Is there a way to convert the Sound Test to MP3 format?


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May 19, 2008
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I love how vast and thorough the music in this game's sound test is, and I remember even in promotional material that it was meant to be listened to on the go (what with the Switch being portable) and how you can use the forward and back arrows to skip tracks, as well as create your own playlists, etc. So what I would love nothing more is to be able to port these songs to iTunes or burn CDs with them.

Now I know the conventional response is going to be to simply download any one of a number of MP3 soundtracks of this game that are already available online. But I'm a purist, and the problem with these downloads is that game rippers tend to tweak with the quality, the tracks are not organized the same way they are in-game, or they'll add/delete music that's not in the sound test--but the biggest problem of all is that they're not the same length as the tracks in the sound test. In general, the MP3 downloads I've sampled make the tracks much longer (generally twice the length). But I actually prefer the shorter length in the sound test itself (quality over quantity and all), especially since it would make file sizes smaller and allow me to fit more tracks onto CDs or other devices.

So does anyone know of any way to port the tracks from the sound test directly to a computer or other device? (I've already paid for the game after all, so I'm fully supporting the artists' music.)


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Apr 16, 2015
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As far as I'm aware, the only way to directly rip the game's audio is to dump a copy of your game on your computer, then convert the in-game audio to whatever file format you want. Which at this point in-time is not an easy task considering how anti-dump/modding games are on the Switch now, plus it's a time vampire so I wouldn't say it's worth it.

Sorry to say, but since Nintendo ain't interested in offering the music on other devices, so based on your situation, your best solution might be taking your switch with you or just having to download the MP3 online.

I'd recommend this playlist, they currently have all the tracks at their original length:
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