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Charity Smash - Nappy Didn't Suck

D. Disciple

Smash Master
Aug 2, 2005
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Brawl Singles:
1: Moe $162.00
2: Near $81.00
3: Sin $27.00
4: RRR
5: Dr. YoshQ
5: D. Disciple
7: Xeylo
7: Tutu
9: Breezy
9: dyc
9: Xeelt
9: Hero
13: Leetcpu
13: Collin
13: Ogbot
13: Max Berger
17: OrbsyOrb
17: Big Hatch
17: BobwithLobsters
17: Mac
17: Peter
17: Punnha
17: Teng
17: Mason
25: Glo
25: Evil
25: Frost

Brawl Doubles:
1: The Community of Bathroom Rapers(Yoshq/Sin) $120
2: RRR/Near $60
3: *** Omelette (Tutu/Breezy) $20
4: Lobster Heroes (Hero/Bob)
5: I threw up in your car (Disciple/Xeelt)
5: Amanze/Deepak
7: No Kingdom for Old Smashers (Ogbot/Mac)
7: Kayo Police (Max Berger/Kai)
9: 2Yangs
13: Me and Him (Kory and Orbsy)

Melee Singles:
1: Frootloop $150
2: Lord Dennigton Wimble Pimble $75
3: Wake $25
4: Deepak
5: dmac
5: RRR
7: Moe
7: Breezy
9: Tempest
9: Kyle (DQ'd in losers)
9: Zeus
9: Bigs
13: Superdoodleman
13: D. Disciple
13: Max Berger
13: Seanson
17: Smashbastid
17: FEN
17: Pulp
17: Seed
17: Ocho
17: Kevo
17: Lucas
25: OrbsyOrb
25: Luca

Melee Double:
1: RRR/FrootLoop $120
2: Max/Tempest $60
3: The Real S Kioski (SDM/Seanson) $20
4: Deepak/Kyle
5: Foreign Devils (Bluezaft/Dmac)
5: Soul Food (Wake & Seed)
7: Luca/Disciple
7: Xeylo/Ocho
9: Kory/Orbs
9: Sin/SmashBastid

I'll post shout outs later. Still tired from last night.

Maxwell Too Swell

Smash Apprentice
Oct 26, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi
I wrote a shoutout for just about everyone, and then Smashboards timed me out when I tried to post it. Sorry, guys. Pretty much said GGs to all of you I played and that I had a great time hanging out with all of you. :(


Smash Master
Sep 27, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi.
I'm pretty sure Randall went all Kirby.

Shout outs:

Pulp- We actually play quite often considering how often you come out to tournaments. In fact, I was the first person you ever played. Good games! I think it was a mistake to switch to Marth against me though. Hope you come to another tournament sometime!

Deepak- BOMBS! I've been waiting to play you ever since Avalanche, and since I heard you actually practiced a bit for this tourney, I really wanted that win. Good games!

BlueChrisZaftWimblePimble- Still better than me, but I feel like I'm getting closer. The set in winner's was close, but you got me good in LFs. I swear, everyone in MN does better against you than I do lol. Glad to hear you'll be around more. Playing against you is helping me improve a lot of bad habits I have!

Dmac- Really patient Fox. I don't think you should've counterpicked me to Battlefield. It's my favorite stage. Good games!

Luca- Fun teams matches! I think you and D need more team synergy though ;) . Still not sure what happened in bracket. You should've taken SDM! Oh well.

Max- Ahhhhhhh. Also, good job running it back in teams after losing first round. One of the better teams players in MN.

Matt- Didn't get to see too many of your singles games. Good job in doubles though! Hopefully I'll get to play you someday. I want revenge!

Seed- Good job in doubles! I think we're getting better as a team. We got a good amount of grab-->rests this time around too. Nice beating Kevo too.

Disciple- Good job running all of the events. It seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Zeus- It's just Kirby! and remember 2 bans! lol

RRR- I think you're getting better. Next time, you got Deepak! Good job winning doubles!

Frootloop- Good job winning doubles and singles! Still wish we would've played in tournament in singles, but I guess that just means I should've won more so we could've met huh?

Moe- Nice winning Brawl! I was starting to wonder if you still had it in you, but I guess once you decided to play for real, you still got it.

Near- Dang. Nice placing. You'll be taking first place soon at this rate.

Sin- Good job winning Brawl doubles! ICs are dumb.

Lucas- Good to see you again! Too bad Yoshimi couldn't make a return, but oh well. Hope to see you at some other stuff or at least some fest every now and then!

To everyone who went to Perkins after: That was some hilarious stuff. Always fun to hang out!

Anyone I forgot: GGs! :)
Mar 2, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
Huge shoutout to breezy for housing me, this weekend was mad fun, I had such a great time this weekend. You're mad chill. Ganon Zelda was the realest **** until we got double edgehogged off the same ledge. 0 options is just too strong. Your ganon still impresses the ahit out of me and I had a great time with all the friendlies we had.

RRR: you're basically the man who got me from the airport to the tourny, fun set in doubles, wish I hadn't avoided playing friendlies with you, but I though that I'd be playing you in bracket and was too scared to let you pick up any of my habits before then, but then I got bodied by disciple and by that time you were busy with melee. Your Kirby is so amazing to watch tho, I'm impressed everytime I see you play.

Near: It was a pleasure playing you again, but holy **** that practice you put in paid off, after doubles I knew there was no way that I'd be able to beat you if we played. Lots of respect for the real effort. It's also fun being able to talk with you offline and stuff, hope I didn't bring you down with my salt after my losses in bracket. Good **** on getting 2nd too.

Moe: That was the first time I ever got to see you play MK and I have to say you are as amazing as napz always said you were it was great being able to see you again glad we were able to get some friendlies in.

Disciple: Great job running the tournament, I had a great time. Good **** in our set too, you were reading the **** out of me by game 3. Hopefully we'll get to play again so I can get revenge.

Sin: it was great to finally meet you, sorry I snapped at you when u asked me if I wanted to play friendlies after losing to D. I was really fulrusyrated at myself at the time and I took it out on you, which was wrong and immature of me. Glad we did get to play friendlies though.

Xeelt: It was great to finally meet you as well. Falco vs Sheik can be really rough if you aren't used to the MU but I can definitely tell that you've improved a lot since our wifi days. You're also amazaningky positive, I respect that.

YoshQ: we didn't get to play much either but thanks for the ride back and forth dude. It's always a pleasure getting to talk with you at tournaments and ****. Reminiscing about Korlash and Gamebattles was legit.

BobwithLobsters: We played 3 sets with each other this tournament, I won't lie I was really looking down on you that first doubles game, and then i lost the 1v1. After that I was omega try harding, it was dumb and disrespectful of me to judge your skill level before we played, and for that I apologize. I had a really fun time playing against you tho. You're also an insanely positive person which is legit as ****.

Shoutouts to everyone I got to play, I had a great time playing everyone and I hope everyone felt the same.

Sorry if I missed some of you, when I make it back home I'll try to get everyone I missed.


Smash Ace
Jun 30, 2009

Disciple: thanks for hosting and great job. and nice job raising that money for charity too. excellent work..

FEN/ lucas: I was super impressed by you during our friendlies. that was super good for a first tournament and I can tell that you could improve pretty quickly too.

Xeylode: thanks for teaming with me. i dont feel too bad since we lost to the 2 teams that won. hope to see you at something else this summer.. oh and i finally decided i think your marth is better

Luca: nice falcon man. i really liked those janky-stage friendlies we had.

max: nice set vs zeus and well done in doubles. we need to play one of these times though. I honestly don't think I've played you 1v1 since you started to main zelda.

xeelt: good luck learning melee/ sheik. hope to see you around.

seed: good friendlies. i felt slightly bad about going falco vs your yoshi just i was just in a spacie mood!..

TripleR: nice job against those foxes. i wish i played you this tourney.

Wake: no shoutout?? :(. JK, we never played at all here did we? I want to see how i can do against you these days. I'll try to make it to something if theres ever a smashfest that isn't on a friday. oh, and nice work in singles.

kevo: you did get your disc out of that wii, right? anyways, you're bound to win a set one of these tournaments! lets keep playing on some random days.

Tempest: i think you're the best doubles player in the state. nice friendlies at the end of the tourney there, i always like playing you. oh, and im never going within a stock of getting jv5'd by you again..

frootloop: nice victories. and nice friendlies, I hope to get to where i can think/ play a spacie on that level one of these months.. thanks for making it to MN.

Dmac: i think i learned some stuff from those fox dittos we played so thanks.. nice job in the tourney too, although i dont think i saw any of your matches.


Smash Apprentice
May 9, 2010

FrootLoop The Truth - Im very pleased to see you ****ed everyone down (no homo). Me and My MN companions will be back for revenge soon. IMBD 4?

Ayman "Moe" Abdellah- My son, its been a long time coming. It brought tears to my eyes to hear of your success. I feel like the dad in Mulan after I found out you killed the whole Chinese Army.

Neil- You failed me. I Hyped you up like you was gonna be the 2009-2010 Brett Favre we needed. Instead you came out at played like the 2010-2011 Edition.

King Kjell- We love you breh.


Smash Lord
Jan 22, 2011
Madison, WI
i got u amanze

ggs doodz

thx RRR & deepak for housing, thx RRR for the rides and teams

perkins was fun

coulda used more chairs

phantom hits


Smash Ace
Nov 30, 2008
------ggs was fun seein everyone

Deshane "da-huh" strong- good **** hosting man.. it means alot to everyone..

near- ggs.. ur def hardest in mn for me ;o honestly just get ***** til do some broken mk **** to win LOL... been sayin u r #2 for awhile... but we will leave the pr for the tryhards LOL

tutu- always good seein ya breh, glad u came out

breezy- sry i had work so we couldnt team, but im glad u teamed with tutu xD

yoshq- before u get to pla me u gotta beat my lil *****s first breh xD

sin- ggs same ol same ol

fruitloop- gj winning. u should come by more often.. wisconsin is pretty ****ty

everyone else good seeing ya. i would do more but im lazy.. means alot to see everyone come in support for kjell... almost brought tears to my eyes no lie but i aint no ***** xD


Smash Master
Sep 27, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi.
As far as I know,

Moe: :metaknightbrawl: / possibly :marthbrawl: ?

Near: :toonlinkbrawl:

Sin: :metaknightbrawl: / :icsbrawl:

RRR: :kirbybrawl:

I don't know if Sin used Olimar at this tourney.
Aug 6, 2008
Kjell - Damn. I really would have liked to have known you better.

Zeus - Good friendlies, you reminded me why I hate playing against a falco on FD.

Ocho - Thanks for putting up with me as a teammate. I screw up teams so bad.

Wake - Another tournament and I never got to play you again.

Moe - Aiming to kick you out of bracket next time so I stop giving you my money. At the very least be qualified to unleash that MK of yours.

Yosh - Same goal as moe. Shut down that Luigi and force you into using MK.

Sin - The justin bieber kid. Wouldn't have thought that if you didn't bring it up.

D. Disciple - Thanks for running the tourney so smoothly (other than forgetting to add me in brawl singles and ocho and me in melee dubs lol )

Tutu - Nice talking to you about stuff.

Breezy - Thanks for setting up the link for the shirt and we had a lulzy set in bracket.

Xeelt - I am glad a falco ditto never happened.

OrbsyOrb - Good games and nice talking with you. Keep playing.

@John: As for character usage, I recall
Yosh - Luigi/MK
Moe - Marth/MK
D.Disciple - DDD, Lucario
Myself - Snake/Falco
Xeelt - Snake/Falco
Breezey - Ganon/
That's all I remember.


Smash Cadet
Jul 26, 2010

Near: I told you that you had this tourney before it started, and nobody believed me, you surprised a lot of people with your 2nd placing today, good ****, but if I didn't have to play moe twice that would've been me in 2nd you fgt

Moe: I feel like I always beat you, but when I actually need to prove something you just toss my ****, like every ****ing time. GGs tho, I'll fortify my #1 spot soon enough.

Randall: Good **** in melee and in brawl, was fun playing you in singles/doubles, but i feel like its always fate that I have to play you in bracket at every tournament ever. When I played you, it seemed like you weren't feeling as comfortable with the MK matchup as usual, we should practice it.

YoshQ: We're unbeatable in doubles, and we both know it, what else is there to say, cool chilling/winning with you. Don't **** up in singles next time though.

D: omg, thank you so much for hosting this tournament, I thought it was well run and organized with good hype and attendance, please do this again, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT AGAIN

tutu: dude, it was so cool to meet you after the years of talking to you on xat/aib/wherever. Loved playing with you, and you gave me a new outlook on sheik. Green mill was ****ing awesome tho right? Wish you lived closer to here so you could come out to stuff more often, <3

All the melee kids: have fun playing a game thats way more fun to watch.

Keith: you still suck

Wake: I thought you were like the best or something

Amanze: I tried

xeelt: your getting better I can see it man, your placing slowly goes up at every tournament, you have yet to pull out a big win but you can do it


Wake's post is correct, moe was mk/marth, near was toon link, I was ice climbers/mk, and randall was kirby


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2006
i used :yoshi: / :mewtwo: <8^)
wtf who logged into my acct and posted this LOL... i feel like it was gr1p

and i didnt forfeit, i left in attempt to make it back in time but didn't and my match was waiting so i told them to dq me 8( I DIDNT FORFEIT LOL its such a strong word...

ggs <8^)


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2006
wtf who logged into my acct and posted this LOL... i feel like it was gr1p

and i didnt forfeit, i left in attempt to make it back in time but didn't and my match was waiting so i told them to dq me 8( I DIDNT FORFEIT LOL its such a strong word...

ggs <8^)
LOL its me moe.. u left ur **** up at deepaks 8^)

Moe: I feel like I always beat you, but when I actually need to prove something you just toss my ****, like every ****ing time. GGs tho, I'll fortify my #1 spot soon enough.
l0l u nevr beat me u hav somehow brainwashed urself into thinking u do even tho u lose everytime LOL <8^)

u r def king tryhard xD

Triple R

Smash Lord
Feb 1, 2009
Hopkins, MN

Moe - Good job on 1st in brawl. Didn't get to play you this time.

Near - Well, I thought I had this set, especially after the first match. Well, there's always next time lol.

Sin - Good games all around. Wasn't sure if you would go Icies this time or not.

Dr. YoshQ - Only played you in doubles. Always interesting to play in you singles when we get the chance though.

D. Disciple - Thanks for hosting. Also pretty close matches in our set.

Xeylo - Didn't play you that much, except in Melee dubs.

Tutu - Didn't realize you were avoiding friendlies with me :( I can understand not wanting me to figure out habits though. Oh well. We'll probably get a chance in the future to play. Best of luck in the mean time.

Breezy - Surprised we played at this tourney for some reason. For some reason I thought the bracket was big enough that I wouldn't be playing you, but it happened anyway. Good games. Hang out with smash people more.

Ogbot - Why do I not really remember you at all?

Max Berger - Good job in Melee dubs. Really surprised you and Matt came all the way into Grand Finals. Impressive climb. But we were too much (except for the first game).

OrbsyOrb - Nice to see you keep coming out to these. Always cool to see new people come into the scene.

BobwithLobsters - You're married!

Mac - Fun friendlies. I hope our friendlies convinced you not to use Bowser in tourney. He's not ready! :awesome:

Frootloop - Thanks for coming to MN. Also thanks for teaming with me. It can be really hard to get people to come to MN sometimes. You're such a beast at Melee.

Bluezaft - Didn't play you besides teams I think. Good job on 2nd.

Wake - I thought you were going to win Brawl? ;) Will you please beat Bluezaft next time too lol.

Deepak - Good games. Tough as always.

Dmac - Played you in teams. Didn't really want to play you in bracket. Don't want to play your fox lol.

Tempest - Good job with Max on 2nd in Doubles. Really impressive.

Kyle - Good matches. They were close to the last stock. Don't get DQ'ed next time :(

Zeus - Kirby's dthrow > Fox. The tech timing really isn't that hard. I was expecting you to figure it out after like 3 tries. Not sure what was going on.

Bigs - SAMUS!

SDM - Really surprised you came. Good job in doubles.

Season - Same as SDM.

Smashbastid - Didn't really see you play at all, but I hope your matches were fun.

Seed - Prodigy kid!

Ocho - U of M Smash Bro!!! Maybe we'll get some friendlies in next time.

Kevo - Didn't really see your matches either. Hope you had fun.

Lucas - Even though you're probably mad rusty, I think you're better than this.

Luca - Wahh?!? Last? I will not accept this... Must be a mistake.


Smash Master
Nov 18, 2005
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
1: Moe $162.00 - lil scrub ***. "Oh I'm obviously the best in the world because I beat like 3 people once a month."
2: Near $81.00 - you got a loooot better somehow
3: Sin $27.00 - I choked in our matches. Coulda had it. Fun chillin witcha. And we're obviously unstoppable in teams.
4: RRR - Quite. GGs in teams.
5: Dr. YoshQ - ****in baddie
5: D. Disciple - I forgot to bring your ps3 controller! my bad. Nice seein ya again. Hmu about FC
7: Xeylo - Keep improving! I knew I had to try against you or I'd lose.
7: Tutu - Ballerina Jesus!!! Nice seein ya again and chillin
9: Breezy - Great to see you again man.
13: Ogbot - hadn't seen yo jolly *** in forever!
13: Max Berger - Good to see ya again. Forgot to train ya a bit but your MK was already sick soo...
17: BobwithLobsters - Hadn't even met ya before, you're pretty chill
Amanze - Maaaan, get outta here with that sorry attempt at an mK
Nappy's mom - I can't find your Facebook.
Shoutouts to the surprise guest appearance by Chloe!


Smash Rookie
Aug 20, 2011
@Ocho, Fen here, thanks a ton for the encouragement both at the tourney and on here, really means a lot for a noob :D

This was a great first tourney, really fun to be there and to play. How often do Minnesota events happen? I'm certainly interested in attending more in the future.


Smash Master
Sep 27, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi.
@Ocho, Fen here, thanks a ton for the encouragement both at the tourney and on here, really means a lot for a noob :D

This was a great first tourney, really fun to be there and to play. How often do Minnesota events happen? I'm certainly interested in attending more in the future.
You might be waiting for a while.


Smash Rookie
Aug 20, 2011
That really sucks... not that I was expecting too much of a scene here but still. I go to school down at Carleton (Northfield MN, about an hour south of the TCs), and since there are already a few guys down there who play Melee and a number of good venues I was considering hosting a legit tournament down there. Would that generate any legitimate interest?
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