If Smash Bros had Rivalries like other


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Feb 4, 2019
Similar to the headcanon and shipping threads, but this sort of ties into something akin to other fighting games like Soul Calibur's Destined Battles or PSA's Rival battles, where the Penultimate battle of the Arcade modes would be a specific opponent, usually with a cutscene before and/or after the fight. This thread is what you guys think of who would would have a rivalry in this case, and for what reason.

For example, some of who I think would have this, and as to why I think so:

:ultmario: vs. :ultsonic: - Should be obvious, and would be an amazing throwback to the 90's. Would be a waste otherwise.

:ultlink: vs. :ultcloud: - A similar case, as they are two of the most iconic swordsmen in gaming history.

:ultbowser: vs. :ultdk: - They both were archenemies of Mario at some point.

:ultfalcon: vs. :ultganondorf: - Similar fighting styles might catch the attention of each other.

:ultkingdedede: vs. :ultkrool: - Big fat greedy kings who want it all.

Just to name a few.
Oct 18, 2018
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:ultbayonetta: VS :ultzss:- two hot gun-toting ladies.

:ultsnake: VS :ultinkling: - agents who specialize in ranged artillery.

:ultgreninja: VS :ultsheik: - because ninjas.

:ultolimar: VS :ultsamus:/:ultfox: - exploring space farers.

:ultzelda: VS :ultrobin: - Hogwarts.

:ultryu: VS :ultlucario: - martial arts is their destiny.

:ultcharizard: VS :ultridley: - dragons.

:ultkirby: VS :ultpacman: - they eat things and copy enemy abilities.

:ultivysaur: VS :ultpiranha: - plant gang.


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Feb 24, 2019
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Is the heroes/villains thing too obvious? I think for sure Mario's would be Bowser, etc. Here's my set, for fun.

:ultmario::ultbowser: Hero/villain
:ultdk::ultkrool: Hero/villain
:ultkirby::ultkingdedede: Hero/villain (well, once)
:ultfox::ultwolf: Hero/villain (close enough)
:ultsonic::ultrob: Because robot
:ultsamus::ultridley: Hero/villain
:ultpokemontrainer::ultmewtwo: Hero/villain (yes Mewtwo has a villain connotation, even if he reformed later)
:ultmegaman::ultdoc: Too obvious?
:ultryu::ultken: Actual friendly rivals
:ultsimon::ultrichter: Richter was a secret final boss in a Castlevania game, right?
:ultpit::ultdarkpit: Hero/villain (kind of)
:ultlucario::ultincineroar: Traditional martial artist vs. flashy underhanded wrestler, and they're super effective against each other
:ulttoonlink::ultganondorf: The only Link of the three that actually fought Ganondorf
:ultpalutena::ultbayonetta: Light goddess/shadow witch
:ultwiifittrainer::ultwario: Wario you fat ******* do your workout routine
:ultpacman::ultgnw: Retro game icons, and I guess G&W is... vaguely ghost-like?
:ultjigglypuff::ultpichu: Cute, unassuming low-tier joke character pokemon
:ultsnake::ultgunner: Mysterious unknown weapons-user versus covert operative
:ultmetaknight::ultswordfighter: Mysterious swordsman vs. take-on-all-comers Meta Knight
:ultlittlemac::ultbrawler: Who's the title holder Mac fights? Whoever you want it to be.
:ultolimar::ultyoshi: Giant native creature on the rampage vs. Olimar
:ultvillager::ultpiranha: The town needs weeded, Mayor
:ultisabelle::ultinkling: Dammit now this punk kid is drawing graffiti everywhere
:ultzss::ultdarksamus: Because armored Samus vs. Dark Samus would be less interesting
:ultduckhunt::ultpikachu: Poaching Pikachus is not okay
:ultmarth::ultlucina: Imposter!
:ultness::ultyounglink: You cannot comprehend the true form of Termina.
:ultcloud::ultshulk: Only one blonde anime giant-swordsman can reign supreme.
:ultfalcon::ultdaisy: No matter which you are, the opponent only spams taunts.
:ultluigi::ultbowserjr: Luigi is comfortable fighting this level of evil.
:ultgreninja::ultsheik: Ninja battle.
:ultzelda::ultrobin: Mage battle.
:ulticeclimbers::ultfalco: He prefers the air over your mountaintop, specifically.
:ultike::ultcorrin: Knight vs. dragon. Classic.
:ultpeach::ultrosalina: Oh, I don't know. Spam Toads? Minion fight?
:ultlink::ultchrom: Sword battle because I don't know
:ultroy::ultdiddy: oh who cares
:ultlucas: Alone.

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Nov 10, 2007
lets you all geuss why

:ultalph: vs :ultpiranha:
:ultbayonetta: vs :ultcorrin:
:ultbowser: vs :ultkrool:
:ultkirby: vs :ultpacman:
:ultisabelle: vs :ultjigglypuff:
:ultduckhunt: vs :ultfalco:
:ultlittlemac: vs :ultincineroar:
:ultsamus: vs :ultridley:
:ultmario: vs :ultsonic:
:ultpeach: vs :ultzelda:
:ultgreninja: vs :ultsheik:
:ultwiifittrainer: vs :ultdoc:
:ultlink: vs :ultmarth:
:ultyounglink: vs :ultlucina:
:ultdarkpit: vs :ultdarksamus:
:ultsimon: vs :ultganondorf:
:ultsnake: vs :ultwolf:
:ultrobin: vs :ultlucas:
:ultfox: vs :ultrob:
:ultpokemontrainer: vs :ultyoshi:
:ultpit: vs :ultness:
:ultinkling: vs :ultdaisy:
:ultlucario: vs :ultmewtwo:
:ulttoonlink: vs :ultpichu:
:ultwario: vs :ultdk:
:ultpikachu: vs :ultkingdedede:
:ultluigi: vs :ultdiddy:
:ultjigglypuff: vs :ultkingdedede:
:ultmegaman: vs :ultfalcon:
:ultmetaknight: vs :ultchrom:
:ultryu: vs :ultrichter:
:ultpalutena: vs :ultrosalina:
:ultbowserjr: vs :ultken:
:ultcloud: vs :ultike:
:ulticeclimbers: vs :ultbowserjr:
:ultroy: vs :ultryu:
:ultgnw: vs :ultvillager:
:ultzss: vs :ultgunner:
:ultshulk: vs :ultswordfighter:
:ultolimar: vs :ultbrawler:


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Jul 16, 2018
:ultmario::ultbowser: - The Epitome of Canon Rivalry.
:ultluigi::ultbowserjr: - Buddies of the Rivalry.
:ultdk::ultkrool: - Rivalry of the Large Animals.
:ultyounglink::ultganondorf: - Good Versus Evil.
:ultsamus::ultridley: - Rivals in Space.
:ultpit::ultdarkpit: - Opposite Clones.
:ultfox::ultwolf: - Rivalry of the Fast Animals.
:ultryu::ultken: - Friendly Rivalry.
:ultmegaman::ultdoc: - Doctor Wiley's Return as Mario.
:ultroy::ultincineroar: - Battle of the Flames.
:ulticeclimbers::ultduckhunt: - Battle of the Duos.
:ultfalco::ultcorrin: - Battle of Fire and Water.
:ultkirby::ultpacman: - Battle of the Hungry.
:ultkingdedede::ultyoshi: - Battle of the Hangry.
:ultmarth::ultlucina: - Battle of the Impersonation.
:ultpalutena::ultbayonetta: - Battle of Light and Dark.
:ultzelda::ultrobin: - Battle of the Mages.
:ultpokemontrainer::ultolimar: - Battle of the Minions.
:ultsheik::ultgreninja: - Battle of the Ninjas.
:ultsnake::ultsonic: - Battle of the Original Third Parties.
:ultness::ultsimon: - Battle of the Projectiles.
:ultlucas::ultrichter: - Clones of the Cowards.
:ultmewtwo::ultlucario: - Battle of the Psychic and the Aura.
:ultrob::ultdarksamus: - Battle of the Power and the Power Suit.
:ulttoonlink::ultmetaknight: - Battle of the Small Sword Fighters.
:ultchrom::ultike: - Battle of the Strong Sword Fighters.
:ultpeach::ultrosalina: - Battle of the Subordinates.
:ultfalcon::ultdaisy: - Battle of the Taunts.
:ultpikachu::ultpichu: - Battle of the Thunder.
:ultdiddy::ultjigglypuff: - Battle of the Tiny Fighters.
:ultgnw::ultjoker: - Battle of the Vast Age Difference.
:ultvillager::ultpiranha: - The Weeds Won't Stop Growing.
:ultisabelle::ultinkling: - The Kids Won't Stop Painting.
:ultwiifittrainer::ultwario: - The Trainee Just Won't Work.
:ultshulk::ultcloud: - Anime Sword Fighters not from Fire Emblem? Blaspheme!
:ultlittlemac::ultbrawler: - Little Mac's Next Unknown Boxing Match.
:ultlink::ultswordfighter: - Link's Next Trial. An Unknown Test of Strength.
:ultzss::ultgunner: - Zero Suit Samus's Next Unknown Bounty.
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Apr 28, 2008
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:ultsamus: v. :ultmegaman:

Metroid came out a year earlier. Both use arm cannons. The word "Metroid" is from the words "metro" and "android", something I pointed out way early on Wikitroid, while they assumed it was from two Greek words that meant "mother-like". Metro refers to the underground transit, and an android is, of course, a machine that looks like a man. The opposite is gynoid. Thus, most Metroid games take place underground. Anyway, I've often seen these two as rivals. And as far as I'm aware, a rival isn't necessarily a villain.


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Oct 1, 2016
Rivalries and Rivalry Names

:ultmario: VS :ultsonic:: Classic Rivalry
:ultbowser: VS :ultganondorf:: King of the Badguys
:ultcloud: VS :ultlink:: Legendary swordsmen
:ultsimon: VS :ultike:: The Warriors
:ultcorrin:VS :ultridley:: Dragon Fight
:ultluigi: VS :ultrichter:: Ghost Hunters
:ultkingdedede: VS :ultkrool:: the Other Kings
:ultbayonetta: VS :ultpit:: War in the Heavens
:ultfox: VS :ultlucario:: K9 Clash
:ultzss: VS :ultsnake:: Perfect Soldiers
:ultlucas: VS :ultvillager:: Smalltown Boys
:ulttoonlink: VS :ultpichu:: the Little Guys
:ultchrom: VS :ultshulk:: An Epic Quest
:ultpokemontrainer: VS :ultyoshi:: There was a Rumor about This
:ultsamus: VS :ultmegaman:: Arm Canon
:ultwolf:VS :ultisabelle:: Dog fight
:ultbowserjr: VS :ultdiddy:: Big Shoes to Fill
:ultmetaknight: VS :ultmarth:: the Duel
:ultgreninja: VS :ultinkling:: Semi-Aquatic Enemies
:ultduckhunt: VS :ulticeclimbers:: 2 on 2
:ultolimar: VS :ultness:: It came from Space!
:ultfalcon: VS :ultfalco:: Falco(n)
:ultdarksamus: VS :ultdarkpit: : the Dark Duplicates
:ultpalutena: VS :ultrosalina:: the Celestials
:ultgnw: VS :ultpacman:: the Old Guard
:ultwiifittrainer: VS :ultdoc:: Healthy Duo
:ultpeach: VS :ultzelda:: the Leading Ladies
:ultken: VS :ultincineroar:: Hot Blooded Fighters
:ultlittlemac: VS :ultryu:: the Title Match
:ultsheik: VS :ultlucina:: Princesses in Disguise
:ultrob: VS :ultpiranha:: Nature vs Technology
:ultroy: VS :ultyounglink:: the Boys
:ultkirby: VS :ultjigglypuff:: Pink Puffballs!
:ultrobin: VS :ultmiifighters:: Stand-ins
:ultwario: VS JOKER: King of Thieves

That Leaves me with
:ultpikachu:VS:ultmewtwo: : Pokemon Duel
:ultdaisy: VS :ultdk:
left over, I tried to keep even from having a rival in their own series, but I'm okay with pikachu vs Mewtwo. Daisy and DK kinda works... what do you think Almost Rivals? Second Banannas?