Hollow Knight's Hornet Strikes Hard! Support for a new Indie rep!

Should Hornet be added to Smash Bros.?

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Apr 5, 2019
The top of a very tall tree, not too far away.
Hornet, the Protector of Hallownest and frequently appearing character from the Team Cherry Indie hit Hollow Knight, should really get a place in the spotlight. One of the most popular characters out of the Hollow Knight cast, she is even getting her own game in the form of Hollow Knight: Silksong. What about a Super Smash Bros. debut with it?

A very acrobatic character, Hornet wields a needle and Silk as her trusty weapon. Hornet uses her unique weapon choice not only to attack but also as a method of moving around the battlefield quickly.

Damage for each move and pictures will be added at a later date. I will also take suggestions for these, too.

General Notes:
~Size - A bit shorter than Mario.

~Weight - Pretty light, but not the lightest.

~Speed - Overall, excellent mobility in the air and on the ground.

~Special Ability - After viewing the gameplay of HK Silksong at E3 2019, I am unsure about whether to give Hornet special abilities related to Soul (the original HK game's main mechanic) or Silk(Hornet's new Silksong mechanic). For now, I will use Silk.

The Silk Meter consists of an empty spool of Silk positioned above the %/HP display. As Hornet takes/deals damage, this spool will slowly fill up (I'm unsure of at what rate). At 50 Silk, the spool is full. The Silk is used for most Special attacks.

Now, time for a moveset!

~Jab - Rapidly swings needle forward.

~Dash Attack - Holds the needle in front of her for about 1/2 a second.

~Ledge Attack - Swings needle low to the ground as she swings herself up to the ledge

~Get-up Attack - Spins her needle around her as she stands up.

Tilt attacks:
~F-Tilt - Swings needle forward.

~Up-Tilt - Quickly swings needle overhead.

~Down-Tilt - Spins needle around close to the ground.

Air attacks:
~Neutral Air - Spins needle around her in the same way she does during the first HK boss battle, but only does so for 1/2 a second.

~Foward Air - Swings needle in front of her twice.

~Back Air - Lashes out with her foot behind her.

~Up air - Hornet does a backflip in the air, swinging her leg up as she does.

~Down Air - Points needle down and drops at twice her normal speed. Angled slightly forward depending on which way she is facing.

Special attacks:
~Neutral Special - Needle Throw. This unique attack involves holding the Special attack button for 1/2 a second. When it is released, Hornet throws her needle a considerable distance at a high speed- it can cover up to 1/3 of Big Battlefield - where it hangs in the air for a moment before returning to her. This attack can pierce up to 2 opponents until it stops and immediately returns. While the attack is being charged, the player can tilt the control stick in any direction to send it that way when the Special attack button is released. If the needle hits a ledge, it pulls her toward the ledge. This can be used as a recovery. If Hornet is attacked while using this move, the needle will return to her immediately. This attack uses 25 Silk at max, which is used as the needle travels. If Hornet runs out of Silk, the needle stops short and returns as usual.

~Foward Special - Dashes forward at blinding speeds! This attack doesn't go as far as her neutral special but does more damage. There is a considerable amount of end lag for this attack.

~Up Special - Not decided. Suggestions?

~Down Special - Stitch. Hornet will quickly spin her needle around herself, dealing a small amount of damage to opponents close to her while healing 10% damage at the end of the attack. All attacks have their damage and knockback reduced by 10% for the next 15 seconds if healing succeeds. If25 Silk is available, the full attack and healing effect will occur. If 24-12 Silk is available, only the spinning needle part of the attack will occur. If >11 Silk is available, the attack will fail, stunning Hornet for a split second.

Smash attacks:
~Foward Smash - Swings her needle forward rapidly a few times.

~Up Smash - Hornet swings needle above her head a few times.

~Down Smash - Hornet drives her needle into the ground, sending a small shockwave out around her. If used in the air, she simply jabs down with force, accelerating her descent a little.

~Grab - Tether grab. Throws needle in front of her. When it reaches an opponent, it wraps them up in Silk, and they get pulled back to Hornet instantly.

~Pummel - Bashes her hard skull on her opponent's head.

~Foward Throw - Hornet bashes them on the ground in front of her.

~Back Throw - Hornet swings them over her head, crashing them into the ground behind her.

~Down Throw - Slams her opponent straight into the ground (buries).

~Up Throw - Flings opponent over Hornet's head, but they fly off rather than hitting the ground.

Final Smash:
~Hornet jumps off the stage and flies up so she is close to the screen. Starting at the top left of the screen, she crosses the screen 8 times, spreading silk behind her. Once done, she stays off of the screen. The silk stays there for about 7 seconds, damaging anyone who touches it. Then, the silk flings away, dealing damage and high knockback to anyone who gets hit. Hornet then returns to the stage.

Opening Animations, Taunts, Victory Screen:
~Opening Animation - Already on the battlefield, she pulls her needle out of the ground and enters an attack stance.

~Up Taunt - Spins needle above her head.

~Side Taunt - Braces needle in front of her.

~Down Taunt - Points needle at the ground beside her, looks into the distance.

~Victory Screen 1 - Hornet spins her needle around her while looking at the camera.

~Victory Screen 2 - Hornet dives down from the air, striking the ground with her needle.

And, some other things that will be added alongside Hornet in the DLC pack!

This new stage will follow the aesthetic theme of the City of Tears - the original capital city of Hallownest and one of the explorable areas of the game.
The stage is split up into two sections; to the right, there is a building in the architectural style of the City, with a big window facing to the left. This window, once it takes enough damage, will break. To the left of the building are platforms suspended in the air.

In the background, you can see lots of other platforms and buildings, with a variety of characters moving about them. Common enemies can be seen, as well as a handful of major characters. Quirrel, The knight and the mighty Zote make an appearance, however, Zote will fall off one of the platforms and disappear into the water below.

I did consider using a new location from Pharloom as inspiration for the stage, however, I want to include something of significance from the first HK game. Besides, it's a lovely place.

~Hornet's Battle Theme (remix)

~Mantis Lords' Battle Theme

~City of Tears Theme

~Fungal Wastes Theme (remix)

~Decisive Battle Theme

~Soul Sanctum Theme (remix)

~Dream Battle Theme

~Daughter of Hallownest Theme

Most importantly, why should Hornet be invited?

Well, a quick glance over the roster will reveal that representatives from indie games are lacking between all the Nintendo mascots and AAA company IPs. The only Indie reps we have are in the form of Assist Trophies and Spirits (that's it!). Hollow Knight is one of the most popular Switch Indies right now, and it's gaining quite a bit of attention now, with the sequel, collector's edition and the 2nd anniversary of the series.

As for why Hornet should be picked? It'd be pretty cool to run around and pummel people as the False Knight or hide in the corner as a Sibling, but in my eyes, Hornet is the best character out of the Hollow Knight universe to join the fight. She's one of the most acrobatic bosses, the most frequently shown boss, and the only boss that's getting their own game. Even Team Cherry are acknowledging her significant place in the story of Hollow Knight. And what better representative than the sworn princess-protector of Hallownest?

Have suggestions about the Moveset, stage, music etc.? Leave them down below!
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Jul 2, 2013
Only just started playing Hollow Knight yesterday, and really enjoying it. I know people would say Knight is the better choice, I think Hornet looks to be a more fun character. Both are good, but Hornet has a personality(from what I have seen so far, just beat the soul in the spire)


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Nov 18, 2018
Lets sha the entire battlefield with Hornet! Love the idea and Silksong is the game I'm looking the most.


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Jul 2, 2013
someone made a fake Hollow Knight leak with screenshots, and one has a very nice 3D Hornet in it.

Hollow knight screens.png

As for her moves, have we seen any new ones she gets in Silksong? those would be good to pull from, especially if Nintendo wants to really promote the new game too, which it seems like they are.


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Apr 5, 2019
The top of a very tall tree, not too far away.
I'm unsure of why the images aren't loading correctly. They do appear during editing, but not in the previews and final post. For now, I've spaced out the OP to be easier to read, and added some Animations for Openings, Taunts and Victory Screens!

Finally, I'm working on a Stock icon, so stay tuned!
Jul 20, 2014
I support Hornet, she's the only Indie character on my most wanted list, or even the only third party character at all.
The knight is cool but I think he's a bit too basic and probably would be a Link semiclone with the soul vessel gimmick. Hornet has potential to be more unique and the way she fights is more spectacular.
The second game in the Hollow Knight franchise has her as the protagonist, so it's totally possible that she is added in Smash instead of the knight.

I wanted to open a thread some time ago, but I didn't for several reason, so I'm glad that someone else did (too bad I didn't notice until now).

Zeb Nasaki

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Sep 9, 2019
Even though i would like the knight a bit more... I had zero problems if hornet gets in at the end. I love her character and her battles, she will be an amazing and fun indie rep. Count me in.
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