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Smash Wii U Comfy and Easy to Wear X: The Grapes of Poliwrath | September 12th, 2015 | Louisville, KY

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
First things first, I just want to thank everyone that made it out here for Comfy and Easy to Wear X! We did have a couple of items go missing this time around, and I wanted spread the word about them. The venue owner's cable box remote is missing from the venue. Not sure if anyone grabbed it by mistake, thinking it was there remote, but if you found yourself having an extra remote, just give me or Bluegrass Magic a holler! We had a 3DS go missing as well. If you happened to grab one by mistake, just let one of us know so we can get it back to its owner!

We'll make sure to keep everyone informed on when the next Comfy and Easy to Wear will be announced!
Be sure to like Bluegrass Magic on Facebook. Also, if you haven't become a member of the Bourbon State Smash Facebook Group, join up so you'll see any future KY events as soon as they're announced! See you all next time!


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

1: Judo
2: KP Amida
3: AceStarThe3rd
4: KP Kero
5: KP Lumpy Gravy
5: Ralph Cecil
7: Rare Pepe
7: DtJ Hilt
9: DCG Abraham
9: Whyet Rhyet
9: Butter
9: DtJ Soldier 2
13: Dad
13: Captain Falchion
13: Rowan
13: Caesium
17: Demo
17: Tasty Coma wife
17: Hawkward
17: Dr. P
17: KP Son-in-Law
17: Martian
17: KP Ogie
17: Zelgius

--------------------Pools Cutoff--------------------

25: Champaign Poppy
25: Darius
25: Twig
25: Gaia
25: Gottem
25: Phil
25: Dave
25: Kai Yedi
33: Pajama jihad
33: Vino
33: Ozra
33: Puncayshun
33: Dissaray
33: Tom Bel
33: Speny
33: Artorias
41: Cruckle
41: Bent

Wii U Doubles
1: Belly Button Swag (KP Amida + KP Lumpy Gravy)
2: We're actually nice people...
3: We'll think of it (DtJ Soldier 2 + AceStarTheThird)
4: Bow's and Hoes
5: Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers (Twig + Ogie)
5: I'm sorry about the rich paper sissies wearing wing gloves (KP Kero + KP Son-in-Law)
7: Starfox (Pajama Jihad + Martian)
7: Obamacare (Tasty Coma Wife)
9: Baransu (Kai Yedi + Speny)
9: Brother from Another Mother (Vino + Champaigne Poppy)
9: The Gluton Free Meme Dream Team (Captain Falchion + Rare Pepe)
9: WELCOME TO DUDLEYVILLE (Gottem + Hawkward)
13: Kill Vill 2
13: I'm Prepared

Brawl Singles
1: KP Kero
2: KP Amida
3: Twig
4: KP Ogie
5: Ralph Cecil
5: Rowan
7: DtJ Hilt
7: KP Lumpy Gravy
9: Spen
9: Butter
9: Dad
9: Captain Falchion
13: Hawkward
13: Kai Yedi
13: Dr. P
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