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  • Hey TAC

    I was thinking about this last night, and I was thinking that if you and the NFLD crew wanted to plan a regional for next summer, I could guarantee a solid crew from the Nova Scotia region. Obviously it would take some planning to guarantee a good turn-out, but if you guys would be willing to make something big happen, we could make a massive Maritime tournament be a reality.

    Let me know in the next few months if you guys would be willing to try this, and I can give people time to plan for a little trip to ol' Corner Brook :)
    We've never played together on a team. I just think that Kalm and I have two of the more interesting Ganons out there. We try weird ish that other people don't, kind of like you and KC. I'll me in contact with you soon.

    <3 DAD
    Yo TAC,

    I just talked to Ray Kalm, another top tier Ganon, and he and I are interested in ditto teaming you and King Chaos for fun. You guys work really well together as a team, and I think there's something to be learned from that. We're not so much interested in forming a 2 Ganon team as we are in undergoing this little experiment. It should be fun, and I can record some matches if the lag is good. I mean, there's no denying that Ganon v Samus is the best match-up ever...MOM proved that to us with the Social Group. So if we put 2 top Ganons v 2 top Samuses...wtf is gonna happen. GANSAMGASM!

    I'm gonna be out of the country until the 20th of this month, but I'll contact you when I get back if you're interested. I'm sending this to KC also. Sound good?

    <3 DAD
    what up TAC thanks for joining the social group when we gonna see some vids man!!!!
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