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  • That kills dude but congrats on the date. If you want to race to badly you can race me and Kyle =D He's a better runner then I but we're pretty even on the sprints.

    I need to play you in melee. I HAVE TO play a good marth already lol
    Yea, I've still got the same number. :)

    My track meet was canceled, dang blast it. I was very sad about that, but all the other coaches other than my coach wanted to call it due to the weather, so...yea. Cibola would have run though! It was freezing, rainy, and windy, so that would have been...interesting, to say the least. I really, really, REALLY want to run a race already. I grow anxious and impatient!!! But I went on a date with the most amazing girl I've ever met, so it made up for it. :) Until next week, until next week...a whole week before I can run a race. Urgh.
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