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  • *sees dual's post below*
    I'd be willing to wait to start our game until after you play him. I only suggested it because you guys hadn't talked about playing with each other yet and I was/am bored.
    Yeah he has. I agree, we should play ^__^. But I'm sure you can only play one game at a time, which is the same for me. And I think he said he wanted to challenge you again. So, maybe we can play after you face him again.
    I don't get much practice against the better chars, and get no high-level practice (I only have cpu to play normally). As for being fun to play, that's a matter of opinion; I have a lot of trouble controlling those slow and powerful characters (the exception being Charizard). I tend to have trouble with Tink also because I'm so used to ylink from Melee.
    Sorry for saving Pika for last, but I've been playing Melee all weekend and wanted to get used to Brawl again before using him.

    You don't remember the last time we played, or tried to at least? At least this time the connection wasn't lost in the middle of the match, aside from you leaving.
    Yeah, GGs. I need to work on Snake. He appears to be the hardest I normally see.

    I don't think the lag was as bad this time as before.
    I figured. I was going to ask about starting another game, but would rather not impede upon your future game vs dual. I can wait; it'll make me occupy myself with other things, like my dozen or so incomplete video games.
    I got a tourney to go to on the weekend and some other stuff to day. I'll try to talk to you sometime sunday or monday if its alright, sorry
    It's easiest to do against characters that have a projectile that has the "shock" animation to them. Just before the projectile hits you, use sideB. If you did it right, it will look like Nana is either facing towards the background of foreground while Popo still faces left or right.

    Haven't really looked much further into it past the upB glitch and floating uthrow CG. x.x
    Fusion? Yeah. But it's banned. If you upB Nana goes into a freefall animation and is stuck in that animation. If an opponent touches her they get warped randomly to spot on the stage. That property can be abused to warp opponents under the stage to where they can't recover. Popo can just camp near Nana and you have a tactic that nigh surpasses MKs IDC.
    Well, if you're recovering really really high, then you can just mindgame and teleport even higher. Then you can at least fake them out and try to find a good place to land. But, what you say is true, however it's better than being able to do nothing at all to recover. Even though Zelda is fairly predictable, there are still things you can do to mix things up.
    Well yeah, but when they get back on stage you grab the ledge anyway XD. It doesn't really matter if you get them with the hitbox or not XD.
    Nah, you're not. The reasons you provided are really good reasons on why Zelda isn't really the greatest character. But there are ways of getting around some of those limitations.
    It is worse, but you don't necessarily have to go for the ledge. If you're close enough, you can just teleport over the stage. The worst that can happen is if a character hits you with an aerial, but those aren't usually lethal. And, it isn't absolutely horrible if your opponent happens to be edgeguarding you. You would just have to position yourself so that Zelda ends up right were the opponent is when she reappears. Most likely, the hitbox will hit your opponent, and you'll grab the ledge. Although, if your opponent is smart, he'll probably go back on stage or something like that.
    Thanks ^__^. Your characters are good too.
    Mix ups are always great. Mindgames are essential sometimes when you're fighting a good opponent. Transforming into Zelda was accidental? Really? Some players switch to Zelda just for her long recovery range. At least, that's what I do when I'm playing Shiek.
    Sorry I couldn't reply sooner to this. I was Brawling my opponent. He's REALLY good ^__^.

    And yeah, GGs ^__^. I had fun too!
    Trust me, I know what you mean. Wi-Fi messes up Marth so bad X__X. I didn't use him as much for the same reason. Your Snake is good, and so is your Sheik ^__^! At least you play differently from the other players out there. Hopefully we'll get to Brawl again sometime ^__^.
    You know what. I don't feel like waiting for my opponent >__>.

    I guess I'll try Brawling you now ^__^. My FC is 1075-9657-8001. Shoud you host, or should I?
    Just added you ^__^.

    I might be able to Brawl you a bit later today. I have to Brawl someone for a tourney, but if they don't answer for a while, I wouldn't mind Brawling you ^__^.
    Yup ^__^. You're looking at HOR's Angelic Sentinel!

    Alright, I'll add it sometime soon. My Brawl tag is now "dual", though. Is yours still "db"?
    I'm sure you'll do great, Dragon ^__^.
    Sorry for the late reply. Been busy organizing a team for a tournament. At least I got the team organized in one day ^__^. It helps to be a member of HOR ^__^.

    It IS about time :laugh:.
    If you want to add me now, it's fine. I still have your Friend Code saved on my Wii (although I think yours has changed since you got a new Wii console). Can't wait to have some Brawls with you ^__^!
    srry spelled it wrong it's an a not an o.
    pronounced "dead mouse"
    it's not bad. my friend is a DJ so he had really big subwoofers and when you'd boost the base the floor would shake.
    DRAGON! I'm so happy ^__^!! You got a new Wii console! Now we'll finally be able to Brawl each other! Let me know as soon as you unlock everything! We've been waiting to Brawl each other since I got on this site XD! I can't wait for our Brawl!
    I was at en engineering camp and one of my peeps there listened to techno
    mainly deadmou5
    I was at en engineering camp and one of my peeps there listened to techno
    mainly deadmou5
    now you're listening to actual music, how does it feel?
    Techno/D&B is good if you like beats, but rock is music with a history.
    pop is just bad.
    I just found it today
    EDIT: well it is the long edit of the song. the original is like 5 min.
    Well. I got back earlier than I thought. o.o I've never been too picky about stages. I basically just think that people just need to learn to play on those stages. ICs will learn how to get grabs on PS2 and such. And players may learn not to fall in the water, or at least use it as an escape method and stuff. Just some creativity will make them better.

    I'm actually not against there being no LGL. Although it's ridiculously hard to, there are a few frames in which MK is not invincible. I also think that if someone falls behind in percentage, that's their own fault and it's on them to figure their way out of it, if it means having to time that aerial to hit a planking MK, so be it. x.x

    There were some issues I had with the bowsercide rule, but I've gotten over that now too.
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