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Another Mario Kart 9 Creation Thread - Re-Tired


Smash Champion
Mar 16, 2021
Sunshine Airport

Funky Kong
Yeah I'm resubmitting him, because he is based.


We need more common enemies in the game, and everyone loves penguins.

My other entries will come tommorow, until then everyone else please submit stuff of your own.


Smash Hero
Mar 23, 2019
Job 18:
Job 1: Peach Circuit
You start by making a sharp turn while collecting coins, followed by performing a few tricks on hills while grabbing item boxes.

Then you have two choices (go the regular path or use a mushroom or star on the shortcut, collecting red coins and grabbing the item box).

After that, it's a straight path, followed by a turn which leads you into a speed boost. Then you drive through Peach's garden (avoiding piranha plants that breath fire) and into the castle, that's right, you get to race IN THE CASTLE!

You go down some stairs to find an ice rink filled with Freezies that will freeze you upon contact.

Then you go through the dining hall where there is a ramp that leads you onto the table.

Hitting the silver plates reveals some items.

Then, going up the stairs leads you to Peach's room, where there is a ramp, leading to the bed that can be bounced on.

You go through the window, onto a bridge, and drive on the wall, leading to the gliding ramp.

After gliding to the tunnel and driving through it, you come out, drive on 2 boost panels, and back to the start/finish line.
Gonna resubmit my track for the Mushroom Cup and rename it to "Mario Raceway" for this Flower Cup.

Job 19:
Screenshot 2023-09-01 164758.png

Cranky Kong

Screenshot 2023-09-01 164858.png

Gonna resubmit Poochy


Smash Champion
Oct 14, 2016
Sunshine Airport

Rambi & Squaks (as 1 racer if allowed)

Think this would be a cool idea & it would be interesting to see some animal buddies make it in before more kongs

Captain Syrup

Would be cool to see a Wario Land rep although think Ware would probably get a character 1st but can still try.
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