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  • Does that include broly? My mom wouldn't let him stay over, she'd be freaked out =/
    Hmmm, Greyhound maybe? Google it lol If you have the dedication to make it out here I'll make sure you have comfortable housing.
    We'll take into consideration the fact that you quit, but quitting doesn't get you off the hook for bad placing. If you don't feel like playing you shouldn't enter.
    I would, but my girlfriend might get upset. :) You should move closer.
    Yeah but I'm sure you guys would have offered the same thing to me had the situation been reversed. I'm just tryin to spread some love.
    Yes dude. You thanked me for like... stuff that wasn't even a big deal.

    lol naw but that last girl you were with that i saw on your myspace looked pretty white lol
    Oh no, it's not your fault at all, and I know it wasn't intentionally meant to be mean or any of that kind of thing, but it just kinda made me a little more bummed out about how bad I played on Saturday.

    There's still plenty of <3
    Wow man. You want me to teach you everything. :)

    Yeah, sure. We need a day sometime of just friendlies. I'll teach you anything and everything.
    oh btw, to answer your shoutout question... I live in Tx LOLOLOLOL

    jk I live in Elgin, it's like 25 mins away from Austin
    i asked before. guess I gotta get premium. I might even be badass and go JOHN. daaamn
    Lol Vorgy :) To DI out of Dancing blade, you usually just have to quarter circle DI away from Marth (quarter circle DI is when you rotate your control stick in a quarter circle in whichever direction you're trying to DI it, so if you're QCDIing to the right, you press upright and rotate it to downright, and back and forth).

    Dropping off and b-reversing, I meant DJ then B-reverse, lol. You'll end up landing on the stage with a nade in hand, waiting to **** teh Marth!!!

    "Double sticking" the usmash down is actually quarter circle DIing down on your control stick, and tapping down on your c-stick. You don't go flying up, you actually fly straight down =P
    Oh ya, forgot one thing:

    drop off ledge > b-reverse nade > he's forced to grab you or upB if he wants to punish (grab isn't that bad, and the nade will alter your trajectory so you're not dying off the edge ;D)
    "I'm having a hell of a time vs Marth's. Can I have some advice? I know the basics...

    Never jab-> F-tilt just F-tilt (or you'll eat an Up-B)

    Don't try to grab off of F-airs or you'll eat a tipped F-smash

    Dash attack works wonders

    Grenades grenades grenades

    Try to read his dancing blade mixups

    You're screwed on the ledge.

    I still seem to get eaten by Marth's though.. halp!"

    Saw this on Kenny's page, you've got a lot of it right BUT one thing you're missing is:

    DI out of dancing blade > punish !

    If he usmashes, you can double stick it down. quarter circle DI your control stick down and then mash down on the c-stick repeatedly.

    You'll be beating the ultimate saiyan in no time ;)

    Don't be afraid to trade hits with his fair by using bair either, he dies earlier than you do ;D

    Don't get gimped!!!
    Smash has been pretty smash-like. I didn't really play more than 3-4 times over the summer, but I've been playing again now that I'm back at school. How's your epic thread you made me visit a few times? Still epic?
    I've decided that your custom title is the most appropriate one I've seen on this entire forum.
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