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Is Town and City Banjo and Kazooie’s best (starter) competitive stage?

Yet another one of my terrible s**tpost polls: which fighter is the most lame in competitive play?

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Jul 27, 2018
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Switch FC
So I was testing out Evo’s starter stages with Banjo and Kazooie and I noticed that Banjo and Kazooie seemed to have some edge on Town and City. Banjo and Kazooie’s playstyle about being lame and using projectiles seems to fit well with the large, lame, and potentially campy stage. The platforms seems to be very beneficial for the fighter, for things like using aerials- especially neutral aerial- or grenade eggs. For those of you who read this that main Banjo and Kazooie, do you believe that I’m onto something, that I’m just a big doof, or that while Banjo and Kazooie may be able to sauce in Town and City sometimes, there are better stages for the Bear and Bird to fight on in competitive play?

Cap'n Jack

Smash Lord
Apr 23, 2015
I don’t like too many platforms getting in the way of me bombarding the stage with eggs with plenty of room to jump, jump, jump around. So you might be onto something


Smash Journeyman
Dec 1, 2014
Switch FC
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Personally for me Town & City is a decent stage but I much rather prefer Battlefield. When I play Banjo I always set Grenade eggs ontop of the left and right platforms and make the opponent make a decision, are they going to worry about the egg or me? limiting space and jumps with the eggs bouncing on the platforms help so much. I bait opponents into shielding when I dash up to them for a free grab if the grenade egg gets close to falling off the other side.

Basically I believe Banjo and Kazooie do better with platforms.


Smash Rookie
Jun 13, 2019
I'd consider Town and City to be a good stage for Banjo. I find how the grenades roll of the platforms to be very useful for mix-ups. It's also a large stage which is good too because I believe that Banjo thrives on larger stages since he'll be able to zone opponents with eggs and grenades more efficiently since the stage is so large.


Smash Rookie
Apr 27, 2016
I'm low-key fond of Smashville for them, personally. I get a lot out of using the central platform for lane control, say, using a rising B-reverse grenade egg to cover the top of the platform and using another B-reverse while falling to fire a couple eggs along the ground. The fact that the stage is not very wide means BK can close distance pretty easy, and many of Banjo's kill moves have horizontal knockback so the ceiling height doesn't hurt too much. Moreover, the stage doesn't have an angled-down ledge like Yoshi's Island and Lylat, which I find messes with the angles of his best 2 frame options (and arguably the grenades). That's just my opinion though, I really like them on any stage.


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May 27, 2019
town and city is great for banjo, I secondary him and like to have a lot of space to lay grenade eggs, so having such a long stage is helpful.
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