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  • rywsetuigsdhiu nn ndhuizhi nsnuhuifhiu nfgizshdiu*** sidzsbniounfgizduo suizhivnzsj zngvfizbpvgz d kz, come mine now i'll **** u.
    Hello there i rly enjoyed that tournament the other day, thanks for hosting, but im gonna be honest now, they were all ****ing rolling noobs and i just CP'd Ganon and was like, dude, get ***** u ****ing suck.
    Ohh Hai there ur Willz from All is Brawl yes? I heard u hosted weekly online tournaments, yes? I rly want to enter this tournament, im rly good and im the best in Yorkshire without a doubt, BUT DUDE U ****UNG SUCK.
    Well i clicked i attended that last tourney at urs on AIB, make sure u give me my Medal and upload grand finals.
    Thats the special code for that pornography website u wanted.
    Willzarth send me ur ****ing FD texture please, the one that says lolololllololololololololol on it
    Willz son, do you think your free this weekend if you can't make Bolton?
    Perhaps you and BB would be free for some Melee or Brawl? I'd probably need housing tho =/
    Dear Willz

    Hey there i was wondering if u played Brawl Online.
    My FC is 9999-9999-9999
    My MSN is Willzeh@hotmail.com
    Contact me at 6pm or later please.

    Yours sincerely

    Thanks man. You'll get those melee skillz soon enough. :) Hopefully I get to come back Within the next year and play you guys again.
    ha ha thats the name of the game. But hey, you got 2nd! sweet job. That tourney makes me want to play brawl more than i do now.
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