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  • Hey, glad to hear you're been keeping yourself busy! I just returned on Saturday during the night from my 1 week cruise! It was awesome!

    No, waiting for a great deal on Steam. (We all know that they'll offer the game for like $10 in a few months.)

    And I've started to play Halo: Reach again, 'Team Classic' is really fun and the new FF modes are awesome! :)
    Thanks for letting me know and I just made you the new OP of the Portal 2 thread.
    Hey, you want to take control of the Portal 2 thread? You seem to be more into the game than I am.
    Nope, gonna wait till a deal for the game is on Steam. (Which we all know it will. Like when I get L4D2 for $10!!!) :awesome:

    We should play some Black Ops this weekend, been kinda busy lately.
    It's cool, and yeah I'll be online in a bit. Need to finish this essay for school. :urg:
    And I still need to beat Pokemon Black. I started playing the unofficial English translation back in November but haven't turned on my DS Lite since January. :(
    Hey, want to play some Black Ops tomorrow afternoon? I get home early from school and I have nothing to do.
    I wasn't very impressed with the MP beta on the 360. Oh, and you're getting a 3DS? I'm going to wait a few years for the next revision of the handheld cause we all know that Nintendo will do that. (They have a good track record for that kinda thing.)

    I'll be getting Portal 2 for the PC, let's play one day! (Steam name: F8AL09)
    Crysis 2 came out today. IGN gave it a 9.0 and called it "the best looking game on the 360" which is not surprising. I've always known the original Crysis to be impossible to play on your PC. :p
    I remember going 35-3 on Firing Range a few days ago (11.50 K/D ratio) because FR is a great map. I love wall banging people who camp near the stairs in the middle building. (Near the tower and the hill.)

    Planning on prestiging either today or tomorrow since I'm currently level 45. (no prestige)

    You missed a lot of good games after you left. I went like +20 almost every game and I got lucky with hardline pro. Got 2 dogs, 2 chopper gunners, 3 blackbirds and 1 gunship throughout all the games! :awesome:

    We'll see. I wouldn't be surprised if Gaz returns in MW3. Let me know when you can play this week. (I'm off school.)
    Some people say that Ghost is actually Gaz because it's the same voice actor and they didn't even bother to try to change his voice for Ghost. (It's somewhat possible that he survived being shot in the face at the end of CoD4 and now wears that skull mask as Ghost to hide his wounds? Who knows?)

    Ditto. I will keep you updated.
    Sorry I wasn't online today, had to do some stuff which I forgot about. :p

    Will you be on tomorrow afternoon?

    Glad to hear that you're being kept busy too! Doesn't it feel good to be productive? :)
    Yeah, I'll be online this afternoon since I'm done school early today.

    Haven't really been playing 360 that much lately cause of school work and stuff.
    Is it really that good the MP for Bioshock 2? And I'm not buying any DLC for Bioshock 2 because most of them are "unlock codes". (You purchase it and it basically unlocks the content which is already on your disc.)

    Oh, you have a PS3 as well? I also have a Wii but I never play it. (I need to beat Goldeneye 007...)

    And I like Earthbound too. (Played the original game on the NES but never got really far in it. I like the game but it kind of got backlogged a while ago and I haven't felt the urge to play it for a while.)
    Not yet, I got the game a little while ago and am playing the single player right now. I MAY play the multiplayer when I'm done with the campaign. Still prefer the original Bioshock over the second game but that's just my opinion.

    Are you planning on getting Bioshock Infinite next year?
    I prefer the Galil silenced with ghost, sleight of hand and hacker on. :)

    Just added you. My XBL GT: II F8AL II (Monty python FTW btw.)

    And I'm surprised you got the reference, I love that video. (WE HAVE LIONS!)
    Are you any good at Black Ops? I got the game last week and am only level 27 at the moment. (Just beat the campaign.) I'm really good at CoD4 and decent at MW2.
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