamond, the Teleporter and several other objects.

Music might be a tricky subject, though. Rather than a single dedicated composer, the games have a bunch of music done by other artists on Newgrounds, "legally distinct" versions of songs from other games and media, and in the legacy versions outright songs from other sources. I think it is workable, though.

  1. Celerity910/Ridrool64
  2. chocolatejr9
  3. Ace C.R.O.S.S.
  4. Janx_uwu
  5. Mamboo07

Is this a pipe dream? Yes. I will not lie. Would this be awesome? Also yes. Flash games are an important part of gaming history, especially to my generation.
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Smash Hero
Sep 30, 2018
Huh. You actually went and made it after I pointed it out on RTC. Well, it just so happens I actually do want Henry in Smash, so sign me up.

Also, here's this if anybody needs help visualising a moveset:



Smash Champion
Writing Team
May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon
Support! Henry means a lot to many of us, for being an icon in the world of Flash. Castle Crashers probably has slightly more of a chance being on Switch, but I don't believe the fan rule anyway, plus Henry would have a more interesting moveset.


Smash Lord
Jun 21, 2013
New Jersey
Of course, Dance Mr. Funnybones would probably be the most iconic pick for the series.

In fact, here's a songlist I'd do, ignoring stuff that is "legally distinct" variants or stuff that is too short to be worth including (honorable mention to Bizarre Funk, though) (if some slipped through the cracks, I'd probably have to remove them), out of just Puffballs/Ockeroid stuff:
  1. Henry Stickmin Medley (New Arrangement)
    1. Consists of Henry's Motif, the Government Motif, the Toppat motif, the Wall Motif and Ellie's Motif in a row.
  2. Stickmin Collection Medley (New Arrangement)
    1. Consists of the title themes to all the games in the Collection.
  3. Dance Mr. Funnybones (New Arrangement)
    1. A special exception due to how iconic this song is. Probably would be somewhat inspired by the Trap Mix, but would have its own different direction.
  4. Mount Regal
  5. Red Headed Outlaw
  6. Scooter
  7. Da Vinci Overdrive
  8. Henry's Plan (New Arrangement)
  9. Among Us (New Arrangement)
    1. A remix of the title theme to Among Us. I'm pretty sure if an Innersloth rep came, both would come with content from the other, regardless of which one gets priority. I would include something from Dig 2 China but I have no clue if it has anything you feasibly could add to Smash.
Not technically related, but what if... Henry, instead of having a single Boxing Ring title, had a bunch of possible ones that were randomly selected? This could even apply to Charles and Ellie if they were included. RHM... not so much.
  • Sneaky Escapist
  • Intruder on a Scooter
  • Pure Blooded Thief - If I could only pick one
    • Lightning Quick Larcenist?
  • Ghost Inmate
  • Jewel Baron
  • Charles: Valiant Hero - If I could only pick one
  • Charles: International Rescue Operative
  • Charles: Special Bro-vert Operative
  • Ellie: Convict Ally - If I could only pick one
  • Ellie: Pardoned Pal
  • Ellie: Capital Gainer
  • Poor Right Hand Man is the exception and only gets one: "Toppat Second In Command".


Smash Lord
Jun 21, 2013
New Jersey
Well it was obvious, he wasn't gonna happen. And he probably won't happen next time too. But that's okay. Perhaps someday, a Mii Costume or Spirit?
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