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A couple of Pit questions


Smash Cadet
Jun 13, 2014
Weston, Florida.
What part of the hitbox of dtilt is the meteor?

What's the first hit of fsmash good for besides the second hit of fsmash?

How safe is Up smash on shield?

When approaching with side B, , What's the best aerial to use on hit, What's the best aerial do on shields.

What happens if you get hit out of Side B, do you still have the jumps you haven't used? And is that true for Up B also?

Can you only end Side with a jump, aerial, or after the 75 frames?

Can I please change pit's voice to the Japanese one?

I don't have the game at home so I'm not able to test this.


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Innermost hitboxes of dtilt will meteor (i.e. Roy-style; I think LInk's dtilt also works this way but I'm not 100% on that).

Not much. Used to be a pretty good jab reset but it got nerfed.

Not very unless you're spaced in such a way that you get pushed off an edge.

Don't approach with sideB, generally speaking. They can just shield as soon as they see the startup. Pit does no better than even on shield, and then only if he's frame-perfect on landing with fair (I think it's just fair). Meanwhile, if you get hit out of it, you lose your glide (and your jumps if it's aerial sideB). Pit's recovery is pretty bad when he doesn't have glide.

Grounded sideB lets you retain your jumps but not a second glide. Aerial sideB uses all but your last jump. upB uses all your jumps.

Press B to cancel your glide.

If you can get the sound files in the right spot on your SD card, I don't see why not.
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