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  • Yeah I have issues with yoshi's island and brinstar.
    What about frigate?
    (I we go halberd then I might pick snake).
    The wall of camping should be continuos and substantial. Din's can cancel the top so try to time the top for right after the Din's explosion.

    When camping you should be in front of the Zelda since she is able to shoot through you. You camp like you normally would but keep on eye on the timing of the top w/ dins. You will want to use your quick moves and long range tilts to keep your opponents away from you and Zelda so you can basically keep camping.

    Don't try to force the kills, let them come naturally. A lot of ROBs moves don't send people flying too far so Zelda might be able to combo a kill move out of them. A Zelda Dtilt lock can lead to a kill move of your choice if you are fast enough, if you have enough time and are worried your kill move won't kill you can grab and let Zelda Uptilt them.

    Protect one another during recovery. Zelda's Din's typically won't kill you if you are hit with it, so it's safe for her to throw it out if you are being doubles teamed offstage. If Zelda is recovering try to keep her landing zone clear and help her with well aimed lasers.

    This team is really all about the camp, try to work on your camp game together and everything should fall into place. If you get separated it should only be until you have created an opening to camp together again.
    -Riot (on ROB and Zelda in teams)
    well I wanted to discuss team strats
    to let you know im staying ROB in teams.
    who do you feel more comfortable with in teams?
    Zelda or MK?
    I told Mizu I'd be teaming with him since I wanted to make sure I'd get a partner.

    What kind of splitters did you buy?
    Yeah, with those you will be able to record while playing.

    If they look like the ones below (the Y-Cables with 1 Male, 2 Female) then it should also be able to run Video.
    You should be able to run TIO as well as recording. You just got to make sure you get a good set-up running. As for software, usually it will come with software you can use. but I prefer using VirtualDub. It's a freeware that works great IMO.
    So basically you need the A/V splitters, the Dazzle, a laptop (they usually have mics built in, but any USB Mic will work otherwise) and a recording program. I use VirtualDub with VidX encoding to record my videos.
    As for what kind of Dazzle, it can be any that is Dazzle DVC100 or above IIRC. I have a DVC100. To record the commentary, you simply set the input source as the mic instead of the audio from the Dazzle.
    It's hard to explain online about how to set everything up TBH. But it does look like I will be able to come.
    Yo i need some details about saturday, where its going to be on duke campus, park in the bryan center or what?

    Can there be one melee setup?
    Since my teammate for my own tourney is up in the air right now, did you still want to team?
    I recommend we practice and set up strategies.
    If you're trying to use Snake talk to Shady Penguin (best Snake in NC). Also, if you look for DarkMusician and talk to him I'm sure he would assist you.
    Have you ever tried practicing dubs before? DarkMusician switches up between Zelda and MK too. I talk to ChiboSempai (considered the best ROB player) so you should try talking to DarkMusician.
    I would like some friends for brawl please.


    I main Zelda and MK. And like using falco and DK.
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