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Dubai Dojo 2 Preview and the Middle Eastern Community

Discussion in 'News' started by 1PC, Aug 24, 2017.

Josh Olalde, Aug 24, 2017 at 8:42 PM
  1. 1PC

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    Dec 21, 2015

    All Writing Credit Goes to: Lord Snackington.

    Building on the success and feedback of our previous events, we decided to go all out with what could be our final event: Dubai Dojo 2. Initially, it was supposed to feature the top 3 players of Sumabato 14, who ended up being Ranai, Ron and Edge. That was not enough for us; thanks to a community effort, led by Marche, we have also invited Japanese new comers to the event, players entail of KEN, Shuton, Earth, HIKARU and Fuwa. 9B and Kei have decided to return to the UAE to compete again.

    T is also joining our event, thanks to the efforts of ZanZa from Riyadh Smashers. With such a stacked tournament and huge attendance, the organizations hopes to finish off on as good a note while giving players the best chance to improve, so they can later travel on their own and do well.

    Middle Eastern Scene's Recent Tournaments

    On Oct 14 and 15 of 2016 in Dubai, the UAE and OUGaming had their second tournament that year, and it featured NRG | Nairo. Despite massive attendance of top players from all over the GCC, Nairo managed to win the tournament only dropping one game. He ended up defeating Madara's Sheik in grand finals, with every game being close.

    On Nov 25 and 26, the UAE hosted another major, Dubai Dojo. It featured four Japanese players: 9B, Kei, Kie and Ri-Ma. The 3 Japanese top players tore through the bracket, only dropping 1 game to a GCC player. In the end, 9B Bayo won the event over Kie and Ri-Ma, with Kei Cloud finishing at 7th after losing to SSS and Kailex.

    Mar 31 and Apr 1, the community decided to go even further with Dubai X VG BootCamp; they invited the crew of VGBC to stream and commentate the event for publicity. Guest players were invited two pairs of doubles teams: Panda Global's ESAM & MVD, and Marss & Pugwest. In doubles, the former reset the bracket in grand finals and won the event. In singles, ESAM won, after stopping the momentum train MVD was riding; MVD was demolishing GCC players and ended up beating Pugwest and Marss.

    Just a week after that, in Kuwait, SSQ8 hosted Nemesis 2017. It was the third time Mr. R had come to Kuwait he has won without dropping a game. It started off with a surprise: Mr. R, still jetlagged, lost 0-2 to XF0. After waking himself up, he went through a rampage in losers, but still dropped a few games to some players along the way and won the event in the end.

    Notable GCC Players Attending

    United Arab Emirates:

    Most of the notable UAE players are in attendance. As per the Jan-Jun '17 PR, the following players are worth looking out for: Lord Snackington, a consistent top player in the UAE. MyLiFe, the jank master who's not carried by his character. The ROB player Prado, the rising star. Lastly, UAE's Kailex, the unorthodox player.

    Madara, Kuwait's consistent #1 and second best player in the Middle East (behind MooM), will not miss this event. Two of Cocodrilos' players, Galaxy and SSS are coming as well.

    Saudi Arabia:
    Only a small amount of notable players are coming; the most important one is Professor Molokhia, the lab monster from Jeddah. Zanza has been a regular of regional events, and this one is no different – especially since T is here because of him!


    Of their consistent top 4 players only BuShaheen is able to attend. It is also be noted that this is the first time a Middle Eastern player attends the event, E^2, ranked #2 in Turkey, joins the battle!


    DXB and Nemesis, we came very close to changing that. All of us, in the UAE and beyond, have been training hard for what could be the final chapter. Most of the top players are coming, and have their sights on a spot on the top 8. Will anyone finally break the mold and prove the Middle Eastern scene can handle itself? Or will they remain merely a tourist destination?
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1PC is a Super Smash Bros. Enthusiast and aspiring journalist that currently resides in Houston, TX. Specializing in the art of interviewing, 1PC spends his time interviewing and covering his local scene in Texas to give deserving players the recognition they deserve. You can find several of his interview content on YouTube by the name of Houston Smash Network.

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Discussion in 'News' started by 1PC, Aug 24, 2017.

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