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Biff introduces the fight! - The ARMS Commentator Support Thread


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Oct 23, 2014
With the reveal of a character from ARMS joining the fight in Smash Bros., there has been a lot of talk on who it could be. With everybody discussing about the fighters of the games, there has been someone left out of the conversation:

Biff, the commentator of ARMS!

Who is Biff?

Biff is the commentator within ARMS. He appears in-game in the Grand Prix mode to provide fighter introductions and tips to the player. He also hosts for ARMS related media such as the ARMS direct and the ARMS portion of the Nintendo World Championships.

Why not anyone else from ARMS?

Given that the majorly considered "poster boy" of the series is an assist trophy. Biff, who is considered to be one of the other mascots of ARMS can make it in. Biff is a large representative of ARMS and is iconic in his own right. He is shown in a majority of the marketing of the game and even narrates for some of it as well.

How would he work? He isn't even playable in ARMS.

Sakurai has made unplayable characters work in Smash Bros. before such as Piranha Plant and Isabelle. Even though he has never fought in-game, he has knocked out the Nintendo World Championships commentator with his extendable arms. In terms of moves, he could use any of the gloves in the game and borrow moves from the other fighters given that he spends a lot of time watching them.

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