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  • Indeed.
    I was on a Fire Emblem Awakening addiction myself till I got Dream Team and such. lol
    Brosuke has the best intros.
    On that note, I've already spend 15 hours on Dream Team. (yes, this is with you being over and going over a friend's house today) X__X lol
    That and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team addictions for me.
    Needs more Teddie (dittos). :3
    Also Kanji for ***** by projectiles tier!
    MK dittos all dai, evry dai like its Brawl We actually did play some other games besides Project M like PSAS:BR and Sonic Heroes though yeah the bulk of time was spend on Project M.
    That said we will probably devote most of the time playing Project M like last time cause lol Project M addictions. We'll also prob play Street Fighter Arcade Edition since you said you wanted to give that ago.
    Im watching it and im so Link2thelost hahaha I actually understand most of that though im notably a reasonably amount worse than the players in the video cause i've I haven't really devoted myself to getting great/good only mediocre. ;D
    I haven't lost against any of my friends in it for awhile though. So achievement get?
    Lol just watch out for those filty (fire) magic users...oh wait easy mode have fun slaughtering everything that moves endgame with a fast moving killing machine. ;3
    Dat username...
    I actually have a facebook i'll link ya via pm if you want it.
    Thats probably a good idea just don't fall back asleep when you get woken up. I did that on one of the work days and had to get ready like a minute man cause I literally woke up last second. Wasn't late just slightly inconvenient for my ride (my grandpa). Also turned out I wasn't working that day either my mom was misinformed/accidentally gave us the wrong day for it so yeah...lmao.
    Im kinda the same, I also tend to wear roughly the same couple of clothes.
    I also often rock the shirtless scrub look (comfy shorts + underwear combo. Yes even in the winter (cause AC heat)) when I don't go anywhere or no one is over, etc...so im probably just alittle further down the spectrum. lol
    No Haar, GGs counterpick? looks like a decent draft you got there some of your characters come pretty late though like Janaff and Caineghis (<-totallyworthit).
    Lmao best bus pass ever. xD
    Born: Yes
    I haven't played D.I.Y but it seems pretty cool especially since you can make your own microgames and play other people's microgames. A Wario game I wish I had would be Wario World. I rented it once and beat it, was pretty fun. Wario games have a fair selection of awesome music too.
    Wario already was the most costumes out of all the characters in brawl xD...that said it would be nice to have it or it's MoD counterpart as a costume. Nintendo really should consider throwing alt costumes of Nintendo characters (Dr. Mario, Mr. L, ect)
    A Lord Crump costume on Wario would be interesting cause their body shapes are very similar.
    Actually won't be able to go tomorrow sorry, I can next week though unless you wanna save all your money for OST 9.
    Sounds good, what time would you like me to pick you up? (was thinking around 12)
    I'd play with the settings more im sure you'll find a more ideal setup that works better. Thats what I did with the school computers anyways cause they used to run Smash 64 kinda meh till I made them Sonic fast at running it (especially at the menu lol).
    Sat-Sun would work with me probably Sunday though and Im okay with Aether. :ike:
    Yup or aleast that what I took from it. http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=14313
    Agreed, that or they're just wicked out of shape. xP
    We still going to Havenshine Thursday?
    Seems pretty good/like my sorta place. Was it on like a big platter plate or separate plates?
    Yup, Gamefreak is more clever than we give them credit for Squirtle's japanese name means Pond Turtle. olololol
    Lol Koffing was just a fun little reference to NY cause his original name in the Pokemon Red and Blue beta was Ny.
    Persona 3 and 4 are really good games would recommend. Beware the oh really owl/Shadow Yukiko though. >__>
    Persona 3 and 4 is similar but it's made even easier with analysis and attacking enemie's weaknesses giving you an extra turn(s) along with all out attacks.
    Seems to be August 31-Sept 1th. I imagine thats the finalized day since its Sat-Sun. Its only an extra dollar to go both days.
    Pretty much just don't like using Leaf as much cause its alittle more plain than Leif.
    Lol and all they have to do is occasionally lift a stick over their head.
    That good, never been to Hard Rock Cafe what did you get from there?
    lol Leif better get good quickly or that could be pretty butt. No healing items (Vulneraries/stamina bottles) would make for an intresting run too especially with the other rule...or for a special kind of masochist why not add a no stamina = kill off that unit rule as well. xP
    New Pork York eh, have fun!
    It's cool, I'll just go by the All is Brawl tournament date and check it every so often to see if it changes.
    True fact, I don't think my mom or your grandma would want us to do that anyways. lol
    Also the job thing is only this week (finished) and next week. (could be longer but i've yet to be informed of it yet so yeah)
    Leif > Leaf. ;3
    Tournament says it's on 30-31th, says its Saturday and Sunday, says it's on 29-30, actual date says it Friday-Saturday or Thursday-Friday (if the date you gave me is used). le derp? .-.
    1st scenario is the one I was talking about/first day would be late etc all that jazz, 2nd/Best scenario = can go both days at start etc, Last scenario would be worst (if I still have that job thing) would be late both days.
    Thats probably what that person did. lol Good thing my citizens aren't like that.
    Indeed, should be in a skittles commercial.
    /Inb4 Item clause (or ghost types)
    That thread is testosterone incarante, it's also more manly than the average Beserker...
    That said I will be able to go Thurs even if I have the job thing (it's only till 9:00 or 10:00am-1:30pm which gives us plenty of time to head over to Havenshine for Fight Night).
    I'd probably be able to make it both days to OST 9 though I imagine if I had the job thing i'd miss a decent portion of the first day.
    I'll have to ask about it tomorrow but im sure we can/will be able to go to Fight Night next week. I got a job thing Weds, Thurs, Fridays though I don't know if thats only for this week or the full 10 weeks (I think its just this week but ya never know. It would be pretty bad planning on their part since it'd conflict with my college schedule).
    Pretty much, that person needed more mayor swag should remove all the animal residence for not showing up.
    Alright, Colress avatar time.
    Also now I can use this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/d2e43f4ccbf05823701b88a71286bcc7/tumblr_mki4fjthHc1qcl0fmo1_500.gif
    Yeah its really funny.
    But I think we're dancing around the point and that is...
    Rattata should be in ubers.
    Looks like im too slow fun to play as aleast. Gonna have to download 2.6.
    G&W low-tier for life.png
    Lol@the conclusion.
    Last one actually took me alittle bit longer than usually probably cause of adverting my focus to Mallow's face instead. lol
    Dat Mallow face too good!
    Duessel (Lv 8/10 prepromote with meh stats and incapable of doubling ever without Brave Weapons...do want.), Garcia (Do some cardio fatty/20% speed growth) and Rennac (Do you even lift?/20% strength growth). Though I can see plenty of other units getting buffs here and there.
    If im not, we can always reschedule for next Saturday/Sunday.
    All units are end game viable in Sacred Stones if trained (cause it's lol Sacred Stones). Some are just better than others (obviously). Though I see where you're going with it. Increased difficultly, increased manpower (on both sides).
    I can imagine all the buffs, some units have bad problems like
    True fact, his personality and the rest of his design is a massive plus too.
    Also something came up that may hinder are plans.
    im actually going to lunch with my grandparents at 11:30am (I believe) and don't know when i'll get back.
    (It generally maxs but even RNG screwed Myrrh still has skill relatable to maxed Swordmasters), 40 res with is still kinda **** but thats Manaketes for ya. Aleast the HP and Speed stat kinda counter balance this (sort of lol).
    Then again that may be dumbing her down alittle too much as everyone else will probably have legendary weapons and such.
    Alternatively he could also reduce/get rid of the bonus damage to monster type enemies which would balance her alittle more to the rest of the cast. Still 32 Atk + 16Mt weapon with 35 Def, Swordmaster Skl
    Indeed, also gonna get a bank account and Yu-gi-oh bank cards.
    Inui makes them?
    So he's nerfing her stats/growths and giving her dragon stone more uses? Seems like a pretty reasonable balance. (It should be noted though that Myrrh has higher uses to her Dragon Stone than Fae anyways.)
    Naturally she'll be using Dragon Stone more since she won't OHKO practically everything with nerfed stats.
    Yeah and thanks finally gonna have a consistent income.
    Seth's banning doesn't surprise me. Im guessing he's gonna buff enemies and maybe even nerf some characters (Myrrh comes to mind).
    Haar by himself is pretty much GGs. Haar with anyone else is just overkill. lol
    Easy mode would be Messaging me when you're awake otherwise i'll probably come at 1:00pm.
    I don't really have a main either just used Ken at Fight Night cause LordXav1er was using Ryu. lol
    Did reasonable/alright with him though. :p
    I could see that, he's definitely 1st pick material and pretty broken/**** to boot in drafts and LTCs in general.
    That sucks, hope he gets enough people to pay the electric bill would consider going one of those two days (maybe even donating some extra money for the cause) but my schedule is full till monday (and even then I have some meeting with a person whose gonna help me get a job).
    (Probably in RD, PoR or Sacred Stones maybe even Awakening since they're the ones I actually own)
    /inb4 y u no wanna savestates tho
    I actually have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition at my house. You or Kevin will need to bring a XBox controller for the play of the multi/moldy player though.
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