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Grab Game Versus Doc


Smash Rookie
Dec 7, 2015
One player on my scene has been giving me trouble for the past few months. A few weeks ago I finally took a game off of his fox.He then counter-picked Doc FD. He straight bodied me. Since then I have begun to lab the grab game against Doc. I have figured out the up-tilt shenanigans for no DI and DI behind.

The questions I have about the grab game on Doc are as follows:

Is d-throw -> tipper up-smash true at kill percent.
Is d-throw -> re-grab true on DI away? If not what is the optimal punish for DI away?
Is there any useful throw follow-ups on Doc that I should know about.

The reason I am asking about the grab game is that both my opponent and I got approximately the same number of grabs but he got so much more damage off of each grab than me. I just want to even out the percent game and grabs is definitely where the imbalance is.

Fortress | Sveet

Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
I have not tested anything against doc specifically, so I highly recommend you test these things out in debug mode and frame advance.

From my experience, you can never regrab him regardless of DI. At low percents, you are best doing dthrow -> tilt -> fair or perhaps doing uair -> fair. At higher percents you can just dthrow -> fair -> edgeguard.

I doubt dthrow -> usmash tipper works as a true combo KO, but it might work anyways (if he doesnt jump). You if not, you can substitute it with dthrow -> utilt -> uair which will kill 10-20% later but be more consistent.
Dec 25, 2014
Toledo, Ohio
I have a fair amount of experience with doc/Mario.

D-throw -> up-smash shouldn't work at any percent unless they don't jump out

D-throw -> regrab seems to be able to work on full di away in the 0%-30% range

Under 30-35% before grab I go for d-throw -> u-tilt -> fair on di in and no di since it does around 30% staled 35% fresh and is a little more guaranteed than up air at those lower percents

At that 30-35% range I switch to d-throw -> double up air since it's easy to hit unless they di very well

Also remember to use bair to hit doc as he's trying to get back to the ground from the air since he can't do anything about it
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