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If you could add 1 more Mii Fighter to the game, what would you choose?

Pick 1!

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Sarki Soliloquy

Smash Champion
Jun 8, 2013
Andover, MA, USA
So we got the Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii gunner. These 3 movesets reflect the three major types of combat. You have your up-close and personal Brawler for use of the body. The Swordfighter utilizes just about the most basic type of combat weapon and even a few projectiles. I mean, how many characters can you think of who use some sort of sword variant? Gunner has the range for a variety of projectiles. As if guns aren't the de facto weapon of modern society and beyond.

But what if you could go beyond these 3 and have another "class" for your Mii? That would make for more variety for characters you could make as well. Attributing powers and abilities from different archetypical roles could have some very interesting potential if applied to Miis.

Anyone who came come up with movesets or ideas for the extra Mii Fighters earn extra credit! :pimp:

EDIT: Please excuse the repetitive "and &" in Berserker. That'll teach me for not proofreading again!
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Frank Ploegmakers

Smash Cadet
Jun 17, 2014
Normally I would choose a weapon user, like a lancer, but i like the way how a performer would partake in the battlefield.
He/She would dance on the battlefield as his/her attacks destroy the enemies gracefully. She could use his/her song to buff herself or to weaken the enemies or also as attacks (example: sound waves). But I don't know how to put the acting in the battefield. I can only think of acting like one of her enemies to mimic his movments for a while (But that department is from a different class).

I'm curious about how other would put the acting ability in a character that will suit in this game.
Can't wait to hear creative thoughts about this!

Second Power

Smash Ace
Oct 19, 2012
Monster/dragon. Has wings, a tail, and claws. Takes moves from Bowser and Charizard. Acts as an 'aerial' class fighter.


Smash Journeyman
May 28, 2014
I chose performer. I could see the Mii's acting things outs and using items from their game appearances.


Smash Champion
Mar 19, 2011
I chose mage, but Engineer is a VERY close second.


Smash Cadet
Oct 9, 2007
I also wanted to have a Spear/Lance/Javelin user. If Krystal with a staff doesn't get in, then I would also pick a Mii Lancer.

I would also like to see someone using Nunchucks or Cards as weapons.


Smash Ace
May 2, 2014
I would definitely pick the Mage over all of those choices, although if I could, I'd also include the Assassin.

The Engineer Mii would be a quirky fighter (probably). If they actually DID include it, I'd really want it to be able to build these:

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Smash Apprentice
Jun 26, 2014
Logical option is Mage.
But I would want the Lancer so I can make Kyoko.


Smash Hero
Jul 31, 2013
I choose Butcher. I have always wanted an Axe user in Smash Bros and having one would give the user a complete and original moveset of their own.

Sarki Soliloquy

Smash Champion
Jun 8, 2013
Andover, MA, USA
Seems like Lancer and Butcher go pretty hand-in-hand if we already have Swordfighter. Just what you could do with their weapons would make the difference.


Smash Master
Jun 26, 2014
Being petty
Mii Mage. Much more versatile and would allow for a lot of characters that Gunner just plain wouldn't fit.


Smash Lord
May 7, 2014
The Sass Realm
Performer. Currently, there isn't anything remotely like it in Smash. Plus certain celebrity Miis would be all the more hilarious/accurate.
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Part of a balanced breakfast.
Apr 3, 2014
The most logical choice is the mage, but my personal choice is the assassin, with a moveset incorporated with a bow and knives. Ah, how great that would be....


May 30, 2014
$50.00 / $??.??
Performer, because I REAAAAAAAAAAALLY want Shantae in SSB4.


Laughs and Logic
Apr 8, 2014
Birth Island, FL
For me it was a close call between Mage and Engineer, but I chose Mage because I feel like there are a lot of great possibilities for it, even moreso than the Engineer. I would not be surprised if we see the introduction of a Mii Spellcaster/Mage in the next games, assuming Mii Fighters make a return. What I would really like to see, though, is a Mii Star. As in one whose moveset options come from games that Miis have been the stars of. Its special move options could come from Wii Sports (Resort/Club), Nintendo Land, Wii Play (Motion), Wii Fit (Plus/U), Tomodachi (Collection/Life), StreetPass Mii Plaza, Wii Party (U), Pilotwings Resort, and/or Wii Music. I think I understand why they didn't do this, seeing as Wii Fit Trainer and Villager (and to a lesser extent Peach with her side smashes) together take up most of the unique, usable ideas that they could have made based on most of those games, and a good chunk of the Nintendo Land moves would be more or less clone moves. Still, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this, even if the movesets weren't terribly original. Plus, just think, they could have had a "Mii Parade" Final Smash where all of the Miis from the Mii Plaza stampede through the arena a la the Mii Channel! That would have been so cool, I think.
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Smash Ace
May 23, 2014
The room down the hall
Switch FC
The best defense is a good offense, but sometimes it's better to have it the other way around; I'd go for a Guardian Mii, where the weapon used is a shield. The moveset would be focused on defense and counters with very strict timing, kinda like how Exdeath in Dissidia works. The idea is to make the Guardian's normals let him go Captain America/Kingdom Hearts!Goofy on people with shield tossing, dash charging or a neutral air that makes you block instead of attack, giving you enough super armor for a safe landing.

Guardian's Side Smash would be special in that whether you charge it or not, Mii always holds the shield up in front of him for a brief moment of extra startup before charging forward (think Wario's Side Smash), where hitting the front of him during that period acts as a counter and does bonus damage (less like a special move counter and more like an EX version, to put in Street Fighter terms).

The special moves would include a parry that gives you near instantaneous block recovery, a stance move that reduces knock back if hit in exchange for more damage, an Up Special that keeps the shield to where it's hard to gimp, a counter you can store up like G&W but for physical hits only, a shell guard around you to avoid getting grabbed in exchange for slow speed/no jumping, and generally made to keep you on defense rather than offense.

The Final Smash is a super mode buff that would also help more with protecting the Guardian Mii than hurting enemies; The Guardian gets an upgraded shield where instead of getting an all around attack buff, you would get severely reduced damage, knockback and block/hitstun from enemy attacks, and in exchange for no buffs to normals, Guardian Mii gets a buff where any successful counters get an ungodly power boost.
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Smash Ace
Nov 22, 2013
Mage, could use spells from the Find Mii game plus brand new attacks.

I'm gonna make movesets for all of these if that's okay? Just special moves.

Mii Lancer:
Standard Specials:
-Spear/Lance Throw: The lancer throws their spear/lance. This is affected by gravity and deals little knockback and decent damage.
-Spear Dancer: The lancer spins the spear around their body dealing damage when enemies get close. Similar to Meta Knight's infinite and can be held down. Little damage and knockback.
-(Insert element here) Shot: The lancer will thrust their spear and shoot a projectile at the enemy. The projectile can have some sort of effect as well.
Side Specials:
Spear Rush: The lancer dashes forward and hits enemies with a full power attack. This will hit a single time. If used in mid-air the lancer will dive diagonally.
-Spiral Rush: The same as above, except multi hits and it works exactly like MK's side special.
-???: Suggestion?
Up Specials:
Helicopter Swing: The lancer swings their spear above their head and use it to fly upwards.
-Jump: They leap high and come back down by slamming their spear down. Similar to Dedede's up special but based off Dragoon's jump from Final Fantasy
-???: I don't know. Suggestions?
Down Specials:
Fire Emblem Style No Jutsu: A counter is all i could come up with, but it is pretty late. More tomorrow!
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Smash Journeyman
Jun 11, 2014
Invading Skyland!
I voted Mage because I'd like to see some projectiles that aren't gun-based, but I also wouldn't mind more complicated Mii options like "puppeteer".


Smash Ace
Apr 9, 2014
I like the mimic Mii idea, it could work like Mokujin from Tekken where it starts off with the move set of a random character and everytime the Mii dies the move set automatically switches to another random character.


Smash Ace
Nov 22, 2013
Mage Mii Moveset (And Customs)
Basic: The Mii fighter will use a staff for all of their attacks. While their specials will be mostly ranged, their normal attacks will still use magic but at a closer range. (Forward Air can be like Mega Man's with them bringing their staff down and dealing fire damage)
Standard Specials
1. Fire Blast - The mii uses their staff to shoot a fireball that goes directly straight like Mario's Fast Fireball, but bigger and deals more damage and knockback on impact. Can hit multiple people.
2. Water Splash - The mii brings up a burst of water from the ground that sends whoever is hit by it upwards. Can hit multiple people.
3. Ice Shield - The mii will create an ice shield around it before it burst out as ice spikes. A quick move that is both offensive and defensive. Can hit multiple people.
Side Special
1. Wandering Hero - The mii summons a random mii to attack the enemy in front of them. Similar to Zelda's new down special, but the attack they do depends on how you hold the control stick. Can hit multiple people.
2. Earth Orb - The mii summons a large boulder and chucks it forward. It deals massive knockback and damage but moves slow and has start up lag. Can hit multiple people.
3. Thunder Wave - The mii shoots a powerful wave of thunder that will stun the first person hit for some time. Can only hit a single person.
Up Special
1. Teleport - Self explanatory. The mii uses magic to teleport itself in any direction like Zelda and Mewtwo. Deals no damage.
2. Magic Dust - The mii sprays itself with magic dust and gains Pit's old up special. Deals no damage.
3. Dark Chain - The mii shoots a dark chain upwards from their staff. Works like a tether recovery and deals dark magic. Can hit multiple people.
Down Special
1. Light Barrier - The mii covers itself in a magical barrier that will reflect all projectiles. The barrier is circular but can be broken by physical attacks. Deals no damage unless an attack is reflected.
2. Wind Hold - The mii sucks up fighters into a tornado. No damage but can be easily chained into another attack. Fighters can outrun this tornado and allies are not affected (provided friendly fire is off).
3. Poison Splatter - The mii shoots a small orb in a certain angle. If it lands on an enemy, they will take continuous damage for a few seconds. Can only hit a single person.


Smash Lord
Jul 18, 2013
The logical choice is mage but I chose performer mostly because it is very different from the other characters and the moveset for it would be very interesting.


Smash Ace
Sep 20, 2007
Mage is clearly top choice. Followed by Tinker and Defender (uses a captain america like shield)


Smash Journeyman
Jul 9, 2014
River City High
All of the choices in the poll look great, but I'd definitely love a Mii Trickster.

Something to annoy and enrage the opponent, all the while being agile and quite defensive.


Smash Hero
Oct 17, 2007
I was thinking about this actually.

I'd go for a mage, it's the kind of archetype the Mii Fighter is really missing.

I mean which Mii Fighter are characters like Harry Potter or Gandalf supposed to be?

(You know it's not outside the realm of possibility that we'll get another Mii Fighter type as dlc.)
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Smash Ace
Dec 31, 2010
I know that mages are wanted, but I wonder what would they look like?

would they look and dress like? Sorcerers? Necromancers? Mahou Shojos?

Also, what would they use? Batons? Scepters? Tomes? Lamps?

It just brings a lot of questions and wonders.
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Smash Apprentice
Apr 15, 2014
Solarbeamin' to the moon.
I made a bunch of move sets ages ago. Some of them are missing a few specials

ii Elemental(Uses fire, ice and electrical attacks)
B 1:Flaming Fist (A chargeable fire fist attack)
B 2:Frost Breath (A slow, short range projectile that can freeze foes)
B 3:Shocking Touch (A quick electrical attack that paralyses foes)

Side B 1: Dragon Flame (A flaming dragon is shot forward)
Side B 2: Ice Beam (A long range beam that can freeze and shoot through multiple targets)
Side B 3: Lightning Blast. (A multi-hitting blast with paralysing effect)

Up B 1: Flame Charge (User is engulfed in flames and shoots in the chosen direction)
Up B 2: Rising Wind (icy wind carries the user upwards with a freeze effect)
Up B 3: Lightning Dash (A multi-hitting dash upwards)

Down B 1:Spinning Blaze (A powerful, Multi-hitting spinning flame attack that can be charged)
Down B 2:Black Ice (The User covers the surrounding floor in ice, any opponent that steps on it will trip and slide forward. Disappears after it's stepped on three times and can be placed twice at a time.)
Down B 3:Thunder Strike (A lightning bolt strikes the user for a powerful attack. Like Pikachu's)

Final Smash: Elemental Finish (First, large, powerful lightning Bolts rain from the sky, then falling shards of ice are added, followed by an enormous swirling fire dragon)

Default Costume:

Mii Ninja(uses quick punches, kicks and various ninja techniques)
B 1: Shuriken Assault (three quick shurikens are thrown, one at a time. Can be aimed in 8 directions.)
B 2: Dagger Throw (throws a dagger forward)
B 3: Smoke grenade (a short range smoke grenade that stuns anyone caught in the smoke

Side B 1:Flying Kick (A powerful kick forward that can be charged for power and distance)
Side B 2:palm Strike (A quick dashing palm attack.)
Side B 3:Shield Breaker. (A chargeable attack, similar to Marth's B)

Up B 1:Ninja Vanish. (A teleport attack that works like Shiek's up B)
Up B 2: Triple Flip (Three flips forward, each dealing damage)
Up B 3:

Down B 1: Back Flip (A backflip that works like Zero Suit Samus's)
Down B 2: Stunning Strike (A fast kick that stuns the target)
Down B 3:Ninja reflexes.(a counter attack that acts like Greninja's)

Final Smash:Shadow Blitz (User disappears and then reappears in several places, disappearing and reappearing while attacking)
Abilities:Wall Jump/Cling

Default Costume:a ninja outfit that changes colour, depending on the mii's colour

Mii Mech Fighter(Fights in a small mech)
B 1:Rocket Punch (Fires one of the mech's fist. Can be aimed in 8 directions)
B 2:Laser Blast (Fires a powerful red laser from the Mech's chest. Can be held but weakens in power and range over time.
B 3:

Side B 1:Missile Launch (Fires a missile that travels in an arc)
Side B 2:Rocket Dash (the mech flys forward and shoulder bashes the target.)
Side B 3:power Stomp (A strong stomp attack that buries grounded opponents and has a meteor effect of aerial opponents)

Up B 1:Booster Jets (The Mech flys upwards, similar to R.O.B's Up B, touching the mech's feet will damage opponents slightly)
Up B 2:Suplex Throw (The Mech grabs the target, flys upward and slams into the ground. If there is no opponent to grab, it becomes a jumping stomp attack.)
Up B 3:

Down B 1:Reflector Shield (A shield appears in front of the mech to reflect projectiles.
Down B 2:Land Mine (Places a mine on the ground that explodes when stepped on by an opponent.)
Down B 3:Counter (a counterattack)

Final Smash:Missile strike(the user summons giant missiles from the sky)
Abilities:2 extra jumps, Super Armour(In smash attacks)

Default Costume:

Mii Hero (Uses powerful punches and kicks)
B 1:Super Clap (The user claps, creating a powerful shockwave attack)
B 2:Laser Eyes (The User blasts the opponent with their laser eyes. Can be aimed forward, upward and diagonally.)
B 3:The Hero's Cape (The user waves their cape forward, reflecting projectiles and turning opponents around.)

Side B 1:Super Combo(A combo attack with a dashing punch and an uppercut, followed by an aerial kick downward)
Side B 2:Spinning Throw.(User grabs the opponent, rapidly spins around and throws the opponent downward)
Side B 3:Super Speed. (The User rushes forward and gets an increase in speed for a short time.)

Up B 1:Heroic Glide (The user jumps up and uses their cape to glide downward and then slams into the ground)
Up B 2:Rising Beam (The user fires their laser eyes at the ground, launching themselves upward.)
Up B 3:Flying Slam.(The user flies upward and slams their fists into the ground, creating a shockwave)

Down B 1:Steel skin (the user blocks their face with their wrists and reflects all projectiles)
Down B 2:Side-kick(summons a side-kick that attacks with a powerful combo attack. Can be charged like Zelda's down B)
Down B 3:

Final Smash:Super Team-Up (The user calls other Hero's (other miis) to attack the opponents.)
Default Costume: The User wears a black mask and a costume with the first letter of their name on it and a cape of a different colour. Both colours change, depending on the mii's colour.

Abilities:Hover, 2 extra jumps, Super Armour(in smash attacks )

Mii Sports Player(Uses various sports objects I.E:Baseball bat, tennis racket and golf clubs)
B 1:Serve.(The user serves a tennis ball forward)
B 2:Strike(the user bowls a bowling ball along the ground. Drops straight down when used in the air or over an edge)
B 3:Home Run(A chargeable attack that acts similar to DK's B. Has a sweetspot at the tip)

Side B 1:pole Vault(The user pole vaults forward and kicks forward)
Side B 2:Go-Kart Dash (The user drives a go-kart forward)
Side B 3:Butterfly.(The user swims forward in the air)

Up B 1:Trapeze swing (The user swings on a trapeze)
Up B 2:Breaststroke(The user swims upward)
Up B 3:Trampoline(A trampoline bounces the user into the air)

Down B 1:Header (headbutts a football)
Down B 2:Javelin Toss(Throws a Javelin in an arc)
Down B 3:100 Yard Dash (The user is temporarily given a boost of speed as well as the crash run effect)

Final Smash:Marathon Run (runners stampede through the stage, damaging opponents)
Default Costume:The user wears a Olympic runner's outfit changes depending on the mii's colour.

Mii Archer (Attacks with a bow, smash attacks and some aerials fire arrows)
B 1:power Shot(A chargeable arrow attack. can be aimed in 8 directions)
B 2:Triple Arrow(Fires three fast arrows. Can be aimed in 8 directions)
B 3:Arcing Arrow(Fires an arrow that flies in an arc.)

Side B 1:Shock arrow(fires an electric arrow that paralyses the target. Can be fired in 8 directions)
Side B 2:Fire Arrow (Shoots a flaming arrow that deals rapid damage and traps the target. Can be fired in 8 directions)
Side B 3:Ice arrow (fires an arrow with a freeze effect. Can be fired in 8 directions)

Up B 1:Grappling arrow. (Fires an arrow with a rope upward that acts as a tether recovery)
Up B 2:Spinning Bow(Spins the users bow above their head while rising upward. Touching the bow deals weak, rapid damage.)
Up B 3:Bomb arrow(fires a bomb arrow downward, launching the user up giving the user a little horizontal movement)

Down B 1:Net Arrow (traps the target in a net. Can be fired in 8 directions)
Down B 2:Glue arrow. (Shoots diagonally downward, coving the ground with glue that can slow opponents that touch it. Can be active one at a time and disappears after it's walked on once.)
Down B 3:Oil arrow (Shoots the ground with an oily arrow that causes opponents to trip

Final Smash:Raining Arrows. (Hundreds of arrows rain down from the sky, dealing weak damage)

Abilities:Wall Jump/Cling, Tether Grab

Default Costume:The User's bow, quiver and Robin Hood outfit's colour depends on the mi

Mii Mage (Uses a magic staff and various energy attacks)
B 1:Orb of Light (Shoots a bright, white ball forward that hits multiple times)
B 2:Beam of Darkness:(A chargeable beam of dark energy)
B 3:Magic Blast(Fires a short, quick blast of energy)

Side B 1:Spell of levitation (The user waves their arm in front of them, reflecting projectiles and throwing nearby opponents forward)
Side B 2:Magic Dash(The user charges forward, cloaked in green energy.)
Side B 3:Cloak of strength (The users cloak glows and the user strikes the target with a powerful ppk combo.

Up B 1:Bat Swarm (The user rises on a swarm of bats)
Up B 2:Levitation(The user floats upward and can be controlled horizontally)
Up B 3:Teleport (a quick teleport that deals no damage)

Down B 1:Magic Shield a reflective shield surrounds the user that reflects projectiles and deals light damage with no knock back)
Down B 2:Orb of Absorption (The user summons a ball of green energy that absorbs energy based projectiles)
Down B 3:Bat Summon(summons three bats that home in on opponents)

Final Smash:Light Bomb (The user creates a giant light ball that explodes)
Default Costume:The user wears a hooded cloak that changes colour, depending on the mii.

Mii Cat (Attacks with quick Scratches, Slashes and Rolls)
B 1:Ferocious Frenzy(The user repeatedly slashes quickly)
B 2:Claw combo (a powerful, three strike combo)
B 3:Hurricane Claw (A spinning claw attack. Can move left and right. Chargeable for speed and duration.)

Side B 1:Lion Charge(The User charges forward on a Lion)
Side B 2:Feline Pounce(The user pounces forward)
Side B 3:Charging Claw (the user runs forward, slashing repeatedly)

Up B 1:Land on Their feet(the user jumps upward and slams into the ground on all-fours
Up B 2:Scratching post (The user claws up a giant scratching post in the back ground.)
Up B 3:Kitty Climb(The user claws at the air, rising upward)

Down B 1:Cat-like reflexes(a counterattack)
Down B 2:Feline Flip (A quick backflip that can go into a diagonal pounce.)
Down B 3:Kitty-Cat Roll( The user rolls forward in a ball)

Final Smash:
Abilities:Wall Jump/Cling
Default Costume:the user wears a cat suit (like Cat-Mario) that changes colour, depending on the mii's colour)

Mii Staff Wielder (Uses a Bo staff for quick, long range strikes)
B 1:Card throw (AKA OMG!!GAMBIT!!!) (the user throws a playing card. Can be used in 8 directions)
B 2:Quick Jab (The user rapidly jabs forward with their staff)
B 3:Shocking Slam (The user slams the staff into the ground, causing a shockwave that surrounds the user.)

Side B 1:Staff Flip (The User picks up the target with the end of the staff and flips them behind them.)
Side B 2:Jump Kick (The user propels themselves forward with a powerful kick)
Side B 3:Spinning Staff(the user spins their staff forward, hitting multiple times)

Up B 1:Rising Spin. (The user spins the staff over their head
Up B 2:Staff Slam (The user jumps up high and slams their staff into the ground, causing a purple shockwave.)
Up B 3:Upward Swing (The user swings the staff upward)

Down B 1:Overhead strike. (The User jumps forward and slams the staff into front of them, using the full length of the staff.)
Down B 2:Low sweep (Using the full length of the staff, the user swings the staff at the opponents feet, tripping them.)
Down B 3:Staff counter (A counter attack)

Final Smash:Finishing Blow

Abilities:Wall Jump/Cling

Default Costume:The user wears a trench coat and holds a staff that both change colour, depending on the mii.

Mii Gladiator. (Uses an Axe and Shield)
B 1:Wild Slash (A quick multi hit attack that can be charged for power)
B 2:Berserker Charge(The user rushes forward, slashing the axe wildly. Can be charged for power and distance)
B 3:Axe throw (The user throws their axe, which boomerangs back to them, hitting multiple times)

Side B 1:Jumping Slash(The user jumps forward and slashes with their axe)
Side B 2:Shield Rush(The user runs forward, holding the shield up, hitting anyone in their way)
Side B 3:Shield Slide (The user slides forward on the shield, tripping opponents)

Up B 1: Shield Bash (The user hits up with the shield with below average recovery)
Up B 2:
Up B 3:

Down B 1:Shield Defence(The user holds their shield in front of them, reflecting projectiles)
Down B 2:Counter(a counterattack)
Down B 3:

Final Smash:Release the Lions(Anyone caught in the first slash is taken into a cutscene where they are attacked by Lions and finished off by the user.

Abilities:Super Armour(in smash attacks and some specials),

Default Costume:The user's armour and weapons change colour, depending on the mii.

Mii Spy (Uses Various spy gadgets and quick punches and kicks)
B 1: Stun Gun (Shoots a small electrical blast that paralyses opponents)
B 2: Ray Blaster (Shoots a laser that acts like Falco's B)
B 3: Hand Genade (A hand Grenade like Snake's B)

Side B 1:Rocket Launcher(Uses a rocket launcher that works like Snake's)
Side B 2:Grenade Burst (Throws three grenades that fly different distances and heights)
Side B 3:Zip-line(The user shoots a zip line that latches onto the opponent. The user is then pulled towards the target and hits them with a flying kick. Can be aimed in 8 directions and can be used as a tether recovery)

Up B 1:Hover board(The user rides a hover board the flys diagonally with decent vertical distance and good horizontal)
Up B 2:pocket Copter (The user hangs from a small, helicopter-like device that carrys then upward, can be controlled horizontally)
Up B 3:Teleportation Device(a teleport)

Down B 1:Remote Control Mine (A mine, similar to Snake's)
Down B 2:Invisibility Device Temporarily turns the user invisible
Down B 3:Spy Tactics (a counterattack)

Final Smash:Sneak Attack (The user is taken into the foreground, where they have to aim for a target. If a target is hit, the user attacks them with a combo attack, similar to Ike's final smash)

Abilities:Wall Jump/Cling Tether grab

Default Costume:The user wears a suit that changes colour, depending on the mii's colour

Mii Plant Master (uses plant-based attacks)
B 1:Reaching Roots(The user punches the ground and a fist made of roots appears from the ground and punches upward
B 2:Solar Blast (a powerful blast of solar energy that can be charged and stored. Storing the attack heals the user slightly and gives a little speed and power boost)
B 3:Leaf tornado (the user spins around in a tornado of leafs, dealing multiple hits)

Side B 1:Seed Bomb (The user throws a large seed that explodes on impact)
Side B 2:Latching roots(the user shoots roots from their hands that grab the target and pull them closer)
Side B 3:Crawling Roots(Roots form at the user's feet and dash forwards)

Up B 1:Growing Roots (the user's legs grow and launch the user upward)
Up B 2:Tether Vine(A vine attack that acts the same as Ivysaur's up B)
Up B 3:Rising Blast (A downward solar blast that shoots the user diagonally and deals multiple hits)

Down B 1:Thorn Shield (A small shield made of vines grows on the user's arm and reflects projectiles. Any opponent who touches it takes damage)
Down B 2:Draining seed (A seed latches onto the target and damages the opponent, while healing the user)
Down B 3:photosynthesis (The user glows green and slowly heals)

Final Smash:power of the Forest (Numerous giant fists made of roots attack the stage)

Abilities:Super Armour (in smash attacks) Tether Grab

Default Costume:The user wears a thorn crown that matches the mii's colour and outfit made of vines and leafs

Mii Bruiser (attacks with slow, powerful punches and kicks)
B 1:Megaton Punch (a powerful punch with a long start-up time and super armour)
B 2:Stored Energy(An uppercut that acts like DK's B)
B 3:Earth Tear (The user tears up the ground in front of them)

Side B 1:Grounding Blow (The user brings both fists down and buries the opponent)
Side B 2:Bull Rush (The user lowers their head and rushes forward, damaging any opponents they touch.)
Side B 3:piledriver Smash (The user grabs the target, jumps up and slams them into the ground)

Up B 1:power Stomp (A jumping stomp attack)
Up B 2:Rising Uppercut (an uppercut attack that lifts the user into the air)
Up B 3:

Down B 1:Earth Smash (The user repeatedly punches the ground, similar to DK's down B)
Down B 2:Stunning Headbutt(a strong Headbutt that stuns the target)
Down B 3:

Final Smash:Earth Shattering Punch(The user jumps up and smashes into the ground with one fist, causing a Huge shockwave)

Abilities:Super Armour(in smashes)

Default Costume:The user is tall and muscular and wears and wrestling outfit.

Mii Pegasus Knight (Fights on a Pegasus with a lance and shield
B 1:Lance Throw(throws the user's lance in an arc)
B 2:Light Beam (Fires a beam of light from the lance that can be charged and stored)
B 3:Lance skewer (The user stabs forward with a long start-up that works like Captain Falcon's B. Can be turned around.)

Side B 1:Charge!(The user's Pegasus flies forward, close to the ground as the user holds their lance forward)
Side B 2:Feather Dagger(The Pegasus shoots three feathers)
Side B 3:Rushing Spin (the user flies forward while spinning with their lance held in front)

Up B 1:Angelic Loop (The user flies upward in a loop)
Up B 2:Wings of the Pegasus (The Pegasus's wings glow and it flies upwards, similar to Pit's brawl up B)
Up B 3:Heavenly Spin (The user spins while flying upward)

Down B 1:Counter
Down B 2:Dazzling Light(The Pegasus's wings glow and a bright light flashes, stunning anyone caught in it.)
Down B 3:Light Shield (a white shield surrounds the user, reflecting projectiles)

Final Smash:Heaven's army (Summons an army of Pegasus knights that attack opponents)

Abilities:3 extra jumps, hover

Default Costume:the colour of the Pegasus and the lance and mii's armour is the same as the mii.

Mii Telekinetic (The user flies instead of running and fights with purple telekinetic fists and weapons instead of their actual fists)
B 1:psychic Hurl (The user shoots a blast of energy)
B 2:Mental Fist (A giant, purple fist, like a falcon punch)
B 3:Mind Throw (The user lifts throws either four small rocks, a boulder, a chunk of earth or a car, each deals different damage)

Side B 1:Energy Rush (The user dashes forward, surrounded by purple energy)
Side B 2:psychic Swashbuckler (The user rushes forward and attacks the target with a multi-hit sword attack)
Side B 3:Mind Wipe (Stuns the target)

Up B 1:psychic Rise (The user floats upward, like R.O.B's up B)
Up B 2:psychic Slingshot (The user creates a slingshot made of energy and fires upward in an arc)
Up B 3:

Down B 1:Mental Shield (A shield surrounds the user and reflects projectiles)
Down B 2:Telekinetic Lift(Acts like Mewtwo's confusion)
Down B 3:Mind Cannon (A purple cannon appears in front of the user and fires an energy blast, like DHD's down B)

Final Smash:Astral Form(The user enters an astral form and gains unlimited flight, a powerful energy blast, dash attack and giant punch attack)

Abilities:Hover, 2 extra jumps.

Default Costume:


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May 20, 2015
Other. I'd honestly just make the Mii fighters base themselves on a already set character. Just like the Soul Calibur games.


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Jul 29, 2007
I would add a 4th set of custom moves to the characters that already exist. You could likely make a good spell caster out of Brawler or Swordfighter by giving them moves that permit spacing and control. You could get a good variety on Mii Brawler by giving them moves that deal little damage, but you can combo out of, as I feel like most, if not all of the moves that it currently has are best as combo finishers.


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Sep 20, 2005
I thought of Mage/Wizard a while ago, but figured that Ninja was already taken care of with the Swordfighter (has Shuriken/Chakram and a Ninja outfit). Although I wouldn't be opposed to a Ninja, I think a Mii Mage would offer more for gameplay and be more beneficial for the meta.


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Sep 20, 2014
Mexico City
where was this thread when i was trying to imagine new Mii Fighters? Lol
Most of this i ended up figuring out myself, but some have a few tweaks. Here are my ideas:
  1. Mage. Uses a Wand ala Harry Potter. Outfits include stage Magician, Fairy and Witch/wizard. Uses Magic Spells that cover mid range, without leaving you exposed in close quarters.
  2. Sorcerer. Uses a Staff ala Gandalf. Outfits include long robes and variations of it. Uses Magic Spells that cover mid/Large range, but just like Palutena's Smash attacks, it can leave you exposed in close quarters.
  3. Blade Singer. Dual Sword user that also uses Magic to give them variety. Outfits include light armor, but also Nintendo ideas like a Gerudo outfit. Focuses on agility, but Magic is used to slightly cover mid range with weak projectiles or generally buffing their blades with fire effects and the such.
  4. Berserker. A mix of your berserker idea and Butcher, Uses a Hammer instead of an Axe. Outfits include Knight armor, viking, Gladiator and Mario overalls (Lol). Uses Punches and kicks to cover close Quarters quickly and finishes off with slow Ike-like Hammer swings. Has a couple Command grab specials and Super Armor specials too.
  5. Knight. Just like your Lancer with the addition of a Shield. Outfits include Knight armor, Spartan/Roman, Celestial (Kid icarus). Shield bash attacks covers close quarters quickly, while excelling on mid range spear stabs for spacing. The shield is magical to provide a "Brawl Pit" Down B with various effects like projectile reflector, counter or even "Projectile Absorb" to return a Robo-beam a la Mr. Game & Watch Oil Panic.
  6. Archer. Uses Bow & Arrows, but the arrows are given elements and tricks in specials. Outfits include Robin Hood, armor, Hawkeye. Uses kicks and swings the bow around to cover close quarters, but these are weak and at times unsafe on block. Some Specials involve Agility moves like ZeroSuitSamus' Down B to better cover their mobility options while having element arrows with varying effects. Example? Pit Light arrows, Samus Missil-like exploding arrows, Melee Young Link/Project M Toon Link Fire Arrows with lingering Fire effect where it lands, etc.
  7. Ninja. Uses Agility, sword, shurikens and a hawk partner that is summoned. Outfits include various Japanese outfits like the typical Black pajamas :p samurai, etc. A few specials involve creating shadow duplicates to trick foes, shurikens, summoning a hawk partner with varying flying patterns and it's normal attacks involve unusual sword techniques more reminiscent of Anime than real ones.
  8. Tech. basically your Engineer idea. Uses dual electrified batons like Nightwing on Injustice, but has very Snake-like tools for their specials like the grenades, homing missiles, mines and the such. Very Trap-oriented.
  9. Sentinel. A variation of the Tech, but even moooore Sci-fi oriented. Inspired on the Terminator/Robocop the Mii is actually super heavy due to being a cyborg. Specials involve a few mobility options, but a majority of them are Projectile-oriented instead of Traps to force opponents to come in and eat Ganon-punches to the face. Rocket punches, Jet boots, beams and energy absorbers allow Mii Sentinels to "Walk in", cause damage, put sunglasses on and say "Hasta la vista" to their foes.
  10. Hero. inspired on the stereotypical Super heroes. Special moves involve super powers like eye lasers similar to robo beam, energy projectiles and such, but also mobility specials so that the Mii "flies" around (one of which is a Ganon like command grab that instead of dropping them down for ganoncide, it punches foes upwards)
  11. Pet. Joke character. This one was inspired on how you could dress up as a dog and a cat in Wii Music. Same thing, except the Mii kicks, slashes with paws and even uses pet toys as projectiles Such as kicking a ball, throwing a fresbee, dropping a vase down ledges similar to villager's (Cat fans will be pleased by this).
  12. Also considered a "Chairman" (Marvel vs Capcom 3 M.O.D.O.K.) for a "Crazy scientist" approach that is similar to the sorcerer. Uses technology summons for long range and mobility, but is a large target and easy to combo.
  13. A "Psychic" that is floaty, but is a great anti-projectile fighter cause they absorb projectiles to power themselves up.
  14. As well as a Rosalina & Luma "Pupeteer", which would be more of a slow fighter that relies much more on the "Partner" they control with a remote.... but didn't dwell too much on these.
  15. I love your "Performer" idea too though, that one i didn't consider at all and find pretty original


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Sep 20, 2014
Mexico City
Some kind of mii heavy weight equal, maybe a Mii controlling a small mecha or somethin.
Thought the same, but found that it could compromise getting a character like Porky or Dr. Eggman in so the Modok like "Chairman" would have been an original take on "Machine assisted" in the smash roster.

Though talking on heavy weight Mii. My ideas here: http://smashboards.com/threads/if-y...e-what-would-you-choose.359363/#post-19988689
*Mage. Middle-light weight. Around Mario weight.
*Sorcerer. Middle-large weight. Around
*BladeSinger. Light weight. Toon link kind of weight
*Berserker. Middle-large. Probably Ike levels of weight
*Knight. Heavy weight. Fast Faller. kind of like Roy
*Archer. Middle-light weight. Marth weight?
*Ninja. Light weight. Sheik/Zero Suit Samus
*Tech. Heavy weight, but a little floaty? Kind of like Ganondorf
*Sentinel. Heavy Weight. The heaviest of this set. Bowser/dedede levels of heavy.
*Hero. Light Weight. Sonic level of Light i feel
*Pet. Light weight. Pikachu-like or duck hunt?

These are my ideas though c:

Pegasus Knight

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Jun 1, 2007
Hard for me to pick. I want Lancer and Mage equally. The Gunner is a poor equivalent to a 'mage' character, I'm afraid. Yet I also very much want polearms in the game...
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