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Grand Traverse Smash 2 Results


Smash Lord
Dec 15, 2008
Kalkaska MI
(tio stuff will go here when I get the files <3)


1. Arc_Revived ($24) :pit: :dedede:
2. SuperTH ($12) :mario2: :fox:
3. Flan~ ($4) :gw:
4. rsr2 :gw: :wolf:
5. Robjoe :zerosuitsamus:
5. Ginger Princess :lucas: :zerosuitsamus: :diddy:
7. Tampon :ike: :diddy: :ganondorf:
7. H3artle55 :lucas:

(No doubles, not enough entrants)

This tournament was pretty fun. I had a few other that wanted to join but at the last minute decided not to because they didn't want to lose and there was a library tournament going on that day too which we tried to get them to go too but they went to a movie instead >_>

But with the hotel + Casino + tournament + BDUBS. I would say this was a lot of fun and I look forward to hosting the next tournament. Next time should have a bigger turnout :D


Smash Ace
Oct 26, 2011
Muskegon, MI
I shoulda gone to this free stay at resort and easy money ;)

Stupid work next time it would be easier for me to make it with a more advanced warning (As in i need dates ASAP) to get time off for work


Smash Lord
Dec 15, 2008
Kalkaska MI
It's chill, we are actually planning the next one right now. I am finding out when my rooms expire so that we know when a good date is for the next tournament. Also we were talking about Laser Tag Crew Battles at the Fun Center which is like 2 miles away.


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
Damn the turnout did suffer. Well hopefully GST3 will be better. SEMI will be there next time.


Aug 7, 2007
North Muskegon, Michigan
1. Arc_Revived ($24) - I'ma fight you again when I learn not to SD important stocks. That Pit is too legit.
2. SuperTH ($12) - Learn to stay on the stage. You might win something.
3. Flan~ ($4) - Learn the power of the bucket and you shall go far.
4. rsr2 - Needed to MM more. I could have used some more tacos.
5. Robjoe - Free Suit Samus.
5. Ginger Princess - I wanted to fight more Lucas, man! Throwing that ZSS and Diddy at me made me sad.
7. Tampon - I think we fought once... but um... yeah.
7. H3artle55 - You've got your head in the right place. Careful about dealing with those weird physics moves - F.L.U.D.D. is crazy dangerous to PsiKids.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 22, 2008
Mt Pleasant, MI
1. Arc_Revived ($24) :pit: :dedede: - Rakin' in the monaaaaay!
2. SuperTH ($12) :mario2: :fox: - GG's. You called it at the beginning of the tourney :p Keep working on that mario/fox. And I can't wait to see your improved marth when you bring it out.
3. Flan~ ($4) :gw: - GnW is one of the hardest MU's for Pit! I hope to see you at future tourneys. MI doesn't have enough GnW!
4. rsr2 :gw: :wolf: - Your wolf scared me for a second! I don't know that MU well with Pit. That's why I have D3 :p
5. Robjoe :zerosuitsamus: - Not a bad ZSS. Learn to take advantage of those armor pieces a the beginning! They are beast!
5. Ginger Princess :lucas: :zerosuitsamus: :diddy: - Can't wait to laser tag! pew pew :3
7. Tampon :ike: :diddy: :ganondorf: - Hope to see you at more tourneys! Just... don't get a tattoo of a bloody tampon :p:p
7. H3artle55 :lucas: - LUCAS! Keep bringing the psychic kid to tourneys! Also Ganon FFA's too good!

To all of West Smash; keep it up! TC is a great place for tournaments. There's lots to do! I really enjoyed myself this weekend despite the low turn-out. What a great bunch of dudes.

To SE Smash; Step your driving game up! If I can drive 6 hours for your tournaments... You know the rest :p

Wings of the North out!

Sidenote: Who did all the recording? Whoever did can you send me what little replays you had of me in tourney? That'd be great! Cheers!


Smash Rookie
Sep 6, 2007
First thing's first: It must be known that I played Jiggs against Tampon in our match and won, and Flan played Link three times. Add our low tiers to the first post!

1. Arc_Revived ($24) :pit: :dedede: - Interesting fighting Pit for the first time. Pretty damn good Pit at that. It'd be great to see you at future events. Flan liked your arrow tricks.
2. SuperTH ($12) :mario2: :fox: - Oh god the cape oh god my suit pieces are in your possession now oh god oh god how the hell did this happen aaaaaaaaa
3. Flan~ ($4) :gw: :link2: - Where's that Ganon bro?! Your Link and G&W are a'ight, but you wrecked me with Ganon in our high stakes :ganondorf:/:ivysaur: MM! ... Wait, Ivysaur wrecked you. SOLO IVYSAUR IS TOO GOOD GUYS.
4. rsr2 :gw: :wolf: - Those G&W dittoes between you and Flan were the highlight of spectating for me. Flan also says he loved playing them.
5. Robjoe :zerosuitsamus: :jigglypuff: - Come on man, stop beating around the bush. Jiggs is waaaaay better than you're giving her credit for. And Flan says you suck, so there's that.
5. Ginger Princess :lucas: :zerosuitsamus: :diddy: - Your Lucas is pretty legit for someone who apparently hasn't played in ages. Hope you can make it out to other events, as with practice you could probably be pretty good. Flan says he enjoyed the Diddy/Link pool match.
7. Tampon :ike: :diddy: :ganondorf: - Not a bad Ike. Like Ginger, practice is what you need.
7. H3artle55 :lucas: - Pretty good Lucas. Again, practice is key. Shame I couldn't get in on those Ganon FFAs. xD

GG's all around. Seems like next time should have a much nicer turnout, provided East Michigan's rides don't fall through and the library doesn't hold a for-free tourney eating up all the locals. Flan and I will see you all whenever!

Sidenote: Who did all the recording? Whoever did can you send me what little replays you had of me in tourney? That'd be great! Cheers!
I know Super has games two, three, and four of grand finals on his Wii. Not sure if anything else was replayed. It was my SD card that was being used for the textures and songs, so if I could get those replays I'd gladly record them and put them on Youtube.
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