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  • I just installed texture hacks on my Wii this past weekend. But ever since, yes, I do.
    Yep, it's a Brawl texture hack for Flygon, of Charizard. Definitely my favorite texture hack. (I just successfully finished texture hacking yesterday.)

    And, thanks.
    Whoa man, I'm not the only one. There are plenty - and I cannot stress that enough - Zelda fans on Smashboards. Check the Zelda Thread :)
    My advice?

    Lightningrod tactics suck. There are way better options, most notably Protect+Explosion or Explosion+Focus Sash. Really, double battling is even more offensive than D/P offensive..

    A team advice would be...

    Suicide Bomb Metagross
    SR Sash Azelf with Explosion

    -some sweepers
    -optionally more explosion
    -dark and ghost moves for those who are immune to explosion
    -possibly more boom
    -and last but certainly not least,

    Lightningrod? Do you mean a double battle team in which you use a Lightningrod poké and Gyarados or something? If so, Gyarados combined with Rhydon (if R/S/E) or its evo in D/P would be your best bet.
    What should you get for it?? Umm...probably a Wii USB/LAN adapter as opposed to using a Wi-fi connection. I don't play online anymore though cuz I just find it to be too miserable.
    You basically don't ask to be one. The staff picks new moderators and the like based on merit and need.
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