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From Darkest Dungeons To Deepest Space, The Avatar From Ultima For Smash!

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
What if I told you there was an RPG series that predates Dragon Quest by seven years and was a huge inspiration for all the popular classic RPG series like the aforementioned Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy? Well that series is called Ultima and this is a support thread for the main character of the series, The Avatar!

Who is The Avatar?
The Avatar is the customizable main character of Ultima, an RPG series that technically started with the game Alkalabeth: World of Doom for the Apple II back in 1979, meaning he would be our oldest character in smash if he got in. Ultima was created and designed by Richard Garriott and was the originator of a lot of RPG tropes we see in videogames today. Character customization, the good vs. evil storyline, a big world map, dungeons, shops, it was all pretty much introduced into the videogame world by this series, and the series was a huge inspiration for games like Final Fantasy and even Dragon Quest. Overall it’s a game you can’t deny the importance of.
This may make it sound like an uninteresting game completely filled with done-to-death videogame tropes but that’s not true. Ultima has really cool and still very unique fantasy worlds, as well as some sci-fi elements like space travel and time machines. Most of the games surprisingly hold up fairly well today although they are inevitably very dated. I reccomend watching this video if you want to know more about the series:

Why should he be in smash?
Well first of all, like I mentioned before, his series is super influential to the RPG genre as well as the videogame industry. His appearance would also represent 70s and 80s PC gaming, a huge part of gaming history that hasn’t really been agnowledged in smash.

How would he fight?
It’s not hard to imagine how someone like him would fight, he would most likely attack with weapons like swords and maces and use magic to attack. Some might think he would be too similar to the RPG characters we already have in smash, but I heavily disagree. His medieval fantasy aesthetic as well as the fact that he’s from a western RPG would be more than enough to separate him, but the unique parts about his series like space travel and the combat system would also help to have him stand out.

Now do I think he would get in? Yeah, not really. His series hasn’t gotten a real new entry since 1999 and is pretty obscure and forgotten by a lot of people. But still I think he would be an amazing newcomer and I think he should get in. So what do you say? Do you support him getting in as well?

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Dan Quixote

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Jun 25, 2020
Yknow what... This would make me more hype than I'm willing to admit lmaooooo, I am a giant, giant sucker for the very beginning of video games. Color TV-Game 15 is still one of my fav Assist Trophies. That entire era is just incredibly fascinating to me. And Ultima is just IMPORTANT. It transcends iconic or influential and reaches the level of being a support beam for the entire industry as it exists today. You didn't even get to mention how Ultima Online shaped MMOs, too. Plus the Avatar would probably have a unique moveset despite being such a basic character. He'd probably play like how people imagine the Chosen Undead would play. A big, slow, lumbering swordfighter with magic at the ready. Count me in, why not
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