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  • As somebody who’s fave series is smash and fave game is brawl, the only smash game I have yet to play/own is melee. I’ve been watching big house 9 and it’s awesome! For you melee players out there, what can you tell me about melee that I haven’t seen from YouTube or Alpharad?!
    Aight so Steven Universe is ending? God, I’ve been with it ever since gem glow (saw the og pilot later) and I love this show so much. Farewell Steven Universe ✌
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    Time flies so fast...
    I seriously don’t wanna believe it’s ending so soon... I need more Steven, Peridot, Steven universe don’t leave us
    I saw Tweek vs. Dark Wizzy on VGBootcamp's YouTube channel, and even after seeing this, I still believe thatBanjo and Kazooie are high low tier characters- around D tier. They are great at ledge-trapping and edge-guarding, are fast on the ground, have good pressure with their down special, a good- but exploitable- recovery game, good throws, a good side special, good tilts and smash attacks, not the worst options, and maybe more. But I don't think they have anything especially good to give them a spot above mid tier.

    What do you guys think? What tier would you place them at? What do you guys think about my opinion of Banjo and Kazooie in competitive play?
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