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˚ PEACH ˚ Updated! 9/6/2014

Which alternate would you like to see for Peach thats not Daisy ?

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Smash Bros Before Hos
Mar 15, 2004
confirmed, sending supplies.
Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I need help deciding whether I should buy a 3ds or a WiiU. Do you guys think one will be heavily preferred over the other? I just want to play with as many people as possible.


He may be afraid of the onslaught of sexy man flesh typical to Peach social threads of the past.
Wii U for sure. Nobody who plays competitively will be playing 3ds after wii U one comes out. Heck once I load my customs and unlockables to the Wii U you can have my 3ds version of smash, i sure won't be ever needing it again, I don't plan to ever touch that game again once I have a gamecube controller in my hands
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Queen B. Kyon

Smash Master
Dec 5, 2007
Kissimmee, Florida
I went to a tournament last week and got second. Lost to greninja. It was my first time going to a tourney for this game and playing a good gren. Mu seems to be slightly in his favor if the peach doesn't do ground game very well. Any thoughts?
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