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[Jan 26, 2014] Thanks for Playing 4!!! (Ijamsville, MD)


Smash Rookie
Jun 25, 2012
Thanks for Playing Hosts its 4th Super Smash Brothers Tourney! Featuring Project M, Brawl, and 64!!! For this tournament we will be using the ENTIRE store!!! Great venue! Lets do it big!!

Everyone gets pizza/burger chips and a drink with venue!!!

Schedule of tourney:
11:00- Venue opens (signups all games and MADDDDD friendlies)
12:30- Doubles begins (brawl)
12:45- Project M doubles
3:00- Brawl singles begin/PM singles Begin
3:30- Singles begin (64)
5:00 Melee Singles
7:30 possible 3.0 turbo if things run smoothly
10:00- Tourney ends

General Rules:
-3 Stocks
-8 minute timer
-Infinite Dimensional Cape is banned
-40 LGL for all characters. Only applies in a match that ends in time.

Doubles Rules:
-Team attack is set to ON
-Stock sharing is permitted

5$ Spectating/Friendly fee
10$ for Venue Fee
10$ for Singles Fee
20$ for doubles Fee ($10 per person)(5$ per person in 64 doubles only)

Prize Payouts:
Singles (if more than 30 entrants otherwise (55/30/10/5)
1st: 55%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%
5th/6th: 2.5%

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

any questions ask me. Evan Lipshultz on Facebook, and i will try and do my best to respond on here

here is the FB page



Smash Rookie
Jun 25, 2012
almost 40 confirmed on the facebook page and about 30 maybes. probably thinking about an attendence for 60-100 for all the games!!! im upset this page has no hype though.
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