If you could add 1 more Mii Fighter to the game, what would you choose?

Pick 1!

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The Poyo Boyo
Mar 23, 2019
Dedede's Castle
For Other I'm going with Wrecker (Uses a large flail to swing around) just imagine the customization the flail could be a Chain Chomp or maybe even Wiimote and Nunchuck swinging and smacking them around the possibilities are endless! Reply and let me know what you can comeup with
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Jun 8, 2018
The Former British Empire of great Britain.
Now i have an idea for one that might be a bit outlandish but here goes (I voted Other BTW, so ye this is what I voted for.)
The Mii Beastmaster: (Gonna show specials and Final Smash ideas I got below

Neutral Specials:
1. Lion Rush: A lion springs forwards in the direction the Mii is facing and attacks.
2. Seal Hoops: A seal appears and throws three hoops that it is balancing in its nose.
3. Raptor Rage: A velociraptor lunges in the direction the Mii is facing and pins an opponent down and must be mashed out of or you'll keep taking damage.

Side Specials:
1. Armadillo Roll: The Mii rides on an Armadillo which rolls around, similar to Egg Rool from the Yoshster.
2. Shark Splasher: A great white shark comes from out of the stage and starts munching and swimming until it reaches a ledge.
3. Trike Rampage: A triceratops homes in on a target and proceed to rush towards them in order to send them flying.

Up Specials:
1. Eagle Lift: A bald eagle and a golden eagle lift up the Mii.
2. Dolphin Jump: A bottlenose jumps from the stage and the Mii rides it upwards.
3. Ptero Ride: A pteranodon flys up with the Mii riding it, anyone who goes too close will be pecked at by the pterosaur.

Down Specials:
1. Avian Bliss: Songbirds fly around the Mii, after a while its HP will slowly rise.
2. Octopus Grapple: An octopus jumps from the Mii's arm onto the ground, anyone it can land on will be thrown around by it.
3. Para Song: A parasaurolophus appears and makes a soothing sound form its crest, after a while the Mii's speed and attack will increase

Final Smash: STAMPEDE!: An elephant/manta ray/tyrannosaurus runs from behind the stage, anyone caught in it is hit by stampeding animals/ thrashing marine animals/ rampaging dinosaur. (Would depend on the Neutral B on what it is, the damage done would be the same tho so it's only aesthetic otherwise.)
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