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Inazuma Eleven's Mamoru Endou Support Thread!


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Apr 4, 2020

What Is Inazuma Eleven?
Inazuma Eleven is a Soccer RPG that was developed by Level 5, The first game released in japan in 2008 eventually getting a European release in 2011 and an american release on the 3DS eshop in 2014, Since that first game released in Japan there have 16 main series and spin offs a few of which have made it to Europe, Inazuma Eleven's Popularity in America was defined by the Anime and that led to the first game getting released in in America on the 3DS eshop. With a new fighter's pass and Sakurai stating he wants some new gameplay mechanics a Soccer player could bring unique gameplay not yet seen in Smash. Might as well choose a character from a well respected Soccer franchise.

Who is Mamoru Endou?
Mamoru Endou is the protagonist of the original series and at least makes cameos in the other games he is the Captain of his middle school Soccer team Raimon. Mamoru is probably the most Iconic character from this franchise due to the Original anime's popularity.

Moveset Potential:
There are many potential directions for Mamoru to go including many gimmicks like a ball mechanic where certain attacks require a special ball item and you can kick the ball with certain attacks and those attacks will do more damage this ball mechanic could tie into a Genki point system, where if Mamoru is holding the ball he could tire out eventually losing speed and starts tripping until he loses the ball. A Technical Point system could even be added where you have a limited amount of points to perform high power special moves.

Inazuma Eleven has some great tunes

Inazuma eleven is a very popular Soccer series and Soccer is one of if not the most popular sport in the world so having not only a relatively iconic series in smash that could also represent a popular sport could make things very fun for smash brothers.
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Jun 8, 2016
I asked for this thread to be made and I came to full on support Mamoru.
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