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  • Hey Zolga, when you make a render:
    A) Do you make it on a transparent BG?
    B) How do you gt it on another gimp image (e.g. a sig)?
    Actually Zolga if you could teach me how to make sigs first, or don't you think your good enough yet, that isn't a insult.
    No problem, if you ever need another one done, look me up,

    (pm me though, I can't access my visitor messages during weekdays, but the PMs show up on email.)
    Further update on Vaati:

    All colors are DONE!

    Now, for shading and borders.
    *points to below message*

    I just have his belt and crown(?) to do, then add shadows and borders.
    I kinda procrastinated yesterday XD

    I don't have AIM, and I need to start on my homework now.
    Vaati is coming along nicely, just need to touch up his hair and finish skin/jewelry. Hopefully will be done in the next 30 mins.
    Alrighty then.

    I have tended to become the master of the obvious on the forums O_o
    Don't expect it done for a while, vectoring takes... a long time. I'm already halfway done his cloak, though! ^_^
    Paths arent THAT hard, you just have to zoom in far enough. I was on 800% zoom the entire time vectoring that one, lol.

    Nice image of Vaati for the vectoring, I'll get to work on that right away.

    ...after I have lunch.
    Consider it done ^_^

    Why does everybody say that? This is my first one. I learned how to do this from a link on the tut you gave me, lol. Thanks!

    I tried the tut... I'm not that good at making vector sigs, lol.
    However! I found what I can do right...

    Vectoring images! Now, back to the topic at hand...

    Nice job with your latest Tails sig, like everyone says, it's one of your best. If you ever need a render vectored, look me up. See ya!
    holy crap your getting good! Nice job. It's a little plain and simple but besides that it's really good :)
    Cool, just don't abuse the power like Dinko...

    I need to get some vector brushes, lol
    lol...i'm liking the new profile pic (just noticed it) :laugh: i'm working on a may from pokemon sprite...i've been working on it around 5hrs over 3 days...and it's only 1/4 done :chuckle: that's what's dissappointing about pixel art; you're constantly working at like 1600% zoom, then after working for like an hour, you zoom to normal size and discover that you only made a tiny patch
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