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A new form of ledge-a-porting I've come up with


Faith, Hope, Love, Luck
Jul 6, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Okay, this is how it works. Basically it involves letting go of the ledge and teleporting into the ledge IMMEDIATELY afterward -> Repeatedly.

I'm not sure if this has already been discovered, or is normally used, but I've been doing it quite alot recently. (I've been playing M2 alot recently for that matter).

*Important Notes*

- The motion of the thumbstick
This is the most important part, because it's kind of like moonwalking, except you roll the stick around the top half.

Basically you go like this:
(Hanging off the right of an edge for example)

1. Hit right -> This allows Mew2 to let go of the edge

2. Roll the directional stick up and press B -> This activates teleport

3 Roll stick to the left -> This directs the teleport straight to the edge again

4. Roll the directional stick to the right -> This allows you to repeat the process immediately

What should happen is Mewtwo should be letting go and immediately teleporting into the edge at a very rapid rate, not double jumping.

Whilst ledge-a-port is not an infinite, this, if done correctly, may be an infinite ledge stall if you can keep the tempo very quick (Which is not hard to do). But I'm not too sure about it, so don't go telling your friends. If someone can find out wether or not this is infinite, then that'd be cool.

Also, everytime Mew2 re-grabs the ledge, the crowd will gasp. To give an idea of how quick this is, the crowd shouldn't be finished gasping by the time you repeat the process.

Well that's it basically, if I could get some footage, I would, but I can't cause I'm poor.
And I'm sure there are few times when this would be useful, but its a new technique nonetheless (Unless of course in my ignorance I haven't noticed it before).

If you were wondering, I got the idea after watching Shadow Claw and stumbled upon it whilst practicing ledge-a-porting.


Smash Lord
Sep 9, 2006
basically you press the same buttons you would for firefox/bird "infinite".
and it's not infinite. :(


Faster than most vehicles
Aug 6, 2005
The tall grass
This also works if you jump a tiny bit above the edge and snap the control stick down after a teleport. It seems like you're teleporting in place, but you can be smacked out of it.

Just like all of Mewtwo's moves :(
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