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Banjo's Tilts

Oz o:

Smash Journeyman
Aug 11, 2019
What are your thoughts on Banjo's tilts? Apparently they're really good. M2K's opinion on Day 1 was that they're among his best moves, and namely F-Tilt. I've also seen Samsora using it a ton, so we can assume they're really good. Using them myself? I totally get it. It seems like F-Tilt is a quick poke that can be angled, and it has super low cooldown. D-Tilt is fairly slow for a tilt, but it makes up for it by having massive range, low profile as well as sending the opponent into tech situations. Lastly, there's U-Tilt. A friend called it "Snake's U-Tilt, but honest"... jokingly, but it's honestly about right. It kills really well and has really low cooldown. Only downside is maybe the startup as well as it's non-existent horizontal hitbox.

They don't really do a lot of damage, so I was skeptical at first. I think it's about the overall safety and consistency of these moves. F & D-Tilts send people into a tumble.


"...And His Music Was Electric"
Sep 11, 2012
North Carolina
Switch FC
I love ftilt and dtilt, but up tilt isn't that good unless you're on a stage with platforms. It's a very lackluster anti air as they have to be right above you for it to hit. I'm pretty sure it has an even smaller horizontal hitbox than Mario's up tilt. It is good for getting earlier kills from down throw if you know they're going to mash out, although inconsistent.
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