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    Ridley deserves better

    When people learn how to use up b correctly we'll be hearing a different tune. Carries him up to the edge straight from the freakin' depths of hell, and people need balls to try edge-guarding it because of the move's kill power. The backwards angle has that slight rise which is perfect for...
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    Feelings about new models and animations?

    They should have gone back to the original torch attack instead keeping the new one in and just removing the headband. It looks awkward now. The only negative comment I got on this. G&W has always been a top five main for me and I adore the special attention they've given him with each new...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    Porky would be announced during a Direct or other Nintendo event. It's hopeful to say that we'd also get a Mother 3 announcement, but it seems like a great way to generate interest in both the game and the character considering the wild buzz such a reveal would create.
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    Professor Elvin Gadd for Smash Ultimate!

    **** yeah, comrade. Preach. I love E Gadd, I love the swirlies on his goggles and I love his gibberish speak. I would love to see him in SSB, but alas; he is not a popular choice. He actually appears to be somewhat disliked. His moveset would be quite robust. Between fludd and the poltergust...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    Seconding, if you haven't checked out nelward's content yet then what are you even doing right now lol
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    Masked Marauders - Skull Kid For Smash!! Happy 20th Anniversary Majora's Mask!!!!

    The mii costume doesn't cut it for me either. It does look very good for a mii costume, however. Skull Kid needs to do Skull Kid things. He needs to use magic, have impish animations and also sound like Skull Kid. A mii costume will never replace the character for me. I'll definitely represent...
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    The One Winged Angel~ Sephiroth Support Thread

    This character is more likely than people think. Sora brings dreaded Disney involvement with him and Geno has no reason to be there in Square's eyes. Only real competition here is Erdrick or any other DQ character. Sephiroth is a famous pop culture villain that would make gamers worldwide poop...
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    What if Marin from Link`s Awakening was in Smash Switch.

    It would be a really nice surprise. She's not a fighter, but her name and memory has been deeply indented in many fans' minds by LA's tragic story. Marin is less of a character to me than she is an emotion. I'd be cool with her joining Smash, even if many other characters are higher on my Zelda...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    The piling evidence is good for morale but dangerous for expectations; remember that he isn't in until he's in. Don't fool yourselves just to be crushed. Rooting for more Mother characters. Porky has this covered. Fingers crossed.
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    Masked Marauders - Skull Kid For Smash!! Happy 20th Anniversary Majora's Mask!!!!

    How would you guys feel about playing as the mask itself, tendrils and all? I wouldn't have wanted before, but now I'm feeling like it would fill the void sufficiently and unexpectedly. Speaking in desperation of course. But I am still serious.
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    Social Banjo-Kazooie Social Thread - Project Dream Come True!

    Here's my dlc "never gonna happen" list: 1. Amaterasu 2. Banjo-Kazooie 3. Fierce Deity Link 4. Neku Sakuraba 5. Earthworm Jim
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    The Final Five DLC Characters

    Crash has a legacy of console war rivalry behind him, but Nintendo has little to benefit from offering him as a choice to Sakurai. The difference in size between Mario fans and Crash fans is monumental these days, maybe not back in his prime, but now Crash is somewhat of a relic only safe enough...
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    The Final Five DLC Characters

    Crash imo has a far better chance than Spyro, but something tells me that Crash won't be happening and there are greater priorities on Nintendo's list. I also want to mention Travis Touchdown. We have a new No More Heroes on the way, Suda 51 is begging Sakurai for it, and Nintendo might want to...
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    she's a killer B orchid for smash brothers

    Killet Instinct is freaking awesome, but Orchid wouldn't be my first or even fifth choice. I'd rather see Glacius, Fulgore, Sabre Wulf, Cinder, Spinal, Riptor... probably Fulgore the most. Honestly none of the human fighters appeal to me as much as the rest. But I love Killer Instinct and I'd...
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    I hope Square is cool and lets Geno happen, but I don't think it's going to. I support characters with unique and colorful movesets, and even though I have little attachment to Geno I think he would have a beautiful moveset. Not to mention the music he would bring in. I'm rooting for you all...
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