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Chrome T-Rex Goes Offline! - Chrome T-Rex Support Thread

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Smash Journeyman
Nov 18, 2020
Welcome to the Chrome T-Rex Support Thread!

Who's Chrome T-Rex?

The Chrome T-Rex originates from Dinosaur Game, a browser game which can only be played offline. The game itself is an endless runner, where the pixel dino jumps to avoid obstacles, including cacti or even fellow dinos. This dino has entertained millions of people, while in the boredom of being offline!

Ok, but why?
He would represent something entirely new, and could be extremely unique to almost any fighter in the game (Besides maybe G&W). And he would be sort of 2D, similar to Mr Game & Watch.

In Conclusion
The Chrome T-Rex is a character I'd like, and I think it would be pretty humorous as well. Although it may never happen, lets hope we get the best offline dino into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Offline Online Supporters
TheThingamajigRayman TheThingamajigRayman

support the chrome dino
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Ramen Tengoku

Sep 7, 2018
Switch FC
Hello, unfortunately we already have a Chrome T-Rex thread right here

For future reference, try checking our Newcomer Support Thread Directory to see if the character you wanna make a thread for already has one. I'd also recommend a quick site search on top of it, assuming we might not be able to document all of them.
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