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Wario Bros.
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  • Thanks ^_^. I didn't know you couldn't get stationary you didn't pay for with play coins which is why I sent you a message with the wanted stationary. oh well =\ if I get any free stationary that you don't have I'll send it to you.
    Sorry it took so long to respond. I thought I did but apparently didn't lol. I don't have any of the stationary you paid for.

    I've been drawing for a while that's why I'm semi-descent XD.
    After a review like that I HAVE to pick up this game! The gameplay videos are really drawing me and hyping me up I can't wait to finally get it.

    Of course I'll exchange FCs mine is 1848-1876-3249. Do you have Mario kart?
    Sorry if I'm late, I didn't catch this message until now. Yeah, I got the game day 1 and I haven't regretted buying it for even a split second. It's no doubt one of the best games I've ever downloaded (not just the 3DS). With all the content it has, it more feels like a retail game rather than a download title.

    The game does use the touch screen a lot but thankfully the game isn't asking you to do anything complicated and I actually love the controls since is extremely responsive (but it might take a bit to get use to).

    The games can give you a great challenge (and it kinda gets harder fast as you progress) and the gameplay is clever, fun, and addicting. The game is long as it has ten towns where you stay in town for 3 game days (game does not use the 3DS's internal clock to run the day) and trust me, every second counts when getting ready for the raids. Oh, and don't try to get 5 stars on the very first attempt as you will not have enough starting money to do so (but still try to beat the raids as fast as possible and get all side missions cleared so you'll have enough stars to go to the next town.) Side mission and secrets gives you extra things to do but you'll get a penalty if you failed them (no penalty on the secrets but they do give you gems that sell for REALLY big bucks or heart pieces similar to Zelda). The battles are extremely fun and clever too.

    All in all, would I recommend this? OH HELL YEAH!!! This is a gem that you should not skipped and every experienced gamer should get this no questions asked.

    The game doesn't use online but if you're interested, do you want to exchange friend codes? (if you don't that's fine) Mine is 0903-2806-9000
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