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  • To get invited you need to be either a relatively active and helpful poster in the Diddy Boards (and you need to cite examples of these helpful posts) or you must have a history of good placings in tournaments.
    that thing you're holding on the 16th, people aren't going to come, since there is a large, large tournament that weekend, Pound 4 to be exact
    Din's fire is a relatively slow projectile, you get a ton of free lasers while she is charging it. Or, you can run in and try to approach. Make sure you're ready to use your reflector when the fire gets to you.
    Well, if you need tips the group isn't for you... it's more of a place where already very knowledgeable Fox players can experiment or discuss new ideas, techs, and playstyles.

    If you need tips I suggest posting around the Q&A thread, or maybe even social thread.
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