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IGN Expo E3 2021 announcements


Continuing yesterday's slew of announcements, we have more information on previous announcements and new ones all rolled up into one. The entire show is available on YouTube. Games marked [UPDATE] will be an announcement for an update for an already released game. [DAY 1] will mark games already shown on the first day but given an update in the IGN presentation. There was also the Koch Media presentation, and a bunch of Video Game adaptation announcements for the end of Netflix's geeked week, including a preview at the new Cuphead cartoon and Castlevania getting a new project.
Author's Note: what. We haven't even got to Ubisoft and GEarbox's show and I'm already overwhelmed by the flurry of announcements. It's an exciting time. Any games you're most excited for? Let us know in the comments!
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