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  • Though my opinion is nothing in the eyes of a revered player, I disagree with your rather disdainful stance on Lucario players. I do accept the obvious fact that a SLEW of pathetic Lucario players rely upon Lucario's Aura mechanic to emerge victorious, but a close bout w/ a tactical Lucario does not display a purported reliance upon Aura, and it is my opinion that your statements can't apply to all Luc Players.
    Found the Lucario player.
    Former, actually, I decided to main Roy, but am still competent with Lucario.
    hey zero rolling players are annoying and make the game look like garbage IMO, do you think rolls and spot dodge lag needs to be increased?
    git gud
    Rolls can be easily punished with moves that hit multiple times.
    I am a for glory player that is trying to get ready for my first tournament this year. How do I make friends with other people in smashboards and also how do I get friend codes or anything because these are my first several days in this forum site. the reason for that is because I want to practice with other people in smashboards.
    Do you happen to know any Sm4sh trainers that would be willing to help me? I know that you're probably pretty busy, but I was wondering if you knew anybody.
    well what do you need help with?
    Well, mainly using wavebouncing, pivot-dashing, and ledge options. I've also been kinda bad with shield options and when to roll.
    I like your thoughts and content, but I have a major disagreement with you on one thing: I REALLY don't think Ness is top 3. He has a lot going for him, but certain problems (recovery, range, etc) keep him just out of top 3 imo. I'd say he's very likely somewhere in top 8. So I want to hear exactly why you think he is the 3rd best. Who knows, it could give me and others some new insight on how to play him.
    Hello ZeRo. I'm a sheik main on 3ds and am looking to see how I can improve at smash in general. I feel I know sheik very well and it would be cool if I was able to play you. I understand if you do not want to play 3ds online with the lag (I live in California), and that's alright. Let me know if you have time. Thank you!
    Hola. Bueno antes que todo quería decirte que pues eres uno de los mejores jugadores que eh visto o mejor dicho el mejor se siente muy bien ver a otro latinoamericano sobresalir en esta gran comunidad y pues bueno sigue asi y espero que algun dia pueda tener la oportunidad de jugar contigo

    Saludos desde México
    Did you see that final smash attack though? Dabuz is stepping his game though. You might actually have a challenge now. Rooting for you though. (Mega man customs vid though?) Congrats on meeting Daddy sakurai and getting hecka stacks on chokagi.
    Dang m8, I am late on birthdays.
    Anyways, ey. Happy belated Earth Day and Berthdey.
    I've been watching your battles since the beginning of Brawl, and I'm glad you've become so good in Sm4sh.
    Keep being awesome, and I hope we'll be able to have a chat soon! ;)

    Also, what do you think about the tripping seedling for Villager's custom moves? is annoying.
    Oh damn we share birthdays. Happy Birthday to both of us obv.

    Also since Diddy probably won't see any more changes after this patch, and I'm guessing you won't switch because he's still good, was wondering if I could throw some questions your way while I write up some stuff for the Diddy boards.

    Someone has to do it :/
    Le gasp, ZeRo shall release his knowledge of Smash 4 patch! "ChileZeRo was last seen: Viewing thread Mewtwo Patch (Version 1.0.6) Thread, 14 minutes ago " #Confirmed lol
    I understand your consider one of the best smash players. Well i want to challenge you to a 3 stock match. Best out of 3.
    Hey man! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the Villager player with hipster glasses and a beanie who you played in the top 32 bracket at Aftershock. I just wanted to let you know that it was an honor meeting you in person and many thanks for signing my controller! I have so much respect for you. ;D
    Hey ZeRo, do you recall playing me? Don't know if I fought you or just a convincing copy-cat. You weren't on stream, so I'm very uncertain.
    zero i know you probably won't respond to this, but when you are setting up a u-air string for falcon (possibly fair to finish it) do you fast fall the second u-air after a full hop ? can you just do a regular u-air instead
    Hey man, love your YouTube channel. Also you're (obviously) an absolutely amazing Sm4sh player, I hope to play you on stream sometime! :D
    Did I just play you on FG lol? nnid was GonzaloZeRo so I'm just curious. They used Sheik, I used Ganondorf, played three games. I'd definitely wanna play more assuming it was you, ggs if so.
    how can i get in touch with you? I really admire you and I want to get better like you did! I played brawl as my first smash game and i know all the fundamentals and even advanced stuff like PSC. Now, I want to get gud at smash 4 to the competitive level.
    I think the fact you Falcon Punched M2K (a guy who knows more about each each in each game then most people know about their bodies) I think that says everything about how much you dominate this game

    Hail the King of SSB4!
    Just wanna say that you're super cool and I LOVE your youtube channel, its really helped me improve. Also I had no doubt what so ever that you would win Apex.
    Haven't been around SWF in a while, I believe you're the same person I've been watching For Glory videos on youtube. Next time I'm on my Destiny clan's MLG.tv stream [Invigorate] I'll give you a shout out.

    Keep working on those youtube videos and good luck at Apex 15'.
    Would like to test my Falcon against your Diddy. Hear it's pretty sick from FOW
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