Future DLC discussion

Dec 20, 2016
Arguably the most exciting Smash segment for a direct ever, Banjo was released, Terry Bogard was annunced, and we got Sans as a costume.
However, for me, the most exciting part of the segment was the announcement of new DLC fighters after the fighter pass! Since it is fighters (with an s), we can assume that there are at least two more newcomers joining the roster?
How many new characters will be included? Will there be a fighter pass #2? Perhaps another ballot? Or will it just be two bombshells, like Sora and Crash?
I personally think we are going to see a fighter pass #2 consisting of the following:
FE 3 Houses rep
Gen 8 Rep
ARMS rep
Rex and Pyra/Mythra
I feel that the first four are obvious choices, since they were all cut for time (besides maybe 3 houses, which was in its formitive years during Smash's development). Having a fighter pass #2 would allow these characters to be realized. Additionally, there are good reasons to suspect that each series could get representation.
  • FE3H Does not have any spirits in the game, and FE characters are common.
  • There is a Pokemon represented with a fighter with nearly every Generation, and Gen 8 has no spirits yet.
  • ARMS has only 5 spirits, with a lack of Spirits for Helix and Master Mummy, among others.
  • Sakurai said himself that he wanted Rex in the game, but he had to be cut for time
  • Doom 64 on the Switch, long history with Nintendo
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