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how to be good with Lucario?


Smash Journeyman
Aug 27, 2018
well..it's like the title says..how can i actually be good with Lucario? x.x

doesn't matter what i do or how i play, i always get outmatched with Lucario especially if the game forces 1v1 on me..
and it's really starting to annoy me to the point that i blame the character in my salty frustration moments but we all do that right? lol

all his moves miss more then they actually hit and i hate to admit it but usually when nothing works i have no choice but to resort to neutral B attacks

i don't even know what to focus on with Lucario..all his moves seem so laggy and his aerial attacks are hard to hit others with since he always jumps to high even on his first jump...
it seems that i just can't get anything done with him at all...

even with characters like Fox and Bayo things are improving slowly everytime for me but Lucario just seems impossible right now..


Smash Rookie
Jun 5, 2019
At low percentages/ aura, Lucario is a combo character, at high percentages/aura, many of his combos don't work anymore, or just get shorter.
I've been trying to use his slow moves (at low percentages and aura) as punishes, or to finish combos (smashes, force palm, dash attack etc. Once you get to high aura and or enemy percentage you can start using them more offensively.
Can you reliably short hop and B reverse? because those are two things you need to play Lucario, and will take a bit of practice.
How do you approach? And what do you do to follow up on your neutral B?

Also do you know any combos? I'd practice a few combos every time you train with him, like down/ up throw fair fair nair
There's a good resource somewhere describing combos you can do from low to high percents and how they change but i can't find it right now so heres this
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Smash Cadet
Jan 4, 2021
My strategy is to spam aura sphere and force palm at low aura, and go all out at high aura. It works, unless you're fighting Bowser (which is why not that many people even think about Lucario). He ain't perfect tho, aura is designed in a way that makes Lucario slightly less popular to players, but as a Lucario main, I see him as a great main no matter what.

Lucario's popularity declined after a nerf in 2.0.0 but he has since been buffed (I switched in July of 2019 when 3.1.0 was still the newest update), and as a result I think he's dope.

But I use Wolf as my secondary, so it balances out.
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