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France, Gorillaz Battle 3


Is "that guy"
Aug 27, 2008
This is the results and shoutout thread for the Gorillaz Battle 3 tournament that took place in Nanterre, France, on June 28th-29th.
You can also find shoutouts from French players who do not have a Smashboards account here.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Doubles
31 teams

Top 4 :
1 - Glutonny :wario: + Killone :metaknight:
2 - Bjay :metaknight: + Leon :marth:
3 - Lucario Master :lucario: + Aivie :metaknight:
4 - Anoer :metaknight: + Agiito :snake:

I will edit with the rest of the teams when Leon uploads the brackets.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles
82 players

Top 8 :
1 - Glutonny :wario: 190€
2 - Leon :marth: 90€
3 - Dany :popo: :marth: 70€
4 - Agiito :snake:50€
5 - Anoer :metaknight: / Myollnir :popo: :metaknight:35€
7 - Desti :metaknight: :kirby: :snake: / Crysis :snake: salt €

Brackets :
9 - Gardex, Neath, Marcbri, Blubolouis
13 - Mandaflow, Loota, Kunai, Bjay
17 - Ether, Dueler X, Nudd, SSA, Foursword, Yoh, Hudet, Satanpuuuuuu :sonic:
25 - Killone, Lifes, Dakou, Scop, -LZR-, Yami, Jokeless, Yoren
33 - Hoejja, Rolia, Prydeless, Orson, Lucario Master, Geneke, Vanaheim, Camé, Roi-K, Scarhi, Wari, Asmo

Here is the bracket image.
I will edit with the pools if we get them uploaded, but there was a technical problem and it may very well be impossible. Just so you know.


Winner quarterfinals : Neath (Diddy Kong) vs Glutonny (Wario)
Winner quarterfinals : Leon (Marth) vs Desti (Dedede)
Winner semifinals : Agiito (Snake) Vs. Dany (Marth/Ice Climbers)
Winner semifinals : Glutonny (Wario) Vs. Leon (Marth)

The videos from the quarterfinals up to the grand finals from both events, as well as the crew battle from the nocturne will be uploaded in the next two months. If you want to help with the recording, feel free to contact us. I will edit this thread will all the videos as they come out.
If you want to be informed as soon as the videos come out, subscribe to Smashtournoi on Youtube !

If you've got photos from the event or something, feel free to share them here too !
Gardex's photo album !

So, was this tourney awesome ?


Is "that guy"
Aug 27, 2008
Shoutout party ! (btw, I'm TreK, eh)
Gardex : Nice perf, man. Thanks for reminding me that Samus exists, btw. And make sure you spread Bowser-Ball in Norway !
Hudet : We didn't get to play much but it was still fun meeting you :V
Loota : wtf man, you DI'd my fresh dsmash at 160+%. Good ****. Best EU commentator, too xD
Poca : You didn't do so well, but it's still nice to see a new Diddy !
LZR : we played a couple freeplay matches, and it was a lot of fun :V

I don't think I've played/talked with other non-French people, but thanks for coming to all of you guys !


Smash Hero
Jan 1, 2009
LZR : we played a couple freeplay matches, and it was a lot of fun :V

We did? Sorry, I just can't remember which of the guys you were. Who did you use? I'm so bad at learning peoples faces and names.

The tournament was fantastic, I will surely try to come again!
Might make shouts later.


Smash Hero
Jan 1, 2009
Aah so you must have been that Sheik player. You always remember the Sheik players because there are never more than 1. Now I remember you.


Smash Apprentice
Apr 27, 2012
Pretty good tournament !
Gardex : GGs for the set in double.
Loota : your voice is amazing man ! it was so cool to talk with you about the MU before the end of the tourney.
Foursword: GGs for our MM, I won, but I want to congratulate you for the comeback on FD LMAO.
Marcribi : our set was amazing and so close in Bracket , but , i was too stressed for win the end of the last match xD
And Aivie : You suck.

Here is the Bracket double picture if you want


Smash Apprentice
Nov 4, 2011
Marseille, France
Very good tournament ! shoutouts to the foreigners :

Gardex : good games in pools, I should have stayed Marth last game as well, gg for our set in double too and good job in single bracket :)
Kunai : that was so close and intense in pools !! you did well in bracket, gg ! hope to play against you next time ;)
Yoh : thought you were french at the begining xD we didn't play but I hope we'll be able to in the future
FourSword : good games at blubo's place ! =) 1-1 we should MM next time ;)
Hudet : gg in double, last game on FD you destroyed me so hard (like 4 or 5 dair in a row on stage ><')
Loota : best crew commentator x) noises you did when Dany cg'ed you were funny as hell ^^
Jebu : we met at Blubo's place but sadly we didn't play :( good DK, next time I'll play against you !
LzR : is that you who were sleeping in my side saturday night ? xD in a black sleepbag ? I woke up and I was like 'whoa Idk this guy xD'
Marcbri : 'long time no see' xDDDD you did well in bracket, gg for our match in doubles ;) hope to play you next time in a serious bracket set or we should MM :]
Pocafeiner : you didn't ask for revanche from the NST7 crew :p gg in doubles and maybe we'll be able to play against next time !


Smash Hero
Jan 1, 2009
Were you the guy sleeping in the corner right next to the room surrounded by glass? Then it was me. That was the only place I found kinda decent to sleep at. It was still a horrible place to sleep because of the goddamn ****ing damn door that made me hate everything and everyone during the night.


Smash Lord
Apr 11, 2010
Paris, France
Good tournament, with a lot of players, and a lot of out-of-paris ones.
I'm glad I passed the pools this time, and in fact got top10. Nice also to get 5th in doubles using Pit, who I haven't used in ages !

Quick shout-outs:

7 - Desti : Dsl pour avoir coach Myo, je pensais être encore dans la limite de l'acceptable en lui disant d'être patient. J'aurais bien voulu rematch du LSC, pour voir, mais ce sera pour une autre fois. ptet cet été.
7 - Crysis : on a pas exactement beaucoup communiqué, mais tout comme agiito, je t'ai encore jamais affronté, bien dommage.
9 - Gardex : Nice placing, and great match against Leon in crews ! I love how motivated I was when playing you guys' team, in doubles, like I could finally go Ike and not Pit ! and I ended up doing nothing while Dueler did everything XD
9 - Marcbri : I watched some of your games, very nice falco as always. I wish we could've played like we wanted to, you could've seen the improvement since London.
13 - Loota : Very funny guy, as I suspected. Dunno if you adapted very well or what, but our set in brackets was so CLOSE, I loved it. It was nothing like the matches we had before, we should've saved the replays :c Thanks for the music, too.
13 - Kunai : Another very close set, my heart was beating so fast during match 1 >< You also scared me with your CP choice, I was like "why would he take me there ? does he know something I don't ?" Anyway, I had my revenge with my main ! See you in brackets at the next german tourney, as usual @_@
17 - Foursword : You're a cool guest, and a chill guy, and you play random, what else could I ask for ? Another type of lucario player, just as stressing as the others though. Hope you liked it here in france, thanks for your presents and see you in NL, hopefully.
17 - Yoh : C'était super de te revoir, on a pas beaucoup joué mais le match d'ouverture de la crew était epic, j'ai adoré ! Les gens étaient surpris de voir un autre Ike, c'était sympa aussi. On se revoit à un tournoi allemand, j'espère !
17 - Hudet : GG in doubles, not much else to say :3 We didn't speak or close to it.
25 - -LZR- : We didn't play a whole lot, but these friendlies on saturday night were cool. Always these gw... I swear they're after me. Glad to hear that this tourney rekindled your fire !
Jebu : hope you liked it in france, too bad we didn't play more ike-Dk, i'm not comfortable with that MU. Hope we'll see each other again.
Pocafeiner: We didn't talk, like, at all x) Hope you enjoyed yourself at this tournament.


Smash Apprentice
Nov 4, 2011
Marseille, France
Were you the guy sleeping in the corner right next to the room surrounded by glass? Then it was me. That was the only place I found kinda decent to sleep at. It was still a horrible place to sleep because of the goddamn ****ing damn door that made me hate everything and everyone during the night.

That was Jokeless in the corner, I was just next to you with a chair over my head with a blue thing on it xD
And yeah the WC door makes me hate every people who weren't be smart enough to hold it or to close it slowly haha ^^


Smash Journeyman
Jan 4, 2009
This trip and tournament was 5/5 in every possible way. It was fun to meet both old and new faces and the hype during crew battles was just indescribably awesome. I shouldn't be salty about what happened in pools. I'll take it as a learning experience and I'll just think about this as a unique experience. We Finns don't travel OoC very often so ofc I had to enjoy this event to its fullest. Definitely coming again. For Brawl/Community, For the Eiffel Tower and for Kebab!

Leon: I appreciate your help a lot. It was fun to talk to you. Now I completely understand why everyone thinks you're so chill. I ALMOST had that pool match, but your ability to stay calm under pressure (having 200% against DK) won you the match. Well played and good luck in your future tournaments! I hope we can meet at BiB5 or somewhere else. French kebab is top tier.

Dany: Thanks for the BO5 MM set. It was really fun and my gimmicks worked for a while, but at the end you managed to download my playstyle. You also wrecked me in crews. Great Marth and cool guy!

Myollnir: It was fun to finally meet you and to get to play with you. Your ICs are just too good. "IS THERE ANYONE CALLED MYOLLNIR HERE? THIS IS THE PIZZA GUY AND I'M DELIVERING A PIZZA TO SOMEONE NAMED MYOLLNIR"

Desti&Crysis: GGs in teams. Your team seemed really strong.


Neath: Thanks for the games. Your Diddy is the best that I've played so far. Talking with you was also fun.

Marcbri: It was fun to play against your great Falco. I tend to enjoy that MU... that is, until they get used to all my gimmicks. I hope to see you sometime in the future. It's sad that the others Spaniards won't/can't travel. I bet they're awesome as well.

Pocafeiner: It was nice to meet you as well. We had some pretty cool conversations and I'd like to thank you for educating me about stuff regarding Spain.

Blubolouis: Thanks a lot for the housing. I hope your mom was okay with all of us staying over at your place ;o I would have loved to play more against you. Best Ike in Europe??

Loota: Kiitos seurasta ja muusta. Konemaisen shown pistit crewien aikana. Bowser paita oli konemainen.

Kunai: Dein TL is sehr gut aber mein DK is besser (wisser). Danke für die MM set! Dein TL ist immer noch sehr schön und sexy.

Ether: Your Snake was so legit! You pulled some crazy comebacks in our set and ended up winning.

Dueler X: You're awesome as always! Thanks for the breakfast and for the funny games.

SSA: GGs. It was fun to play against you in pools.

Foursword: It was fun to finally meet you after all the conversations. Your Lucario is definitely on par with Loota. Your playstyles are completely different though. I find yours to be a lot more annoying for some reason. You should come to your REAL homeland some day. You're already considered almost a Finn. ISÄNMAA PERKELE KARJALA RAUTATIEASAME VESIPIIPPU JA TIMO SOINI

Yoh: I wish I would've talked/played more with you. Your Ike seemed really good.

Hudet: GGs for the MMs. You finally proved to me that your MK is somewhat legit! Thanks for cheering for me during some of my matches. It meant a lot. NORGEEEEEE~ TORSHOV!

-LZR-: Jess ei oltu bottom 5 teameissa. 9 hammer oli konemainen. emt mitä enään sanois. Kaikki olennainen on jo tullu sanottua... kai.

Jokeless/Prydeless: I only met you guys for a brief moment. Next time I'll make sure to play you guys =) Your names are awesome btw.

Hoejja: GGs in teams.

Rolia: GGs in pools. Our set was really even and you sure gave me a run for my money.

Camé: I wish I would've played/met you.

Roi-K: It was super fun to meet you. Your random comments were always awesome. Your Kirby was also really legit. I loved our Bo5 mid tier exhibition hype match. I TRIPPED INTO YOUR DOWN-B AT THE END. Don't ever forget that. Good luck in the future tournaments and remember to have fun.

Aivie: Thanks for the MM. Your MK seemed pretty good ;o

LeSyd: Too bad that you couldn't stay for longer. You seemed really cool and your Pika is still really legit. Next time~

Four Sword

Smash Cadet
Oct 18, 2007
Europe, the Netherlands
I had a lot of fun at this tournament and the days surrounding it, here are a couple of shoutouts (in random order)

Blubolouis: Thanks for letting me stay over that long, I had a lot of fun exploring Paris with you (and some of the other guys on Thursday)
It was really nice of you and your mom to go to the extent you did, for us to have as nice a stay as possible.
If I didn't know any better I could have sworn you were my French alter ego :V. Keep on reppin' that ike, and take it easy with those tv's =P

Dany: HNNNNGGGHHH that set in bracket was so close, I really felt like I could have taken it =P. It was nice to see you again.
I'll be sure to train even more so that I can put up even more of a challenge next time.

Myollnir: I will never forget that trip on Lylat, hahaha. I had to play you right after Dany, I felt like the set was pretty close too even though you dropped the chaingrab a couple of times. You beat me in crews and pools as well =(. Had a lot of fun in friendlies too, until next time.

Leon: Nice seeing you again even though we didn't play as much, didn't really get to see grand finals. Thanks for showing us the kebab place (with the other frenchies of course) and hopefully we'll meet again at Conflict 7.

Marcbri: Really close set in pools, I really liked your Falco, I found out that you beat Lucariomaster in bracket after we played? Good stuff
Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to play you again. It was nice meeting you.

Loota: My partner in crime and bringer of hype and... sounds, we did pretty well teaming for the first time ever, it was fun to try out double Lucario. I love your lucario even though we have very different playstyles. You even outplaced me in bracket! (though we both lost to the same person ._.) Hopefully we'll meet again in Berlin.

Jebu: I had a lot of fun talking to you, hopefully we'll see all that footage you took sometime in the near future. I got the impression that you had a lot of fun even though you were a bit down about what happened in pools.
I really like your DK though and you even beat me in an MM. Keep on doing what you're doing.
The MM you had vs Roi-K was more hype than grand finals going by the sheer volume of the noise and amount of spectators XD. (Dat trip)
Till next time in Berlin, and thank you for the "Fin"-status.

-LzR-: It was nice meeting you, we had a lot good matches. Don't feel too bummed about losing in bracket; it was really close.
I heard you are really motivated to improve and practice now though, will I see you again in Berlin?

Gardex: Nice going in crews and in bracket, bad placing curse broken? How do you even afford going to every single EU tourney D:
I'm surprised we didn't even have a chance to play =O

Hudet: Nice to meet you, as you pointed out we didn't really play so we should definitely have a mm next time! Good job for finally taking that last stock off of Dany's ice climbers in crews. Your falco seems really solid.

Yami: I love your peach, all those friendlies were mindbreakingly close every time, such control over your character.
It was nice hanging out with you on thursday with the others, I'm sure we'll talk over skype some time. Will you go OoC sometime?

DuelerX: It was nice seeing you again, we didn't really speak a lot this tourney but when we do it's always a lot of fun =P, the few matches we had were pretty close and your ganon is pretty beast.

SSA: Thanks for letting us use your place, we didn't really talk that much but I liked your playstyle (especially with zss). I guess I really don't get that matchup yet. Till next time!

Roi-K: It was nice to meet you and hanging out on thursday (with all the birds), the mm vs Jebu was pretty hype as was our mm.
Unfortunately I had to pay back the money I made off of you to your buddy shortly after. Let me know when you want the pictures we took.

LucarioMaster: Good job in doubles and for taking home the win in our MM, it was really close. I didn't understand too much of Roi's commentary but it seemed pretty funny =P. it's weird how Loota, you and I all have our own playstyles and matchups in which we're better at.
I hope you find your answer to Snake.

Kunai & Yoh: Our set in doubles was really close (and hype), it was fun to play some friendlies after the tournament at Blubo's place (even though I think everyone was half dead already, haha). Until next time.

Bjay & LeSyd: Great friendlies, really close overall, it was fun to meet you again after we met in pools at Neuss, Syd.
And Bjay: Dat sheik :V

Prydeless & Jokeless: Good friendlies at Blubo's place, and we should definitely have that MM sometime Prydeless!

Telu: Just shoutouts, we didn't really talk that much this tourney but it was nice talking to you every now and then, nice save of the organization btw (it seemed like you did in my eyes anyway)

Finally done!


Smash Journeyman
Oct 23, 2007
Helsinki, Finland
Too bad the pools probably won't be uploaded, I can't remember everyone by name anymore to give dem shoutouts ;_; I'll do whatever I remember but thanks for everyone I met nonetheless.

The tournament was very enjoyable overall, the pools and the bracket were organized so that they progressed really smoothly. The venue itself was in a really good location being close to the metro, the shop and a few restaurants. It was still a bit lacking in setups, I didn't really get to play as many friendlies as I wanted. When going abroad like this I'd want to take everything out of the trip so that's why I'm a bit sad about it, it's not that cheap to travel after all. Another thing is that there wasn't any restaurants open on Sunday and there wasn't any fridges to store food in them so I barely ate anything on that day.

Anyways, I'm very happy with my placings in the tournament and I met the goal I set to myself: don't drown in pools and be the best :lucario: in singles =)

Gardex: Congratulations on 9th place! Your G&W is always exciting to watch, you go usually pretty aggro on your opponents. SWEAR TO MEEEEE
Blubo: Thanks for the housing, you were a really good host! Yeah, our set was so close that I still get my heart rate going up when thinking about it. Congratulations on 9th place too, manly Ike you got there!
Foursword: Nice meeting you, you have a really solid Lucario! Congratulations on 17th place too! Teaming with you was also really fun and it went well too, Double Lucario Team pride wheee
Lucario Master: Nice meeting you too, we'll have to MM next time we meet. We'll have to work on our Snake matchup for the next tournament lol. Congratulations on the 3rd place in teams, anubis too stronk!
DuelerX: A french breakfast?! *hugs*
Yoh: Whew, I was scared to face you as I lost to Blubo's Ike earlier though I guess I gained a bit experience from that to help me. It was fun playing you!
TreK: You had a really solid Diddy, I was lucky to have some Diddy experience under my belt having played Schwa a lot. I have to admit that I'm often surprised by my own DI too =D
Hoejja: Whew, the last match of our set went so back and forth it was scary and fun at the same time! You seemed like a really chill guy, we should have played some more!
Roi-K: IT'S KIRBEHHH!? Never played a good Kirby before, it was fun to say at least!
Nudd: You kind of destroyed me in pools, I would've wanted to play you more to get the hang of the Snake matchup.
Myollnir: I have to admit that IC's are a mental block for me, I just can't bring myself to beat any since they're generally really unfun to play against. That said, you were an exception to the rule, I had fun playing against you and wanted to play some more too =D
Pocafeiner: Nice meeting and talking with you! With a little more tourney experience, your Diddy is going to be a total beast!
Hudet: Man, our Falco is so different from Vurky's, I really wanted to play more against you, at least we should meet again pretty soon.
Dakou: Lawl, funny thinking about how I thought you were Dakpo at some point, so similar names and same character (shoutouts to Dakpo too I guess lol) =) Really good set in bracket, it could have gone either way. Nice to hear that you are happy with your performance, keep it up!
Leon: You're so chill, if there was more time I would've insisted to play some friendlies against you! My book reading offer is still valid...! ...or maybe not
Jebu: So unlucky with the pools, I would've really liked to see how far you could've made it into bracket =( Nice travelling with you as always. DON'T GET SWALLOWCID- NOOOO
LzR: Sunday baguette for top tier & vending machine for bottom tier. Nice seeing you getting that will to improve after you got dropped out of the bracket, keep it up! Beating Leon like a baws.


Smash Hero
Jan 1, 2009
This tournament was an amazing experience. I am happy I got my motivation back again, I was planning to actually making the tournament my final one, but screw that I'm playing. Next time please try to do something about the lack of setups, perhaps make some kind of a rule how much friendlies you can play so everyone gets to play. I couldn't play a single friendly on Sunday because of the lack of setups and on Saturday I had to wait for hours to play a few matches.

Satanpuuu: You are a fun person and I enjoyed playing against you. Sonic is such an interesting character and it was great to play against a skilled Sonic for the first time ever. Losing to you was kinda salty, but I did put up a fight, next time I'll just go ICs.

Bjay: Our set was hilariously hopeless for me. Your MK is one of the best I have ever played, I had no chance. I still had a very good time during our set for some reason.

Leon: Big thanks and infinite respect for giving us a ride to Blubos place, we might not have found our way there by ourselves. You are definitely as skilled as I expected, it took only 1 match for you to completely download me. Hope you enjoyed my Sopo in crews :)

Gardex: We did not play, but we actually did talk and do a lot of other stuff. Always great to have you around. Best GW in Europe, right?

The Spanish guy: Sorry I always forget the names. Great to have you around, hope to see you again on another tournament.

Dueler X: Same as Gardex, always great to have you around. GW pride.

SSA: I invented at least 5 new bad words during our set. After a couple hard punishes from you I almost totally lost it and couldn't make a comeback anymore. Shame we couldn't play friendlies afterwards, but at least I have Susi here to practice against.

Foursword: **** Lucario, how does that character work? I guess the better player won this time, but it was a close set. It was a big mistake going GW against you.

Hudet: We played like what, 3 matches? We should have played more, but with the lack of setups I guess it wasn't so easy.

Lifes: Shame on you for not being in the Ftilt group picture.

Dakou: Another great ZSS, I don't think we played too much outside of Blubos places...

Jebu: Our team was surprisingly solid, but our team wasn't so good. We were both hard hitting midtiers, I want that bucket! Traveling around the city and overall was great with you. Hulk dittos, never forget!

Loota: Best Lucario is Europe pride. Next time I'll force you to team up with me, our team is the best one ever. You were also awesome company as always. Maybe one day we can have our revenge against the burglar machine...

That ****ing annoying toilet door in the venue that denied my sleep: **** you for an eternity. I hope you die in fire.

The rest: Sorry, I can't remember your names or faces at all, I have a really bad memory with these things. I know I would have something to say to you.


Smash Journeyman
May 19, 2010
Four Sword > It was nice seeing you again, you're so chill ! That Lucario is getting stronger I can tell ! Keep it up and maybe see you soon ;D

Jebu > Long time no see right ? :) Too bad we only played like 1 game lol. Fun DK and we'll try to play more if we ever meet again !
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