In Progress Ike in Melee (sort of)

Jul 2, 2016
The middle of Knowhere
Greetings! I have spent the last few days editing Roy to be more like Ike from Brawl (changed attributes, damage output, etc.), and here is the result. He's still a W.I.P. (I still have to do some cosmetic things, as well as figure out what I'm going to do for Side-B, tweak some attributes, and maybe use FSM's for some animations) but he's like 90% done, so I'd like to see what others think. (BTW, for Up-B, I just had it go straight up, with no horizontal movement. It doesn't send you rocketing downward obviously, but it is still a little more like Aether than if I had just left it.)

Obviously I just edited his CSP and Stock from Brawl, and I used the Ike texture from Illusionary Labyrinth.
Download is attached to the post.

[UPDATE: 8/14/2019 10:58 AM EST] Fixed a "minor" issue with Side-B where the first hit would be just as powerful as a fully charged neutral-B.


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