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All 700 stickers


Smash Rookie
Apr 29, 2008
If someone has already posted about this just send me a link to their topic. I searched already and couldn't find anything on this. I've heard (and read off of SSB Dojo) that new stickers unlock as you progress through the game. Does this mean that you need to get 100% on SSE before you even have a chance to get all of them? DO you have to do any additional things to unlock more of them? Basically I just want to know if anyone has gotten all the stickers without 100% on SSE becuase I dont know what I have to do to get the 10 more percent that I dont have.

PS On the subspace map.....when an area as a flag or no flag does that mean something? Do you need to do something in a stag still if it doesn't have a flag? Thanks for your help!


Smash Journeyman
Jan 4, 2008
Kentucky (yeehaw)
Flag means it's 100% done, no flag means there is something still there.

What the dojo meant is that you can unlock stickers by completing tasks to up your total game completion %, you don't need everything to get all the stickers, but heres a tip: playing on Intense mode gets you more rare stickers.


Dread Phanna
Apr 3, 2006
Brawl: All 700 Stickers (video & list)

I got 695 stickers through only CD / Sticker farming, which I do believe you characters unlocked before you can get their character-specific stickers, but beyond that I did get every new sticker through just farming. I got 100% SSE separately, so the one isn't required for the other. The remaining 5 stickers are achieved through the Brawl Challenges, read this for more:

Brawl Challenges [Spoilers]

And for SSE, a legend:

Exclamation Flag = next level for you to complete

Green Flag = you completed the level, but did not go through every door or get every orange (!) box

Rainbow Crown = you went through every door and got every orange (!) box
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