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Delzethin Begins Challenger Approaching Mini Concepts Series


After a couple month’s hiatus, content creator and YouTuber Delzethin is back with a new series. Known for his Challenger Approaching videos, Delzethin has just released the first of what he calls his “mini concepts” series in which he speculates three potential Super Smash Bros. newcomers.

In this first video, Delzethin covers some of Nintendo’s more recent and popular characters: Splatoon’s Inklings, ARMS’ Spring Man, and Pokémon’s Decidueye. To learn what he thinks these characters could bring to the table, watch below. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of his upcoming releases!

Correction: An earlier version of the article incorrectly referred to Spring Man as Stretch Man.
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EmaLeigh "$$$$" O'Neal


Very nice. I support Inkling, Spring Man, and Decidueye. No bandwagoning. I actually played the games and liked them. I think these three are some of the most popular new (post-SSB4) Nintendo characters.
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