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Echoing Absolute Order - T-elos for Smash Ultimate DLC

Rie Sonomura

fly octo fly
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
been a while since I made such a thread, I hadn't done this since Neku and Fiora in the 4 days so bear with me

T - e l o s
Who is T-elos?

T-elos originated in Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra, as one of the main antagonists and a combat android much like the series' poster girl, KOS-MOS. An anti-Gnosis weapon developed as part of the Zohar Project, it is later revealed that KOS-MOS was, in fact, a prototype for T-elos. T-elos also seems to possess a sapient, often arrogant and aggressive personality, unlike KOS-MOS's robotic mannerisms.

The Xenosaga series may have ended with Episode III, but both T-elos and KOS-MOS have appeared in various other video games, and even have a lot of Figma figures, indicating their massive popularity in Japan. Both T-elos and KOS-MOS have appeared in both Project X Zone games (along with current Smash alums Ryu, Ken, Chrom & Lucina, and Smash cameos Zero and Fiora), Super Robot Taisen OG: Endless Frontier, and most recently, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as guest Blades alongside Smash veteran Shulk (note that KOS-MOS and T-elos's artwork still states they are owned by Bandai Namco). They (but moreso KOS-MOS) can be considered Bandai Namco's "Crossover Queens", so to speak.

What can T-elos bring to Smash?

To be honest, T-elos's best hope is as an Echo or even Semi-clone for KOS-MOS. I know Echoes technically aren't part of the Fighter's Pass, but who's to say they can't be bundled together or patched in for free if you own their original? Kasumi Yoshizawa, speculated to be the "Jane" in Joker's datamine string, could be Joker's Echo or Semi-clone that could either be individual DLC or patched in for free for Joker owners. T-elos could be handled similarly if that's the case. To me, it feels wrong to demote T-elos to an alternate costume for KOS-MOS, especially since she can be in a bit of a Dark Pit-like situation where she uses her laser scythe instead of KOS-MOS's ether cannons, all other moves being the same or otherwise similar.

She'd also need a different Final Smash. X-Buster fits KOS-MOS fine, but T-elos absolutely NEEDS U-TENERITAS, imo. an example of which is here:

Why T-elos (and KOS-MOS)? Why not Heihachi Mishima/Lloyd Irving/Yuri Lowell/Klonoa/other Bandai Namco rep?

Don't get me wrong, I would be ok with any of the alternate scenarios happening (I LOVE Yuri Lowell and ToV, btw. Just got ToV Definitive Edition for Switch) but I feel KOS-MOS, and potentially T-elos's, chances are greater.

  • In Heihachi's case, his VO, who also voiced Incineroar, passed away from cancer last year. His old sprite appears in one of PAC-MAN's taunts, and his young self will probably be a Mii costume again, as when Hero drops, we'll probably see the Geno costume again. Plus, Sakurai said once that translating the Tekken fighting style to Smash would be difficult.
  • In a Tales of rep's case, as aforementioned we'll probably see the Lloyd costume again if a Tales character isn't confirmed playable sooner.
  • Klonoa and most other Bandai Namco potential reps don't have the same traction, especially in Japan, that KOS-MOS and T-elos do. Klonoa hasn't had a game in years, unfortunately, and his only crossover appearance to date, barring costume references in the Tales Of series, is 2005's Namco X Capcom for PlayStation 2, which is a Japan-only release with an absolute banger of an intro song. Dark Souls, while technically only published by Bandai Namco, could get a rep, but I doubt it.
  • We haven't had any standalone female characters in the Fighter's Pass yet (Kazooie is 1/2 of a duo and Hero has no female alts), and with Hero's reveal marking two Square-Enix characters, Bandai Namco is the only veteran third party in Smash with only one character. And they DO deserve another, especially since they're helping develop Ultimate. Why not kill two birds with one stone?
  • Perhaps the biggest evidence in T-elos (and KOS-MOS)'s favor: fans have been clamoring for the Xenosaga series to receive modern ports for YEARS. The PS2 originals are insanely rare (I don't even think Episode II released in Europe) and Episode III is upward of $200 on many online retailers. There have also been, as of last year, rumors that a Xenosaga HD Collection for PS4, PC and Switch, has been trademarked. If it were to be officially announced, KOS-MOS (and T-elos) in Smash would be the perfect promotion, and also receive close to Hero-level buzz in Japan, and a lot of buzz in the West too.
Moveset Concepts

Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Trailer (with KOS-MOS)

I initially wrote my draft yesterday, but I'll touch up just a few more details, and assume Kasumi Yoshizawa is in as a Joker Echo for the sake of the trailer. Also, different song video that flows more seamlessly instead of requiring timestamps. Trailer inspired by Hero's, with some World of Light elements. Song used is Brave New World from Namco X Capcom, which i basically consider to be Namco's "anthem" of sorts. Video for the song contains some animated blood and "fanservicy" elements like jiggling and some "angles", just a heads up.

bolded + italicized lines indicate lyrics translations for potential subtitles or something (or potential English cover lyrics hmu if you wanna use em)
The setting is a sci-fi looking area in the Light realm as Galeem!King Dedede and Galeem!Ken attack Bayonetta and Palutena, who seem to be having trouble. The camera cuts briefly to a pair of heels walking along the metal walkway, and the song starts as the following appears:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Cut back to the mysterious woman, who seems to whip a pair of gatling guns out of seemingly nowhere and fires at the Galeem-controlled fighters, but not before calling out to Bayonetta and Palutena, "Get down." After the possessed fighters are pushed back, the witch and the goddess turn around to the combat android as she says:
"Target acquired."

KOS-MOS Locks On!

Begin first lyrical portion as basic gameplay with KOS-MOS, featuring her stage, is shown, including her fighting Mega Man and ROB:

In the silent city, the leaves gently sway
Even the street signposts seem like an illusion

No matter how much I call out for it
I cannot seem to reach the sky
That gets tainted and stretches out into infinity

Cut between CGI footage of KOS-MOS and the other two facing more Galeem controlled fighters including Peach and Zelda, and more gameplay as the first chorus plays:

I incline my ears to the sky
That divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I hear a voice inviting me

I look up at the boundless sky that divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I know the world’s all but a stage

Back to CGI as the three seem to be outnumbered, and a familiar face steps in as the song cuts to this interlude:

The lines that divide these brave new worlds begin to blur
And now the light and the dark start to fuse together and become one

Another android woman similar to KOS-MOS, but with violet body armor and silver hair, lands in front of the three and says, "Wow, KOS-MOS. Didn't know you were this incompetent." She draws a laser scythe and takes a combat stance as:

T-elos Cuts To The Chase?!

Cue the next chorus as T-elos gameplay is shown, including Namco Gang Represent aka PAC-MAN, KOS-MOS and T-elos taunting together, along with a Mii Swordfighter wearing a Solaire of Astora costume, a Gunner wearing a Klonoa hat, and a Brawler wearing the Heihachi costume, as well as T-elos and KOS-MOS fighting various characters including Banjo, Wolf, Simon and Bowser:

Up above, the sky beyond my reach divides this world asunder
And in turn, this brave new world is born anew

I look up at the boundless sky that divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I know the world’s all but a stage

Final Smashes shown immediately after those lyrics are done, starting with KOS-MOS's X-Buster (which starts with her announcing, "Charging!") against Galeem-controlled Inkling Boy, Hero, and Lucina on Hero's stage; and T-elos's U-TENERITAS (which starts with her saying, "Had enough yet?") against Dharkon-controlled Female Corrin, Captain Falcon, and Kasumi Yoshizawa on Persona 4-themed Mementos:

And therefore

I won’t hesitate anymore
I won’t look back anymore
I’ll just keep running on
Toward the boundless sky

Back to CGI, the song approaches its climax as the Galeem fighters surround the four as Palutena and Bayonetta give the two android ladies a boost toward Galeem. Cut back to gameplay; showing off a new World of Light Co-Op mode as KOS-MOS attacks Galeem and T-elos attacks Dharkon in the final battle:

With all my power
I pray with all my heart
That my soul does not get scattered in the wind
I want to hold on
To my dreams and wishes
And keep on running
To the brave new world that awaits…!

Before the trailer ends, you hear one familiar voice saying, "That put a dent in them," and another saying "I'm gonna go all out", teasing at Elma being the final character of Fighter Pass 1 (75), bundled with Mecha-Fiora (75ε).

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Oct 14, 2016
I feel another Namco and Monolith rep are overdue and Kos-Mos would help fill that gap. Have not played Xenosaga but I have been interested in checking it out eventually and Kos-Mos seems like a cool character who would fit in well in Smash. I had not heard of T-elos before this but based on this thread and a little research I do agree she would be cool to have with Kos-Mos if possible.


Smash Apprentice
Apr 15, 2018
If Kos-Mos is revealed to be the fourth DLC fighter i do hope that T-elos does get patched in. If not then i hope she will appear at least as a alternate character swap.

Night Gale

Smash Ace
Nov 6, 2019
Please just make T-elos her own character, too. You helped make Smash twice, Bandai Namco!

Sign me up. That crazy betch is the opposite of KOS-MOS in almost every way, so it'll be weird if she was reduced to an alternate color. =/
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