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Recent content by Zinoto

  1. Zinoto

    AquaFire Results Thread - Livonia, MI (5/16/15)

    Smash 4 Singles - 101 Entrants 6304 Brawl Singles - 23 Entrants 6305 Smash 4 Doubles - 32 Teams - Bracket 1. Ryuga + Rayquaza :4ike: + :4sheik:/:4rosalina: 2. Ksev + Dixx :4fox: + :4toonlink: 3. PzO + Zinoto :4diddy: + :4diddy: 4. Kipdog + Smasher1001 :4villager: + :4mario: 5. LouRich +...
  2. Zinoto

    Smash Wii U The Official MI Smash 4 Power Rankings Thread - NEW RANKINGS LIVE

    The original tourney requirement was 4 all the way back from January when we originally made the google doc. Idk where the miscommunication came in, but the eligibility requirement was set to be 4, but put as 5 in the thread. 4 tournies gives you enough time to pit yourself against a better...
  3. Zinoto

    Rebirth III Results Thread - Livonia, MI (4/18/15)

    Oh yea that's not Ori's fault lol. If you've never played him in tournament before it's fair game. It's like when ppl play a Money Match or friendlies with someone before bracket starts and then say "I just played this guy in a MM/friendlies, why am I in his pool?!?!". Better question is why are...
  4. Zinoto

    Rebirth III Results Thread - Livonia, MI (4/18/15)

    Wait what was bad about the seeding?
  5. Zinoto

    AMPitUP Results Thread - Ann Arbor, MI (3/28/15)

    :4diddy: your lord and savior. Welcome brother.
  6. Zinoto

    Smash Wii U The Official MI Smash 4 Power Rankings Thread - NEW RANKINGS LIVE

    In terms of consistency, what was originally determined will stand. If it doesn't meet the cap it won't count. If it comes down to a nail-biter, coin-flip kinda situation; tournaments like PPW#5, Grime Time 2, and the West MI tournies that fall short of entrants can be used tie-breakers. Whether...
  7. Zinoto

    AMPitUP Results Thread - Ann Arbor, MI (3/28/15)

    Thanks for coming out and supporting this event. Hopefully everyone had a blast and make sure to stay tuned for future installments! Smash 4 Singles - 68 Entrants - Bracket - $118 Pot Bonus 1. Pulse | Zinoto :4diddy: $383 2. Rayquaza07 :rosalina::4sheik::4bowser: $175 3. LOE1...
  8. Zinoto

    Smash Wii U The Official MI Smash 4 Power Rankings Thread - NEW RANKINGS LIVE

    Not true, I have a lot of respect for the west MI scene; it's just we're realists. I've been all over the country and played top players in every game and I've never heard of Miloni. I've played the people he goes even with in just about every iteration of smash and to say your side is...
  9. Zinoto

    Smash Wii U The Official MI Smash 4 Power Rankings Thread - NEW RANKINGS LIVE

    He's gonna need a lot more representation than just a couple West MI tournies to break top 5. The PR will represent the best that our state has to offer; meaning that they need to show that they can play above the skill level of the rest of the state. He's been to two tournaments that didn't...
  10. Zinoto

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    Wait where is Tetra in that list? And I don't think I've entered 2 tournaments so I don't think I'm eligible.
  11. Zinoto

    Rebirth I Results - Livonia, MI

    GGs everyone who was there. I'll do some shoutouts later :)
  12. Zinoto

    3DS Community Patch Notes v1.0.4 -- Engine Changes to DI

    They did remove :4diddy: popgun hit stun cancel.
  13. Zinoto

    Let's Work On Your Coordination: The WFT Video and Critique Thread

    You gotta remember this is wifi my dude. The set me and Anti played was extremely laggy; the lag is the reason I went Villager in the first place. I had to preemptively use pocket because of the input delay (if I didn't predict it there was no way I could've reacted to it). As for staying in the...
  14. Zinoto

    The Road to TGC 1! Houston, TX! Houston OBLITERATES Dallas. Trela's Ridley is unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!

    Xyro's threads never disappoint me. GIFs are on point here.
  15. Zinoto

    Q&A Diddy's Q&A + Competitive Development - ASK QUESTIONS HERE

    It's viable, but not effective unless it's at the bottom of the stage (or against like :4littlemac:). The side b grab breaks like twice as fast if you grab them in the air and we have some crazy lag if it does so it's really risky now if you wanna go that low. Idk why that option wasn't said...
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