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Darryl the Barrel support thread

Some Beedrill

Smash Apprentice
Jul 29, 2017
Behind you

Darryl comes from the mobile developer Super Cell's sixth game, Brawl Stars. He is an unlockable in the game that you can get by RNG while opening boxes you get while playing. He is a fast tank that is like an assassin.
Even though Brawl Stars isn't iconic, Super Cell has made big games before. Obviously, if you were to throw mobile games into Smash an Angry Bird or Peashooter would probably get in first for "pure" representation, what if they wanted to go a joke route. They probably wouldn't add Darryl if they decided to go this route, but Darryl the Barrel = #DoADarrylRoll. I'm grasping at straws, but a joke character from a random game that is majorly popular, at the makers of which made games like Farm Ville and Clash of Clans, makes an interesting character in choice. The fact that is a barrel named Darryl just solidifies this choice and almost represents how weird the mobile make is.
How would he work?
Brawl Stars main mechanic is the ammo system where you get three bullets and you recharge a after a bit and can hold a max of three. Instead of it completely being like that, I'd be where basic attacks are a bit average and below average, but some attacks would take up a bullet and be more powerful than an average version of that attack. And a trait unique to Darryl is that a super move can charge up automatically, as well as attacking other people. This will be used in the special for the move set I made. He only has his guns in the moves he needs them in, the rest of the time he doesn't have them. Also only moves that use ammo add onto the super, aside from time.
Move Set
Jab: A three hit jabs with his hands, the last sending you back.
Repeated Jab: He uses his guns to shoot one bullet at a time opposed to his usual amount. Every five bullets have the counter decrease.
Dash Attack: He gets on his side and rolls for a bit and jumping back up. This move is good with combos but takes a bit away from his super and doesn't get him any back.
Forward Tilt: He spins his gun for a bit. It uses the gun but doesn't take away any ammo.
Up Tilt: Darryl's head goes forward then backward, and the hat would be bigger during the animation.
Down Tilt: He uses hie shotguns to shoot diagonally at the ground. This attack takes away one ammo.

Grab: He does a normal grab with his arms. While he holds them he does it by the neck and looks up at them to look cool.
Pummel: Kicks them with his legs.
Forward Throw: Does a weak throw forwards.
Up Throw: He throws them up into the air and shots out five bullets. It's like Fox's and Falco's up throw but it covers more distance. It takes away ammo.
Down Throw: Throws them down and slams onto them.

Neutral Air: Darryl would spin around in a circle.
Forward Air: He turns into Dumpling Darryl for a bit and grabs the dumpling on his hat and does a Mario type forward air.
Up Air: Darryl shoots three bullets super close to each other that each have an individual hit box. This would take ammo.
Back Air: Darryl shoots three bullets behind him that launch him in the opposite direction. This would take up ammo.
Down Air: He uses his legs for a spike like Dr. Mario and Captain Falcon.

Neutral Special: Darryl would shoot five bullets forward.This would take up ammo.
Side Special: Darryl would use a quarter of his super to start spinning around for five seconds. It'd work like Jigglypuff's neutral b.
Down Special: Darryl would have a crate arise from the ground that he can destroy to get a power buff. He could get up to five and he'd lose them when he dies. This is the move that uses the fully charged super. The opponent can also destroy the crate to get a buff.
Up Special: He grabs a trophy that throws it downwards to launch himself forward. If the trophy lands on someone they'd be spiked.

Honestly, I just want to see him in Smash, despite what the move set would be. Please support.

List of Supporters:
Me (Some Beedrill)
NotAPro Bro

Brawl Stars Smash logo.png
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Aug 24, 2018
Center of the Zero Point
Switch FC
The second I saw this, I knew I had to support. First Supercell rep I've seen get a support thread. Also, Sparky for Smash!

Also Supercell made Hay Day, not FarmVille.
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Deleted member

Wait, a barrel?!

(oh, and also the shotguns look cool, and I have played and enjoyed the game... just never played darryl, who happens to be a barrel)
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Smash Hero
Sep 30, 2018
Not gonna lie, I've never even heard of this game... but you had me at "#DoADarrylRoll." Sign me up!
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