Is pokemon weird?


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Nov 15, 2007
I'm not sure where to put this thread, and it was moved to the poke center, makes sense.

I was thinking about pokemon, and wondering about what it is about the pokeball that makes pokemon get tame and listen to the trainers. And when I thought about what could do that, it's kind of an open field because it could be lots of different things. and anyway, but it's kind of intended that the general relationship between the pokemon and the trainer be a good one, and pokemon enjoy battling and together trying to see how good they can get at winning. Is that just supposed to be part of the pokemon, or is that something the pokeball does? (or both, I guess).

Anyway, is there something you find weird about pokemon too?
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Nov 27, 2014
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Pokemon is full to the brim with all kinds of dumb inconsistencies and this is one of them. Because they never explain why the Pokemon are tame all if a sudden, it just comes down to becoming a joke about Stockholm Syndrome. Every other monster collector at least explains why the monsters are tame such as Yo-Kai Watch or Shin Megami Tensei having the monsters willingly agreeing to be your ally. They KINDA smooth it over in the anime better by having the mons in question willingly getting inside PokeBalls to be caught by Ash and pals but then you have instances like Jessie's Lickitung where it's sudden obedience. However you really NEVER see that kind of thing in the actual games.

As for me, the absolute dumbest (and weirdest, as you put it) thing will always be Pokemon's joke of movepool distribution like those memes you see all the time about Wooper being able to learn Ice Punch but Kyurem-B can't. Other such laughable stuff includes how Yanmega's PokeDex entries say Yanmega bites prey and foes apart but it can only learn Bug Bite by via Move Reminder since it learns it at level 1; It has to be REMINDED how to bite uts foes and prey apart. No other monster collector has to deal with these stupid skillset limitations but Pokemon does for whatever nonsensical reasoning.
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