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Extreme Speed - Control

Fox Rox

Smash Apprentice
Oct 12, 2001
Beltano Orbial Gate
Now that Ultimate has been out for a while, how does everyone feel about the control change on Extreme Speed?
Were you able to get used to it?
Do you feel it is an improvement over the previous games?

Personally, I am having a real hard time with the change. I'm sure I can improve with practice, but I don't think I will ever be able to reach the level of control I had in previous games. I sometimes wonder if the change was a way for them to nerf the recovery even.
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Jun 30, 2013
Lurking in the darkness.....
Lucario's Up+B drives me insane in this game. Just feels like if your finger moves at all when you start the move, He'll just stick to always curving in that direction and won't let you change it mid-way like you can if you went straight. In Smash 4 that didn't happen and you could just change the control wherever. Took me a long time to unlearn the smash 4 way of doing up+B with Lucario. Just takes a lot more commitment in where you are going now and have to time when you start changing his direction. I prefer Smash 4's version since Ultimate's version doesn't really seem to change gameplay that much and it creates so many SDs at lower levels and that's just not fun whether it happens to me (not so much anymore) or fighting an opposing Lucario. It just makes me ask "why did they do this?"

I haven't started trying to perfect Lucario's recovery with up+B just yet. At lower to mid level people usually don't edgeguard Lucario that much or when they do it's hard for them to edgeguard him. Airdodge, double jump, and aura sphere are all nice mixups as well that work on people that sometimes do try to stop the up+B. So because of this I haven't tried anything super crazy with up+B (only this past month I've started crazy hard to improve with Lucario. Was busy with learning all the changes and new characters, and meta knight before). Trying to master b-reverse stuff because Lucario benefits so strongly from it. Then I'll go practice up+B. Long time ago I found a map that was made specifically for Fox's up+B angles, but it works so well for testing Lucario's up+B recovery that I plan to use that when I get start practicing Lucario's up+B.
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